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Active Explorers Airport

Located just behind Auckland’s acclaimed Butterfly Creek, Lollipops Airport is a vibrant and nurturing home away from home for Under 5’s. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff provide top quality care in an environment that is safe and supportive. With four separate rooms catering for each age and stage, and fantastic outdoor areas, Lollipops Airport has everything kids need to have fun, learn and thrive.

The early years lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, so get your child off to a flying start start. 

Our philosophy

Our centre philosophy is underpinned by the NZ Curriculum- Te Whariki.

Teachers will participate in open communication by listening and talking with parents and whanau, forming a partnership to achieve best outcomes for our children. Our teaching team believes in providing a home-away-from home atmosphere by being welcoming, caring, passionate and sensitive to the individual needs of each child. Our practice includes being consistent and professional in providing positive experiences and outcomes for the children.

Children will be encouraged to be active risk takers, developing their confidence and self- help skills.  They will be acknowledged as being their own unique person having their own physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social qualities.

Our learning environment is underpinned by the principles of Mannkitanga; care and respect for all people, places and things.

Stimulating routines and opportunities for fun activities will be provided encouraging children to develop their own working theories and extending their interests and independence.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity of the individual child by empowering the love of learning for their future journey.

Our rooms

Lollipops Airport has four separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.

Little Kiwis

  • This is for our children aged 3 months - 2.5years.
  • The Little Kiwis caters for the individual needs of each child. The daily routine allows for change when needed.
  • Teachers of the Little Kiwis room have a vast amount of experience and have worked together for many years.
  • Relationships and parent communication allow the teachers to get to know the babies very well.  Each child has a communication book which travels from home to centre each day enabling both parties to know what is happening with the child 24 /7.
  • Food preferences are catered for and advice and support is available for first time mums. 


Supertots is the next progression from the Little Kiwis for 2.5 to 3 year old's. 

  • No longer babies they are developing their own personalities. Supertots encourages the continuation of self- help skills and self- confidence. This is the stage where they begin to move from solitary play and experience more social play.
  • Friendships are developed, social skills of sharing and taking turns are developing.  Understanding of boundaries are beginning.
  • Speech is developing and allowing more communication.

Little Einstein

  • Little Einsteins endevours to be a Home away from Home experience for 3-4year olds. 
  • We encourage the development of  literacy and numeracy skills as well as self -help and social  skills, caring  for the younger ones and respectful  relationships towards older children and adults.
  • There is never a dull moment with lots of opportunities to explore and discover new possibilities.
  • We practice Whanaunatanga (Family) ,we work together as one.
  • We encourage messy play along with social and solitary play meeting the needs of the individual child.

Rising 5s

  • This is where our 4 to 6 year olds get ready for the next phase of their learning journey – primary school. Room 3 and 4 share an awesome outdoor area filled with lots of exciting and engaging equipment and activities.
  • Our group is all about diversity, relationships, inclusiveness and importantly the AROHA that our children in our classroom continue to portray and share together. All children, families and staff feel a sense of BELONGING to the Rising 5’s room.
  • It is an achievement to become a “Rising 5” member.
  • The voices of our families and children are what we hold important  and ensure that they are being heard.
  • The meaning of “TEAMWORK” lives within the room from staff and children alike as we believe that “TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM”’
  • We endeavour to offer learning opportunities to all of the Rising 5’s to ensure that they are confident in them- selves to move onto their next learning journey when they move to Big School.

Why choose us?

There are a host of reasons why so many families choose Lollipops Airport. Here are just a few of them:

  • Awesome location with Butterfly Creek just a five minute walk away
  • We acknowledge and value cultural diversity
  • We work in partnership with parents and whanau to establish a sense of belonging and trust
  • Celebrate a wide range of cultural days
  • Weekly walks to local marae, around the lake and centre community
  • Transition to school programme
  • Healthy cooked halal meals with snacks (and we can cater for children with allergies)
  • Friday lunchbox day
  • Separate rooms for different age groups plus the ability to mix together to support Tuakana-Teina
  • Lots of educational and fun activities including cooking, dance, Zumba and Kiwi Ball classes
  • We work closely with the community to support a range of children’s charities

Our team of dedicated teachers provide the  highest quality care and education,  delivering rich and inspiring learning experiences and environments that bring out the best in every child. Unlock your child’s unique potential.

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105 children

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