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Bayswater - Auckland

Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten

Welcome to Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten! Our kindergarten has a wonderful natural outdoor environment where your children can explore; engage in active movement and imaginative play.

Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten has a strong focus on the importance of children’s play in developing meaningful learning experiences.

Here at Belmont Bayswater Kindergarten we have strong connections with the community and local school networks.

Our kindergarten has early childhood qualified and registered teachers.  The teachers are dedicated to, and passionate about, early childhood education.  The kindergarten has a Head Teacher, teachers and support staff.  Quality learning programmes are based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whãriki.

Our learning philosophy

For the past 110 years, the Auckland Kindergarten Association has been igniting young minds by encouraging them to explore their imaginations through play. For many of us, kindergarten was where we began our life of learning; it was where we started learning skills like sharing, tolerance, patience, respect and self-confidence.

We view children as capable, competent, life-long learners, and our philosophy encourages children to make their own learning choices, problem-solve and observe and explore at their own pace…with support from teachers, parents, wider whānau and their peers. We value the importance of child-initiated, play-based experiences. Our kindergarten teachers nurture your children’s interests and natural curiosity by working alongside them, expanding language and introducing mathematical and science concepts, as well as literacy, digital technology and sustainable practices.

Our centres have gardens and natural outdoor spaces where children can create, explore, be imaginative and expressive. There’s plenty of room to safely run about, being imaginative and physically active. In fact, the natural world is essential to free-range play. AKA encourages each kindergarten community to explore and enrich their diversity and uniqueness. Some have regular excursions into the local community; some are Enviroschool kindergartens that live and breathe sustainable practices; while others engage in long-term research on child interest-based programmes of learning.

As an organisation, we formally acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa / New Zealand, and work to uphold the spirit and intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in each kindergarten. We are accessible, secular and welcoming to the wide diversity of tamariki and whānau who attend our centres, and value ongoing partnerships between teaching teams and leadership staff with families and whānau. We value ongoing learning for teachers, parents and whānau, and the sharing of knowledge, skills and attributes is fundamental to achieving the best learning outcomes for children. Teachers and staff can access collegial professional time to ensure that quality practice is enhanced so current theories of learning and development within New Zealand’s world-class Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum are shared and understood.

Children learn

Children in our kindergartens have the opportunity to:

  • Feel confident, develop responsibility and a sense of independence
  • Play meaningfully alongside other children and adults
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Persevere, problem-solve and take risks
  • Explore limits, boundaries, routines and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practice fine motor skills such as threading, writing, cutting and grasping
  • Develop gross motor play such as physical games like climbing, throwing, kicking, balancing and lifting
  • Develop creative expressions through painting, music, collage, movement, dance, finger-painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and story sharing
  • Develop early numeracy, literacy and science skills
  • Learn techniques through trial and error
  • Explore the world through experimenting, questioning and curiosity
  • Develop confidence and celebrate both attempts and successes
  • Develop a passion for learning and a love of life
  • Have fun!

Older children will be supported in their transition to school to make this process as simple and seamless as possible. Book a visit here on Kindello today, we’d love to meet you.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Peninsula Kids

Bayswater - Auckland

Peninsula Kids

Peninsula Kids is an all day teacher led centre providing child care for local families in Bayswater and Devonport. We are a medium size centre with spaces for 10 under 2s, and 40 over 2s.

Vision - Whanaungatanga & Manaakitanga

Tamariki walk through our tatau (door) happy to be here, keen to explore, discover and learn.

Whanau leave happy and confident their child will have a great day.

Mission - Aroha & Atawhai

To truly care for each and everyone of our children everyday.

For kaiako and tamariki to really enjoy their day together, having fun and learning all the time.

Who we are

We are a local family with a little girl of our own who live in the Bayswater Devonport area. My husband Brad, is our IT, Property and Finance Manager.  Together, with our teaching team we ensure our building WOF is up to date, our play equipment and resources are of the highest safety standard, our facility is of the highest standard and that we have best in class Emergency Procedures in place.

My career over the last  20+ years has been in education, learning and development. Over the last 10 years I have held management positions, and have developed a strong interest in the field of behavioural and cognitive psychology. I am particularly interested in how babies and children develop, how the brain develops, and how our different personalities, traits and experiences shape who we become.

I love children and can't think of anything better than watching them grow up.  Having a childcare centre is a meaningful role for me. I am committed to ensuring we have best in class care and teaching practices in place.  I am also really excited about the opportunity to be really involved in the local community and meet lots of other local parents.

Leisa Rossi

BA, Graduate Dip Teaching, PG Dip Bus, Grad Dip ECE (Early Childhood Education)


Our philosophy

Peninsula Kids childcare centre is situated half way between Takapuna and Devonport just off Lake Road. We implement the National Te Whariki Curriculum. The philosophy below embodies our national curriculum as well as some of the latest research in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychology.

Why we do what we do;

Because children are precious and full of potential;

Because we know how important your child’s care is to you;

What we believe;

  • Children are competent and capable learners;
  • Each child is unique and has strengths that must be nurtured;
  • Children learn and grow best when they feel safe, secure & happy;
  • Children feel safe and secure when they have a great place to be and are well rested & healthy,
  • Responsive & reciprocal teacher child relationships help children reach their potential
  • Learning is enhanced through interactions that arise spontaneously, as well as specifically planned experiences & activities;
  • Developing a growth mindset & self belief ensures your child’s success in life;
How we do what we do;

  • By providing a warm, safe, hygienic environment and good nutrition;
  • By knowing your child, noticing, recognising and responding to their disposition; 
  • By talking with you about your child and their learning journey;
  • By encouraging your child to make choices and decisions;
  • By providing time for child-initiated play and structured learning opportunities;
  • Through asking questions to extend children’s thinking and making suggestions to try a different approach;
  • Though encouraging your child to explore and try new things;
  • Introducing mathematical and literacy concepts in naturally occurring situations


We know that ensuring your child eats all their vegetables at dinner time is not always easy after a busy day. That’s why our onsite cook prepares healthy, nutritious lunches and morning and afternoon teas.   No butter or refined sugar is used in cooking.  Substitutes such as Olivani, coconut oil, olive oil, fresh fruit & honey are used instead.  Babies are offered a mixture of home-made purees.

If your child has special dietary requirements we will discuss these with you when your child enrols, and work together with you to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need each day.

Licensed for

51 children

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