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A picture of Learning Steps Childcare Centre

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Glendene - Auckland

Learning Steps Childcare Centre

We provide full day and sessional education and care for children, from 6 weeks to 5 years. Our centre caters for up to 54 children per session, includes 10 children less than the age of two years. Offering free pick up & drop off service.

The multicultural nature of the local community of Glendene in West Auckland is reflected in the children and families attending the centre.

Our Vision

The vision of our early childhood education programs is to work in partnership with families and the community. We believe in enhancing the abilities and skills of the whole child, including social, physical, intellectual, communication, and emotional (SPICE) development.

Our Staff

We have passionate, experienced and dedicated teachers who provide quality care and education for children. Our teachers are NZ qualified or are on the pathway to qualifications. Our teachers are also first aid qualified.

Our Environment

Our friendly, home like environment. Our open door policy grows strong partnerships between parents and teachers. Our large playground provides an opportunity for different age groups to play and interact together in turn which stimulates their learning.

An environment where community and multi-cultures are respected, valued & involved in your child’s learning journey. Each area is designed to include stimulating resources and activities that are full of fun, inspire learning and build confidence.

Licensed for

54 children

A picture of Glendene Playcentre

Glendene - Auckland

Glendene Playcentre

At Glendene Playcentre we believe in empowering parents as first teachers and making the most of the time that we spend with our tamariki in their younger years. We empower our tamariki to initiate play and direct their own learning, through a variety of play areas encompassing physically active, sand and water play, fantasy and family imaginative play, carpentry, clay, paint, playdough and collage, messy play and…. the list goes on!

We have large grounds for our children to explore (including a punga hut), and amazing climbing frames to physically challenge them. We back onto Patts Reserve and have plenty of parking. Our children particularly love messy play and we have our very own mud pit.

We go on at least 4 excursions per term and these have included; Butterfly Creek, the Maritime Museum, Massey Leisure Centre, train trips, visits to West Auckland playgrounds and beaches, a visit up the Sky Tower.

Our members are friendly and fun. We support each other in our roles and work together to ensure our centre is always dynamic and meeting the needs of our whanau/families. If you attend two mixed age sessions per week you are also entitled to a ‘drop-off session’ for your child 2 1/2 years or older.

Above all, at Glendene Playcentre we are about learning and having fun together.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of JeMMa's Home-Based Glendene

Glendene - Auckland

JeMMa's Home-Based Glendene

JeMMa’s Home-based Education and Childcare was founded on the belief that early childhood education plays a major role in a child’s ability to develop skills and learn throughout life. 

As a kindergarten teacher, Jenny Tyrrell could see that children who had a focus of learning whilst in a home environment appeared better equipped to learn in the future. As well as this, children who were well socialised with other children of different ages appeared to cope better than others. 

It was those two key observations which cemented her belief; that a child, learning with other children, in a homebased environment rather than an institutional environment, was the best way to go. And that’s how JeMMa’s started. The name is derived from a combination of the two directors names, Jenny and Martin. 

At JeMMa’s we believe that home-based education and care is the next best alternative to learning at home with Mum or Dad 

Children who learn in a comfortable home-based environment seem to develop strong problem solving, social and learning skills. Because they are in a comfortable, uncrowded environment children they get the chance to develop and learn at steady pace with all the help they need. 

JeMMa’s children receive lots of one-on-one time with their educator, as well as interaction with other children in different age groups. These are two core components in the development of happy, energetic, sharing, respectful, thoughtful, problem solving and fun loving kids. 

Our Philosophy 

JeMMa’s is a quality privately owned family focused Homebased Education and Childcare Service that is committed to ensuring that all children, parents, whānau and kaiako are welcomed and encouraged to play an active role in promoting positive outcomes for our learners. We are guided and inspired by Te Whāriki our early childhood curriculum which encourages us to appreciate that children come into the world eager to learn and we see this as a privilege where we can work in partnership with children, parents and whānau to empower our learners through responsive engaging environments and experiences where they can reach their highest potential and develop an enthusiasm for ongoing learning. 

Building and sustaining quality learning focused relationships with everyone is the essence to who are and what believe is valuable for outcomes for children and their ongoing wellbeing and development. Our nurturing relationships will be underpinned through our Christian values and connection with people within our service and our wider communities.  Our environments will embrace cultural diversity of Aotearoa and our commitment to Te Tiriti O Waitangi will be authentic. 

We view all children as unique learners where they will have endless opportunities to learn through play and develop a range of knowledge, skills, and learning dispositions. This will spark children’s independence, urge to lead their own learning, social skills, curiosity, creativity, discovery, ability to express themselves and things that are important to them. Our kaiako will dedicate quality time with our children where they will nurture those in the moment opportunities and offer the guidance, support, and encouragement that our learners need to blossom and thrive. 

Licensed for

4 children

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A picture of Our Kids Early Learning Centre - Glendene

Glendene - Auckland

Our Kids Early Learning Centre - Glendene

Our Glendene childcare centre is located in a residential area close to Glendene Primary School—a quiet and peaceful location for children to learn, grow, and develop naturally. The interior of the centre is a warm, comfortable environment, conveying a sense of calm. Children’s artwork, their photos, and plants are used to decorate the setting as children engage in various learning experiences and build strong relationships in a relaxed and productive manner. Learn more about the care and education we cultivate at Our Kids daycare in Glendene below.

Our Kids Early Learning Centre is a small and homely all-day mixed aged centre providing quality care and education for children aged between 6 months and 5 years. Our teachers create respectful and caring relationships with the children while maintaining close relationships with their family/whānau. Teachers are also confident in supporting the development, well-being, and belonging of children under two years old. They engage in meaningful interactions with infants and toddlers and give enough space and possibilities for free movement.

We here at Our Kids believe that learning opportunities are found both indoors and outdoors. That’s why we’ve assembled an early learning centre that carefully balances both.

The outside environment at Our Kids Glendene provides plenty of exploration zones. Your kids will discover a large sandpit covered by a shade-sail, a beautiful stream fed by a rain-water pump, landscaped planting, vegetable garden, a whare area, a variety of outdoor equipment for physical exercise, and challenge including swings, as well as a new large platform area with a slide.

Licensed for

32 children

A picture of Magical Years Childcare Centre

Glendene - Auckland

Magical Years Childcare Centre

Magical years is offering affordable fees and free 30 hour sessions for 3-5 year olds*.

Magical years childcare centre is in Glendene. It is a newly opened centre which offers quality care and education.

Centre promotes mixed-age grouping that bring together children aged 0 to five years old that offers unique opportunities for learning and development. In communities where children are more likely to grow up in smaller families, the benefits of learning from younger or older peers is significant. This also promotes Tuakana Teina concept. We provide flexible spaces that allow children to learn effectively. In such environments children can be supported to access resources, materials and experiences that match their interests and skills as well as those that challenge them to extend their capabilities. Children in mixed-age groups will develop friendships and engage in learning just as they would in same age settings with the added bonus of being able to access peer support and lead learning for other children. These opportunities offer children to develop more sophisticated social skills and to be part of a diverse group.

Magical Years is a purpose built Centre Licensed for 36 children. It opens at 7am to 6pm. It consists of two playrooms: Under2’s (Teina) Over2’s (Tuakana)

The mixed age group also promotes turn taking and sharing. Children with no younger siblings at home have opportunities to ‘be a big sister or brother’ and nurture and help others as well as form relationships with younger children.

Licensed for

36 children

A picture of Good Seeds Children's Centre (Glendene)

Glendene - Auckland

Good Seeds Children's Centre (Glendene)

At Good Seed Trust, we are made up mostly of parents so we know how important it is that your children receive only the best care. We offer multiple ECE (Early Childhood Education) centres around Auckland, but rest assured our service is the same wherever you go. As well as this we have a Playgroup that runs three times a week for parents who are still preparing to send their children off to 'little school'.

Our staff are greatly experienced and treat all children as they would their own to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. If you're interested in any of these at all send us a message or fill out the form below. All welcome. Additionally we offer a FREE transport service to collect and drop off. Please enquire to see if you're eligible for WINZ Subsidies /or 20 Hours FREE ECE*.

Licensed for

55 children

A picture of Lupesina Aoga Amata Preschool

Glendene - Auckland

Lupesina Aoga Amata Preschool

Licensed for

50 children