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A picture of Glendowie Kindergarten

Glendowie - Auckland

Glendowie Kindergarten

Kia ora and welcome to Glendowie Kindergarten

At Glendowie Kindergarten we value tamariki as unique individuals and embrace the diverse cultures and experiences that they bring to our learning community.  We believe that relationships form a vital foundation in creating a welcoming, caring and safe learning environment where all tamariki and their whānau develop a sense of belonging.

We value and foster an awareness of sustainable practices within our kindergarten environment and wider community.  We are proud to have achieved both Bronze and Silver Enviroschool status and are currently working towards our Green/Gold. Our tamariki participate in weekly walks to the park across the road to extend their awareness and appreciation of the natural environment.  Walks to our local maunga and continued connections with our local Iwi and Marae develop an understanding of our bicultural heritage.

Glendowie Kindergarten was awarded the Healthy Heart Rito Award by the Heart Foundation to assist early learning services in creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity to children and families. Learn more about the Healthy Heart Award here.

Glendowie Kindergarten’s passionate and qualified teachers work with children to develop and sustain their interests.  We encourage our tamariki to have inquiring minds and use a range of strategies to deepen their learning.  Teachers foster tamariki holistic development and sense of self by nurturing their independence and social competence.

Our kindergarten has four fully qualified and registered early childhood teachers.  The teachers are dedicated to, and passionate about early childhood education and actively engaging in passionate and reciprocal relationships that foster a sense of belonging for all tamariki and their whanau.

Glendowie Kindergarten is an inclusive kindergarten with a learning philosophy based on free play through te New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.

We are also joined and supported by our wonderful support staff, who are a dedicated members of our kindergarten family and community.

Our learning philosophy

For the past 110 years, the Auckland Kindergarten Association has been igniting young minds by encouraging them to explore their imaginations through play. For many of us, kindergarten was where we began our life of learning; it was where we started learning skills like sharing, tolerance, patience, respect and self-confidence.

We view children as capable, competent, life-long learners, and our philosophy encourages children to make their own learning choices, problem-solve and observe and explore at their own pace…with support from teachers, parents, wider whānau and their peers. We value the importance of child-initiated, play-based experiences. Our kindergarten teachers nurture your children’s interests and natural curiosity by working alongside them, expanding language and introducing mathematical and science concepts, as well as literacy, digital technology and sustainable practices.

Our centres have gardens and natural outdoor spaces where children can create, explore, be imaginative and expressive. There’s plenty of room to safely run about, being imaginative and physically active. In fact, the natural world is essential to free-range play. AKA encourages each kindergarten community to explore and enrich their diversity and uniqueness. Some have regular excursions into the local community; some are Enviroschool kindergartens that live and breathe sustainable practices; while others engage in long-term research on child interest-based programmes of learning.

As an organisation, we formally acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa / New Zealand, and work to uphold the spirit and intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in each kindergarten. We are accessible, secular and welcoming to the wide diversity of tamariki and whānau who attend our centres, and value ongoing partnerships between teaching teams and leadership staff with families and whānau. We value ongoing learning for teachers, parents and whānau, and the sharing of knowledge, skills and attributes is fundamental to achieving the best learning outcomes for children. Teachers and staff can access collegial professional time to ensure that quality practice is enhanced so current theories of learning and development within New Zealand’s world-class Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum are shared and understood.

Children learn

Children in our kindergartens have the opportunity to:

  • Feel confident, develop responsibility and a sense of independence
  • Play meaningfully alongside other children and adults
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Persevere, problem-solve and take risks
  • Explore limits, boundaries, routines and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practice fine motor skills such as threading, writing, cutting and grasping
  • Develop gross motor play such as physical games like climbing, throwing, kicking, balancing and lifting
  • Develop creative expressions through painting, music, collage, movement, dance, finger-painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and story sharing
  • Develop early numeracy, literacy and science skills
  • Learn techniques through trial and error
  • Explore the world through experimenting, questioning and curiosity
  • Develop confidence and celebrate both attempts and successes
  • Develop a passion for learning and a love of life
  • Have fun!

Older children will be supported in their transition to school to make this process as simple and seamless as possible. Book a visit here on Kindello today, we’d love to meet you.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of St Heliers-Glendowie Playcentre

Glendowie - Auckland

St Heliers-Glendowie Playcentre

Nau mai, haere mai and welcome to St Heliers Glendowie Playcentre

Playcentre is unlike any other early childhood education organisation. At Playcentre, both children and their parents / caregivers attend.

At Playcentre children get the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment.

The curiosity and creativity of our tamariki is nurtured in a way that allows them to learn about themselves and their world.

Your child will be given a chance to explore, create, climb, read, sing, experiment, play music, wear costumes, have their face painted (or do it themselves!), garden, do carpentry with real tools, bake and cook, build sandcastles, swing, slide, dance, spend time in nature and get messy.

The activities change every day. Playcentre parents all bring different skills, interests, and cultural backgrounds to add to the rich learning environment.

We welcome families with children aged 0 – 6 years. Mixed age play allows your children to engage with others older and younger than themselves. Pre-schoolers learn how to communicate, share and negotiate with empathy for their younger peers.

At Playcentre, families come together and lifelong friendships are formed.

We welcome you to visit any time during the year. You are entitled to three free visits so come and check out what we do – we would love to meet you and your family!

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Pohutukawa Kindergarten Glendowie

Glendowie - Auckland

Pohutukawa Kindergarten Glendowie


Pohutukawa Kindergarten is a small private kindergarten that opened in July, 2007. We cater for 2-5 year old children, offering a range of sessions throughout the school term.

We are a chartered service which ensures that our programme delivers Te Whãriki ; the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. Te Whãriki is based on four principles:

  • Empowerment
  • Holistic Development
  • Family and Community
  • Relationships

A copy of our charter and all our policies are available at Pohutukawa Kindergarten.

We offer:

  • A professionally developed curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate equipment
  • A collaborative approach with parents / caregivers
  • A great new outdoor play area
  • Competitive session rates
  • A safe and secure environment
  • A happy, fun-filled start to your child’s education

Licensed for

38 children

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A picture of Japanese Kindergarten

Glendowie - Auckland

Japanese Kindergarten


※NZ教育省の認可をうけ、日本語の環境を与えてやれるという園はこのJAPANESE KINDERGARTENが最初でまたたった一園であります。“言語”を通して“表現”が日本語で行われる環境をここNZで与えてやれるという特色は幼児期の発達上、大切な“言葉の獲得”の過程において自然に日本語を“生きた言葉”として培っていくことを助長します。


園長  ブラウン直美

Licensed for

8 children

A picture of Glendowie Christian Kindergarten

Glendowie - Auckland

Glendowie Christian Kindergarten

Our Mission

Glendowie Christian Kindergarten will provide quality care and education for young children, in a context of Christian principles which support families both within our church and the wider community. (See the pdf here)

Our Values

  • Christian-based learning           
  • Honesty                                  
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Community

Our Structure

​GCK is managed by a Charitable Trust which comprises board members who give of their time and skills in service to the kindergarten. We are closely aligned with Glendowie Presbyterian Church, from whom we rent our premises. The board chairperson is accessible directly from the e-mail address and feedback form on our contact ​​page.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Glendowie Montessori Preschool

Glendowie - Auckland

Glendowie Montessori Preschool

The Montessori learning environment is peaceful and creative with the intention of following the child and their interests so they become confident and competent learners. We offer an authentic Montessori experience leading to a love of learning, natural curiosity and independence. The children engage in activities that inspire new knowledge, where they enjoy learning programme guided by our lovely teachers. Our preschool is a wonderful place for your child to be. Come and join us.

Licensed for

27 children

A picture of Marshwood Montessori Preschool

Glendowie - Auckland

Marshwood Montessori Preschool

Marshwood is dedicated to the education and wellbeing of pre-school children. Established in 1996, the purpose-built classrooms at Marshwood are fully equipped to provide a positive environment for young children to develop following the Montessori Philosophy.  Each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace intellectually and socially. The Montessori Programme gives your child the opportunities to develop self-esteem, concentration, coordination and independence. 

We have two beautiful, aesthetically inviting classrooms, the Kiwi class for the two to three and a half year old and the Pukeko class for the three to six year old.  The Kiwi class comprises of a maximum of 15 children and the Pukeko class, 20 children with each classroom having two Montessori trained teachers. Children can start in the Kiwi class and then as they are ready, transition to the Pukeko class.   

We are committed to complying with and implementing all current legislation set by the Ministry of Education, including Te Whariki and current Regulations. This discovering and learning occurs in all areas of the classroom, including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture, Science, Botany, Zoology, Geography, History, Music, Arts and crafts as well as through outdoor discovery and play.

Our Facilities

Both classrooms at Marshwood are equipped with a full range of Montessori resources from America and Europe. We also provide additional New Zealand designed materials to enhance and supplement these traditional Montessori resources to ensure that your child has access to a full range of exciting, fun and educational learning aids. Classrooms are positioned to flow onto extensive decks and grassed areas equipped with specially designed apparatus for the development of gross motor skills and practical life.  By working with a combination of both interior and exterior Montessori resources, your child will develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, beginning the path towards total independence.

Licensed for

40 children