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Glenfield North - Auckland

Shore Kids

Shore Kids has a warm, homely feel about it and provides a safe and secure environment for your child.

The interior of the centre is well organised, bright and engaging, and the spacious outdoor play area is well equipped with creative options for play.

Our outdoor facilities are also subdivided so smaller children get to play in their own area away from the more lively play-time activity.

At Shore Kids we maintain outstanding teacher to child ratios.  We have separate facilities on site for our littlest children in the Pipi Room with their own separate sleep room. The over-2’s spend their day in the Paua Room. We also have the Tuatara Room for reading and individual extension learning opportunities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that childhood should be a happy, vibrant period of life when children are motivated to explore everything around them. That’s why at Shore Kids, we have designed learning programs that will help your child grow to their full potential. Our teachers recognize that each child is unique so their different needs and interests are met through a balance of directed activities and self-initiated discovery. Children learn best by doing.  We provide a learning environment that is both stimulating and fun, incorporating the principles of Te Whāriki to strengthen and empower children and families to participate in the process of individual personal growth and development. We provide all children with a safe, caring, fully supportive, multicultural environment where we demonstrate respect for each child and family.

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30 children

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