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Greenlane - Auckland

Greenlane Childcare Centre

Greenlane Childcare is a boutique centre licensed for 36 children aged 3 months to 5 years old. We have a fantastic qualified teaching team who are enthusiastic about providing a fun, educational and loving environment for children to learn and grow.

At Greenlane Childcare we put the children first in everything we do. The love and care for each child is paramount, as well as establishing strong relationships with parents and whānau.

We invite you to get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a time to view our centre and meet our welcoming team

Our beautiful under two environment is now open! We have created a space where our youngest can explore, be curious and problem solve in a natural environment.

We have low teacher to child ratios that ensures we have meaningful relationships with all our children. We value children’s individual needs and whanau aspirations; this is included into our routines and curriculum.

Our focus is for all children to feel loved, have their physical and emotional needs met and to learn through play and exploration.  Our aim for this room is for it to be an extension of your home, where your children can learn and grow alongside each other, and we can work in partnership with you to provide the best learning outcomes for your children.

Our Philosophy

At Greenlane Childcare, we have aspirations for all our children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, who are secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution to society.


Our kaiako have a vision for children to experience an environment which is fun and exciting. Kaiako’s commitment to this is through planning our curriculum inspired by the children’s interests and ideas. The learning environment is stimulating and is always changing to keep the children engaged and wanting to explore, and we value the outdoors and the learning opportunities that the natural environment provides us. We love going on trips and local walks to Maungakiekie to extend children’s interests and allow them to grow independence and curiosity about the world around them.

Learning through Kotahitanga

Our kaiako believe in creating an enriching environment where children are encouraged to develop confidence in themselves and their play, and to have perceptions of themselves as explorers who research, enquire and experiment with the world around them. As kaiako we believe in noticing an individual child’s interests and responding to these in meaningful ways. Kaiako are life-long learners who are knowledgeable and passionate about their practice, committed to growth and personal development. Our curriculum is inspired by the principals, strands and goals of Te Whāriki, which guides us in defining what we do and why we do it.

We foster reciprocal tuakana teina relationships through our mixed-age groups, and believe all children learn and teach each other through their play and relationships. Ako is valued in our learning culture within the centre, as we all have something to learn from one another and have a meaningful contribution to make. Kaiako view children through a holistic lens, and support all areas of their social, physical, emotional and spiritual development through our curriculum and planning.

Aroha, Love

Our kaiako strongly believe that aroha for all children is the most fundamental element when teaching young children. We care for children and support their well-being whilst encouraging them to feel a secure sense of belonging in our own special family that is us at Greenlane Childcare. Whanaungatanga is central in teaching our children and therefore we work collaboratively with children, parents and whānau. Kaiako are warm, caring and nurturing, who value empathy, equity and inclusion. We embrace children’s cultures, languages and individualities within the centre and support the importance of children learning about the wider world around them.

Licensed for

36 children

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Greenlane - Auckland

Kimberley Childcare Greenlane

Kimberley Childcare Greenlane received a superlative review from the Education Review Office in 2019. This means that whether you are looking for quality care for your under twos or excellent school preparation for your preschoolers, you can rest assured that we have you and your child's best interests at heart.

We are a diverse centre with great ratios, high registered teacher rates (over 80%), with great staff from all over the globe and long opening hours (7 am - 6 pm weekdays). Our teachers really enjoy helping under fives grow up into their best selves

Come and see our newly developed centre, tucked away on Marewa Road, opposite Countdown near the big roundabout - a very handy location. We'd love to show you around!

Mission & Vision

We believe that Childcares are a vital part of the community. That is why we strive tirelessly to provide excellent care and top quality education, so that your little one can have a positive experience of learning from an early age. We believe that learning is life-long, so we endeavour to instill a hunger for knowledge and curiosity for discovery.

We know that if your child is happy, you are happy! That's why we are child centred in all we do.

Unity In Our Diversity

We are proud to be uniquely multicultural, both in our staffing and the children who enjoy being in our centres. We believe that together we are better and we find that children benefit from early interaction with people who are different from themselves.

By giving your child early education with Kimberley, you are setting them up for the best possible start in life! In fact, schools love us because our children graduate with a hunger for learning that sets them up for a lifetime of success.

Licensed for

47 children

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