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One Tree Hill - Auckland

One Tree Hill Community Kindergarten

We have been serving the community for over 60 years, offering quality education for children aged 2.5-5 years old.​

The Kindergarten is licensed for 40 children each day and has a teacher/child ratio of 1:9.  We have a large indoor space and an extensive outdoor play area. We have a fantastic and dedicated teaching team with over 80% qualified staff, who strive to provide a warm and caring environment that builds confidence,  resilience and fosters the children's love of learning. 

​Being a community Kindergarten we are managed by a supportive committee of parents, who work in partnership with the Head Teacher and staff.

Our Philosophy

At One Tree Hill Community Kindergarten our culture embodies the spirit of whanaungataanga: we value strong parent partnerships, encouraging families to share their unique culture and interests.  We aspire to cultivate a sense of belonging between teachers, children and whanau (families), providing a calm, nurturing and homely environment. 

We endeavour to provide an environment where children develop a love of learning and exploration: children are encouraged to develop resilience through providing supportive and challenging experiences. We support children to set their own tasks and goals, fostering their disposition to be self directed learners and contribute to each others learning (ako).  We foster  children’s self confidence and self esteem by celebrating achievements during each child’s individual learning journey. 

We acknowledge the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi and the diversity of our multicultural community.  We model respect for others and the environment around us, instilling the values of manaakitanga (caring/hospitality).  We celebrate children’s individuality and creativity to build a sense of self worth and empowerment.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Toybox on Rawhiti

One Tree Hill - Auckland

Toybox on Rawhiti

Toybox on Rawhiti will provide a high standard of education in a warm, safe and nurturing environment, where children can feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging.

Our centre has a holistic approach, and children will gain the values of turn-taking, sharing, independence, self-confidence, resilience and developing a positive outlook to learning for life.

The centre will provide child lead experiences that are developmentally appropriate for each stage of learning. Our pedagogy will allow the child to explore the world around them, to ask questions and have those questions answered.

Children’s learning will include a focus on our natural world, our community and sustainability of our environments and reflect the bi-cultural country of Aotearoa New Zealand. Regular excursions to Cornwall Park & other community facilities will connect children to their local community.

Teachers will encourage a child to feel empowered, make their needs be known and be sensitive towards children of different cultures, values and beliefs.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Vintage Kids One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill - Auckland

Vintage Kids One Tree Hill

Vintage Kids started with the idea that early childhood centres needn’t feel like corporate institutions. The natural way for young children to grow and develop is in an environment where authentic everyday happenings are infused with learning. Where they can cultivate and navigate friendships within smaller groups of children of differing ages. In a traditional New Zealand house that truly feels like an extension of their own home. Where there’s a Playgarden, complete with fruit trees, hills, and running water that keeps everyone close to nature. Your children will make genuine connections with experienced and mature professionals. They will feel safe, supported, encouraged, and inspired, yet free to explore their individual interests and imaginations.

These are the precious early years where foundations are being laid for the adult your child will become. Through our unique philosophy, we work with children to foster imagination, creativity, curiosity, confidence, and communication.

Story-telling is a central theme. It’s the primary way humans have always communicated and learned, and it’s particularly engaging for children. It develops imagination and emotional intelligence. It’s the building block for early literacy and rich language skills, and a key indicator for success later in life.

Licensed for

30 children

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