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A picture of Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre - Panmure

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Panmure - Auckland

Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre - Panmure

The centre is licensed for 70 children, with a license for 15 children under two years of age and 55 children over 2 years of age . The children at the centre have the opportunity to spend time in the Manuka Room ( 0-2 years), Kowhai Room ( 2 – 3 and half years) and Pohutakawa Room ( 3 and half to 5 years).

The teaching team is strongly inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Our centre environment is very unique and acts as the third teacher for the child. The educators encourage open ended learning through provocations they provide within the centre environment. The identity of the capable and competent learner is visible throughout the centre. Strong relationships with children and their whanau are fostered and we actively work towards engaging with the community.

Why Us?

  • Encouraging the use of natural materials
  • A strong transition into school
  • Teaching team inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach supports your child’s creative potential.
  • Healthy, tasty hot meals cooked fresh
  • 20 ECE hours available/free sessions for 3 year olds
  • A boutique, homely feel to our centres
  • Strong connections between teachers and whanau.

What will the children learn?

While some of these teacher provocations are planned, projects often move in unexpected directions due to the open ended nature of the provocation and also due to the immense potential of a child’s mind. Thus, program planning involves open-ended and often prolonged projects that are based on the teacher-child, child-parent and teacher-parent interactions. Projects also give children the opportunity to make a connection between what they know and what more can they know about the topic. Hence in its true sense, a project is considered a vehicle of learning.

The centre environments strongly reflects our inspiration – The Reggio Emilia philosophy, from Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The centre environment is one of its kind and is definitely worth a visit. The image of the child is very powerful and is strongly visible in the centres. The current whanau of children is very diverse and multi cultural. Our normal day involves a pleasant blend of the Reggio Emilia approach, diverse cultures and many open ended opportunities, all under the umbrella of Te Whaariki, the NZ early childhood curriculum. Our onsite chefs prepares hot and nutritious meals for children. A diverse menu incorporates the various cultures of the families. Teachers skillfully support children’s learning through meaningful experiences. Artifacts, re-cycled material and unique recourses are the special characteristics of the centre. We encourage a very strong and powerful image of the child. Detailed portfolios reflect the child’s learning. Families often contribute to the child’s development through their portfolios, through open discussions and through parent evenings.

All children over 4 years of age participate in a multifaceted Transition to School program.

Sessions, short days and full days are the options of enrolment available.

Our philosophy

Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre believes in providing a creative and open ended environment which encourages infinite learning for the children and strong relationships between teachers, children and families.

Our proactive quality environment acts as the third teacher for our children. Teachers aim at spending quality time talking and listening to the children. Respect is the key word and it is emphasised in all aspects of the day, whether it is routines, educational program or interactions between children and adults.

There is flexibility in the day’s routines, at the same time care is taken that each individual child’s needs are recognised and respected.

We believe in partnership and as a team we focus on extending this respect to children, families and team members.

We provide a stimulating, unique and natural environment that allows children to engage in experiences that they plan and implement. We believe in giving children complete ownership of their learning and their experiences.

We work towards planning for the children in a triadic manner, with teachers, parents and children being completely involved with centre life.

Licensed for

70 children

A picture of Cozy Corner Educare

Panmure - Auckland

Cozy Corner Educare

Purposely built centre in 2020

Aim for the highest quality care and education for children aged 3 month-6 years old

We are inspired by the principles of Emmi Pikler and RIE, and guided by Te Whāriki –New Zealand early childhood curriculum. We acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We dedicated to create nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, loved, respected, have optimal experiences and are supported to unfold their own unique strength.

Genuine care, strong relationships, respectful interactions, and connections with nature, are the main characteristics of our practice.  

Licensed for

55 children

A picture of Little Earth Montessori Panmure

Panmure - Auckland

Little Earth Montessori Panmure

At Little Earth Montessori Panmure we nurture great people to be their best, supporting children to develop in a way - and at a pace – that’s just right for them.

Children learn in partnership with teachers, in a safe and loving environment, supported to build independence, and encouraged to make their own choices. Your child will thrive here, inspired by passionate teachers who love what they do, in a centre that is well resourced, peaceful and engaging.

Prepare your little one for life’s challenges and set them up for the future.

Visit us today at Little Earth Montessori Panmure.

Our philosophy

  • What we do nurtures great people to be their best.
  • Little Earth children are happy, caring, respectful, independent, peaceful, purposeful souls, whose minds and bodies are ready for their next challenge.
  • The learning journey our children take is everything to us. We respect their abilities, their worth as human beings, and we recognise their individuality. Respect for each other and our environment underpins everything we do at Little Earth.
  • We provide the tools to inspire our children. Passionate and professional teachers, well-resourced and cared-for premises, a loving community of parents and family.
  • We learn with purpose in an environment of peace and we value harmony, that’s how Little Earth children blossom.

Our Rooms

Little Earth Montessori Panmure has two separate rooms, enabling us to deliver age appropriate experiences for children at each different age and stage. We also have a large and dynamic outdoor space with a covered deck, sandpit, real grass, and vegetable and flower gardens which the children care for.

Kowhai Room

This warm and nurturing room is the start of every child’s journey with us. From the age of 2 until 3.5 they are here with our wonderful teachers. Our routine consists of multiple practical life activities (one of the key principals of Montessori). Children can explore all the activities in our room including arts and crafts, reading books, sensorial play, practical life and baking.

Pohutukawa Room

Well resourced and vibrant, this room caters for our children aged 3.5 to 6 and is divided into the core curriculum areas of practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and geographical science. Children are free to choose their own Montessori activities and what they want to study, with our approachable, encouraging teachers on hand to provide guidance and support.

Why choose us?

There are a host of reasons why families choose Little Earth Montessori Panmure. Here are just a few of them:

  • Montessori philosophy and teaching methods
  • High quality Montessori resources
  • Two separate rooms for different age groups
  • Special zones dedicated to learning including a geographical science area, language area, maths space, sensorial zone and practical life zone
  • Large and attractive outdoor space with covered deck to enable all-weather play, sand pit, playhouse, water trough and real grass
  • Vegetable and flower gardens which the children help tend
  • Children learn practical skills such as caring for the classroom, pouring drinks, setting the table, making tea, cooking and sewing
  • Sensorial teaching boosts powers of observation
  • We provide a carefully structured phonetic approach to reading and writing
  • Inclusive multicultural environment enriched by a wide range of cultural celebrations and strengthened through our studies of geography, art, history and science
  • Specialised materials to help build mathematical understanding
  • We embrace New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and bring te reo Maori into our daily environment
  • We also go on exciting adventures in the outside world!

Licensed for

40 children

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A picture of Marian Early Childhood Centre

5.00 (1)

Panmure - Auckland

Marian Early Childhood Centre

Marian early childhood centre is a catholic centre in the eastern suburb of the Diocese of Auckland.

The Marian Centre is the first Kindergarten established under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Auckland and offer educational experiences and care in a Catholic environment which will enable children to have an awareness of God, Christian values and their place in this world. We support the faith learned at home in the family and we welcome parent participation and support, however your family does not have to be Catholic in order to be part of the Marian Centre. Your children are of immeasurable worth and it is our privilege to provide a nurturing, supportive, creative environment providing stimulating learning experiences.

Licensed for

34 children

A picture of Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre

Panmure - Auckland

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre

Affordable Childcare

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre is committed to providing quality early childhood education for our community and keeping our fees affordable.

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre makes every effort to keep the fees for children under 3 years of age reasonable. We receive the 20 Hour ECE subsidy from the Ministry of Education. This means that your child from age 3 onwards can enrol at Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre for up to 6 hours per day, up to 20 hours per week at no cost to you.

At present we are also offering a further 10 hours per week of free fees for children over the age of 3 along with the 20 Hrs ECE subsidy. This means that your child can attend the Centre up to 6 hours per day for 5 days per week and incur no fees.*

For any further information about what makes us an affordable choice for you and your child, please contact us for more details.

Who We Are

We are a Christian Centre so our curriculum is based on Christian values and the development of moral character and dispositions like kindness, honesty, generosity, integrity , humility, morality, forgiveness. We use both a developing Christian curriculum and Te Whāriki us to guide us in curriculum planning.

Our motivation and aspiration in all that we do is to show God’s love and compassion to children and their families. 

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Superstart Early Learning Centre

Panmure - Auckland

Superstart Early Learning Centre

Welcome to Superstart Childcare

We hope you can find everything you need. Superstart Childcare is focused on providing high-quality education in an environment where children are nurtured and supported with positive interactions and a programme that meets the child’s individual needs.

We focus on building strong relationships with all children and their families and ensure a fun, stimulating, challenging and safe environment where children are encouraged to explore, problem solve, build strong relationships, gain confidence and just have fun!

Guided by the teaching principles of Dr Montessori, Superstart Childcare is a well-resourced and cared-for environment that recognises and responds to the individuality.

We believe in developing strong ongoing relationships with families and whānau, encouraging them to actively participate in their children’s holistic development, knowledge and ongoing learning. We aim to give children a sense of belonging, with rights and a sense of responsibility for the rights of others. This happens when children in our environment are nurtured and supported with positive interactions, programmes that meet individual needs, foster independence and provide for small groups and a focus on skills for school.

We acknowledge that we serve a multicultural society, valuing all cultures and working alongside and with our families in an inclusive environment. We are committed to working with children with learning difficulties, working with the Ministry of Education special education team to support their needs. We value and are committed to implementing Te Tiriti o Witangi principles and Maori as Tangata Whenua.

Licensed for

81 children

A picture of Te Kōhanga Reo o Te Arapeta

Panmure - Auckland

Te Kōhanga Reo o Te Arapeta

Nau mai haere mai tō tatou kohanga reo o Te Arapeta. He kohanga matou mo nga Mokopuna e hiahia ana ki te ako i te reo me ona tikanga.

Welcome to Te Kohanga reo o Te Arapeta. We are a day care for children who want to learn Te Reo Maori and Tikanga.

Te Kōhanga Reo

The kōhanga reo movement is a unique initiative based on total immersion in Māori language and values with the aim of passing on Māori culture to future generations.

Kōhanga reo emphasise the revitalisation of the culture through te reo Māori and are dependent on the active participation of the whole whānau. The kaupapa of kōhanga reo aims to strengthen whānau capabilities in cultural, social, economic, spiritual and political matters. Education, health and wellbeing are inherent within all aspects of the kaupapa. The prime focus is the whānau – its collective development, growth, accountability and wellbeing set within a Māori cultural context.

Kōhanga reo do not regard tamariki in isolation, but as important members of the whānau. The kōhanga reo philosophy is that tamariki will benefit when whānau successfully operate according to the kaupapa. Tamariki are an integral part of whānau development.

The following key goals are the foundation of te kōhanga reo kaupapa established in 1982:

  • total immersion in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in daily operations
  • whānau decision-making, management and responsibility
  • accountability
  • health and wellbeing of mokopuna and whānau.

The key goals of te kōhanga reo assure that there will be:

  • security in te reo Māori
  • a supportive, caring environment for mokopuna
  • whānau (collective) sharing of responsibilities, knowledge and expertise
  • greater respect and appreciation of each other.

Licensed for

86 children