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A picture of Te Atatu South Kindergarten

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Te Atatu South - Auckland

Te Atatu South Kindergarten

Te Atatū South Kindergarten has recently been refurbished. Our kindergarten now features a new indoor and outdoor environment designed for children to create, learn and explore.

The teaching team at Te Atatū South Kindergarten are experienced and reflective.  Teachers work alongside children to lay the foundations for the essential skills of life.

Come and visit us at Te Atatū South Kindergarten. We have an open door policy – everyone is welcome

We are a warm, friendly and very welcoming team who are enthusiastic and always engaged with the children. We are passionate about inspiring a love of lifelong learning through focusing on learning dispositions.  This is done through supporting and responding to interests in many areas of learning.  Please feel free to speak to any of our team and ask any questions you may have.  We welcome you to our kindergarten.

Our learning philosophy

For the past 110 years, the Auckland Kindergarten Association has been igniting young minds by encouraging them to explore their imaginations through play. For many of us, kindergarten was where we began our life of learning; it was where we started learning skills like sharing, tolerance, patience, respect and self-confidence.

We view children as capable, competent, life-long learners, and our philosophy encourages children to make their own learning choices, problem-solve and observe and explore at their own pace…with support from teachers, parents, wider whānau and their peers. We value the importance of child-initiated, play-based experiences. Our kindergarten teachers nurture your children’s interests and natural curiosity by working alongside them, expanding language and introducing mathematical and science concepts, as well as literacy, digital technology and sustainable practices.

Our centres have gardens and natural outdoor spaces where children can create, explore, be imaginative and expressive. There’s plenty of room to safely run about, being imaginative and physically active. In fact, the natural world is essential to free-range play. AKA encourages each kindergarten community to explore and enrich their diversity and uniqueness. Some have regular excursions into the local community; some are Enviroschool kindergartens that live and breathe sustainable practices; while others engage in long-term research on child interest-based programmes of learning.

As an organisation, we formally acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa / New Zealand, and work to uphold the spirit and intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in each kindergarten. We are accessible, secular and welcoming to the wide diversity of tamariki and whānau who attend our centres, and value ongoing partnerships between teaching teams and leadership staff with families and whānau. We value ongoing learning for teachers, parents and whānau, and the sharing of knowledge, skills and attributes is fundamental to achieving the best learning outcomes for children. Teachers and staff can access collegial professional time to ensure that quality practice is enhanced so current theories of learning and development within New Zealand’s world-class Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum are shared and understood.

Children learn

Children in our kindergartens have the opportunity to:

  • Feel confident, develop responsibility and a sense of independence
  • Play meaningfully alongside other children and adults
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Persevere, problem-solve and take risks
  • Explore limits, boundaries, routines and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practice fine motor skills such as threading, writing, cutting and grasping
  • Develop gross motor play such as physical games like climbing, throwing, kicking, balancing and lifting
  • Develop creative expressions through painting, music, collage, movement, dance, finger-painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and story sharing
  • Develop early numeracy, literacy and science skills
  • Learn techniques through trial and error
  • Explore the world through experimenting, questioning and curiosity
  • Develop confidence and celebrate both attempts and successes
  • Develop a passion for learning and a love of life
  • Have fun!

Older children will be supported in their transition to school to make this process as simple and seamless as possible. Book a visit here on Kindello today, we’d love to meet you.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Freyberg Community Pre-School

Te Atatu South - Auckland

Freyberg Community Pre-School

All about us At Freyberg Community Preschool we offer quality early childhood education. We endeavour to provide an environment that is stimulating, challenging, comfortable, safe and nurturing, where responsive and reciprocal relationships can develop and grow. Our programme is based on Te Whariki (The NZ Early Childhood Curriculum) and we foster children’s learning and development through Whakamana (empowerment), Nga Hononga (relationships), Kotahitanga (holistic development), Whanau Tangata (family and community). We believe in and practice the Maori cocept of “Ako”, which refers to a holistic approach to education where the teacher can become the learner and the learner can become the teacher. Our highly qualified teachers become collaborative partners of our children’s learning alongside their whanau. We as teachers recognise that everyone is a learner and learns in different ways. This approach creates an effective teaching and learning environment. Warm and caring teachers provide an environment and set out a variety of resources that provoke children’s thinking and learning, which encourages children to make their own choices. Teachers promote and extend children’s interests, independent exploration and problem solving using open-ended questioning and listening to each individual child’s needs. We are an inclusive preschool that is accepting and welcoming of everyone, and encourages families and whanau to play and active part of their child’s early childhood education. Teacher’s role model and promote positive social interactions, which include co-operation, fairness, and support for each other resulting in increased self-esteem and a sense of whanaungatanga.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Flanshaw Infant & Toddler Centre

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Te Atatu South - Auckland

Flanshaw Infant & Toddler Centre

Welcome to the Infant and Toddler Centre. We are a team of seven teachers who are commited to the care and education of children under the age of 3. We are licenced for 30 children per day, with up to 20 children under 2 year olds.  Our opening hours are 7.30am - 5.30pm during which your child will receive 3 meals including a hot cooked lunch.

With the majority of our staff being early childhood qualified, we understand how important these early years are when it comes to the growth and development of these younger minds. Our team philosophy reflects our beliefs and values with working with and alongside infants and toddlers. 

Licensed for

30 children

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A picture of Te Atatu South Childcare Centre

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Te Atatu South - Auckland

Te Atatu South Childcare Centre

Welcome to Te Atatu South Childcare A small early childcare centre, with lower numbers. Allowing us to provide your child with exceptional childcare and education where your child is our main focus. Family Based Childcare Te Atatu South Childcare is a family-based, privately-owned daycare West Auckland has come to know and trust. Located at 1 Vera Road, Te Atatu South, we are big enough to provide a wide range of experiences to develop your child’s potential, but small enough to know each and every child, and their family. Quality Childcare Children learn best when they work at their own level of understanding and competence, and when they are allowed to explore and discover for themselves. We know building trust between family/whanau and staff is the key. The stronger this partnership the happier your child will be. We work with above average ratios of qualified teachers to ensure they receive the best level of care. Learning Environment We know learning through play is essential for children to develop social and cognitive skills. Our environment and teaching team provide stimulation, meeting the individual needs of each child. We believe that when tamariki are treated with honesty, respect and dignity, they will become trusting and responsible individuals. We believe that continuity of care is essential to the children’s development. This makes us a leading practitioner of childcare Auckland-wide, and we continue to strive to give your children the best possible environment.

Our Philosophy

At Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, we believe that, through everyday experiences, the tamariki will develop social competencies which will support them in future learning success. We value that the early years/childhood is a crucial period for this to evolve. Partnerships between the centre and whanau will help each child achieve a sense of belonging within the centre. We value that time spent through open communication and interaction will build positive, reciprocal relationships and friendships between tamariki, kaiako, parents and whanau and the wider community. We provide a rich learning environment where kaiako work and learn together to support each child’s holistic development. As tamariki play and interact with their peers and kaiako they will be provided with a wide range of options and experiences to explore throughout their day.. Tamariki will have time to speak and to be listened to. The tamariki will be empowered to be competent, capable learners. We believe our environment is inclusive of all people, and is emotionally and physically safe. We believe that when tamariki are treated with honesty, respect and dignity, they will become trusting and responsible individuals. We will provide a stable nurturing environment that allows the tamariki to develop their over all well-being. We believe that continuity of care is essential to the children’s development. These are the elements of our philosophy which we believe have made us a reliable member of the community and provider of childcare in West Auckland.

Licensed for

50 children

A picture of Pitter Patter Child Care - Te Atatu South

Te Atatu South - Auckland

Pitter Patter Child Care - Te Atatu South

We are a privately owned childcare center in Te Atatu South with a sister centre, Pitter Patter at Dominion Road, Auckland Central. It is owned by people who are passionate about Early childhood Education. Just a stone’s throw from the motorway, our centre is a modern, purpose built centre delivering top quality care and education for under 5s. Our dedicated and professional team are focussed on nurturing and educating and have a genuine love of working with children. Your child will thrive in our happy, relaxed environment which offers a rich learning programme, and plentiful opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

Our Philosophy

Here at Pitter Patter, we are committed to providing high quality care and education to our tamariki. 

We believe each child is on a unique journey of learning. We view and respect each child as confident, competent and capable learners. Our children feel a sense of belonging and value, knowing that their voice is always welcomed and heard.

The cultural identity of every child and adult who walk in the centre is upheld and celebrated. We are committed to building, growing and maintaining strong relationships with children, families and local identities hence working as one community of learners.

Our facilitators of learning are passionate, caring and nurturing teachers. Each teacher aspires for our children to build resilience, self-awareness (Mana) and empathy. We view ourselves as researchers working alongside children to gain a sense of continuity, while keeping whanaungatanga (relationship and respect) as a core of our curriculum.

Licensed for

60 children

A picture of Kimberley Childcare Te Atatu

Te Atatu South - Auckland

Kimberley Childcare Te Atatu

Our Te Atatu centre is perfectly situated in Te Atatu South, near Countdown with an under twos and a preschool building well set out to cater to your child's needs.

Mission & Vision

We believe that Childcares are a vital part of the community. That is why we strive tirelessly to provide excellent care and top quality education, so that your little one can have a positive experience of learning from an early age. We believe that learning is life-long, so we endeavour to instill a hunger for knowledge and curiosity for discovery.

We know that if your child is happy, you are happy! That's why we are child centred in all we do.

Unity In Our Diversity

We are proud to be uniquely multicultural, both in our staffing and the children who enjoy being in our centres. We believe that together we are better and we find that children benefit from early interaction with people who are different from themselves.

By giving your child early education with Kimberley, you are setting them up for the best possible start in life! In fact, schools love us because our children graduate with a hunger for learning that sets them up for a lifetime of success.

Licensed for

90 children

A picture of Flanshaw Early Childhood Centre

Te Atatu South - Auckland

Flanshaw Early Childhood Centre

Welcome to the Early Childhood Centre The early childhood centre is situated in the Flanshaw Road School Grounds and was established to provide support for the families and children in the local community. The early childhood centre is licenced for children aged between 3 to school entry level. We are licensed for 35 children per day and offer 20 hours ECE for all children over 3 years. 

The teachers at Flanshaw are committed to providing experiences that is are stimulating and challenging for children's development and stem from their current interests. We believe that children learn and develop best in an environment where the teacher has a respectful image of children as being competent and capable young people. We have a close relationship with Flanshaw Road School which supports our children and their families as they transition to school. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is underpinned by Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

Our programme is driven by childrens interests. We create a co-operative, collaborative approach to learning where: learners actively participate teachers become learners and children sometimes teach respect is given to every member invetigations and questions capture childrens interests and challenge them diversity is celebrated and contributions are valued.

The environment provides children with meaningful experiences to inquire and explore their thoughts and theories. 

Play is emphasised as an important part of their learning. Play provides: opportunities to develop social competence through interactions with others stratagies to resolve conflict peacefully stratagies to negiotiate and problem solve opportunities to grow self confidence

Licensed for

35 children

A picture of Edmonton Community Kindergarten

Te Atatu South - Auckland

Edmonton Community Kindergarten

A child only experiences their important early years once. At Edmonton Community Kindergarten, we ensure that our kindergarten provides a fun, safe and educational setting for your child. Our professional staff in West Auckland are experts in child development and dedicated to giving each child in our care the best start in life. Call us today for more details.

Our Vision

Our aim at Edmonton community kindergarten is to provide a high quality affordable early childhood education experience, in partnership with parents, whanau and community. Recognising children are at the heart of all we do.

Our Philosophy

We at Edmonton Community Kindergarten believe children learn best in a safe and stimulating environment under the guidelines of Te Whāriki. At Edmonton Kindergarten we will develop an awareness of our Bi-cultural heritage and respect the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Each child is viewed as an individual, irrespective of gender, culture or special needs, and will be given equitable opportunities to learn and develop at his/her own pace and level.

Staff acknowledges and value both planned and emergent learning experiences and takes every opportunity to broaden the child’s knowledge through these experiences. We acknowledge the role of parents/whanau as first teachers. Positive steps are taken to respect and acknowledge the aspirations held by parents and whᾱnau for their child.

To ensure that all children develop a lifelong love of learning and to provide a firm foundation for their journey through life, they will be given the encouragement and opportunities to:

  • Become independent and individual thinkers.
  • Work within acceptable limits and boundaries.
  • Develop problem- solving skills and social competence as well as the concept of Manaakitanga.
  • Develop the development of pro-social skills.
  • Develop effective communications skills.
  • Make and sustain friendships/Tuakana Teina.
  • Feel confident about who they are and what they can do.
  • Develop their own Wairua (spirit) and support others Wairua (spirit).
  • Develop confidence to make their own choices.
  • Learn about their place in the community.
  • Develop an awareness of kaitiakitanga and future sustainability of our environment.
  • Developing an awareness of keeping ourselves healthy.

Licensed for

30 children