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A picture of Deb's Place Early Learning Centre

Addington - Canterbury

Deb's Place Early Learning Centre

Whanaungatanga is about relationship, kinship and a sense of connectedness. It provides people with a sense of belonging through forming and maintaining relationships and strengthening ties between whānau and communities.We encourage and value whanaungatanga by working in partnership with our whānau and wider community to build and sustain respectful relationships.

Manākitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others and respect for the environment.  In simple terms, it is caring and sharing.At Debs Place, we recognise the importance of providing a loving, nurturing supportive environment where the child is at the “heart” of everything we do.  Our teachers role model respectful practices and  compassion as a way to encourage children to learn to care for others. Our teachers  value and promote  sustainability by modelling environmentally friendly practices.

Wānanga and Ako
Wānanga is a safe space where children are able to  participate and engage.Ako recognises the knowledge that both teachers and learners bring and it acknowledges the way that new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared learning experiences.At Deb’s Place, our environment is planned to allow children safe spaces to explore and opportunities and challenges that empower them to imagine, to theorise, to questions, to inquire, to discuss their ideas, to work alone or with their peers and to listen to the thoughts of others.  We acknowledge ako, where new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared experiences.

Licensed for

59 children

A picture of Lalaga Preschool

Addington - Christchurch

Lalaga Preschool

Our school provides Christ-centered education for the community. Our mission is to develop children of character in a faith nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence. 

We are committed provide opportunities for all student to achieve their maximum development intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. 

We are proudly owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and provide a nurturing and caring learning environment where Christian values are upheld.

Licensed for

35 children

A picture of Conductive Education Canterbury

Addington - Christchurch

Conductive Education Canterbury

​Conductive Education Canterbury is an Early Intervention Programme for preschool children who are living with physical disabilities, developmental delay and motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy. The children and their families face life head on and the programme is developed to assist these children to be active participants in their own lives. The children at the preschool have fully alert minds; however their bodies let them down.  Conductive Education is giving these children the ability to be active in their life and community. These children want to live their lives to the fullest and be able to dream the biggest dream. They can only achieve this with the support of the complex programme Conductive Education provides.

Who We Are

​Conductive Education Canterbury is a Ministry of Education accredited early intervention provider, a Ministry of Health contracted service provider and a licensed early childhood centre operating from a purpose-built facility in the grounds of Addington Primary School. We employ a Conductor, Speech Language Therapist and Early Intervention Teachers who work together to deliver the daily programme.

Conductive Education Canterbury provides high staff to child ratios to ensure that children are able to participate and benefit from the programmes. Children attend group sessions depending on their age and needs. Home-based services are also provided to young babies and medically fragile children who are not yet able to attend a group session in at the center. Every child has an Individual Education Programme (I.E.P.) which is based on their needs and the aspirations of their family/whanau. These goals are reached in conjunction with everybody involved in the child’s life – parents/family/whanau, specialists, mainstream teachers, etc.

A Brief History

Parents have dreams and aspirations for their children and it was this that motivated the parents of Conductive Education children in Christchurch to bring this philosophy to New Zealand in the 80’s. Interest in Conductive Education in New Zealand was spurred on by a group of dedicated and committed parents who sought to bring this intervention method to our shores and the preschool was established in Christchurch in 1992 by a group of these passionate parents. Over the years parents worked tirelessly to fundraise and financially support the establishment of the center. Over time the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health recognized the benefit of Conductive Education and the importance of choice for families and have consequently contracted Conductive Education to provide services for people with motor disorders and other developmental delays.

Licensed for

16 children

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