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Aranui has a few daycare, childcare and early childhood education options. Book a visit or enquire at any one of them with Kindello. We're here to help you find the perfect fit for you and your child.


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A picture of E Tipu e Rea Early Learning Centre

Aranui - Christchurch

E Tipu e Rea Early Learning Centre

E Tipu e Rea Early learning centre is a community preschool that provides a beautiful natural learning environment, rich in nurturing care. We have 100% qualified kaiako, who are committed and passionate in providing quality care and education

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Home Grown Kids Aranui

Aranui - Christchurch

Home Grown Kids Aranui

Thinking about Home Based childcare with Home Grown Kids?

All of our Educators are carefully selected and screened including Police Vetting, identity checks, an interview that assess their attitudes and values toward children and an overall assessment of risk.

Enquire today and we’ll be in touch with you soon to provide the perfect option for your family.

Choosing the Best Educator for Your Child

We stand strong alongside our Educators. We care about them and we’re committed to the work they do, supporting and communicating with them every step of the way. We understand that engaged, fulfilled Educators make for happy families and even happier tamariki who thrive in these small group settings.

Small Group Setting

Our Home Based childcare groups are capped at a maximum of four children under the age of six, including Educators’ own children. This means we can offer each child the individual attention they need to flourish.

The best fit for your whānau values

Our Educators offer a range of different programmes based around their beliefs, values, culture, background and philosophies. Over 90% of our Educators hold a recognised ECE qualification. Some of our Educators are mothers and grandmothers with fantastic life skills, experience and knowledge. We’ll listen to your needs and then offer, where possible, a range of Educators. You will get to choose an Educator that you and your whānau connect with and trust.

Exceeding educational standards

An education programme that reflects New Zealand ECE curriculum - Te Whāriki. We are a Ministry of Education approved and licensed Early Childhood Education provider. Regularly reviewed by the

Education Review Office to ensure all our Home Based environments not only meet, but exceed the Ministry of Education’s Licensing Criteria for Home-based Services (2008).

Subsidies available

We’re an approved Work and Income provider and can support you to access a childcare subsidy if you are eligible.

20 hours ECE scheme

The Government subsidises all children aged 3-5 years (or 6 if not enrolled in school) who attend an ECE facility, making access more affordable for all.

Leaders in development practices for each child

All our Educators are supported and guided by our Visiting Teachers who are Qualified certificated ECE teachers with many years’ experience and expertise in early childhood education. Our Visiting Teachers regularly attend professional development to keep up-to-date with current research and theory for best practice for Education and care for under fives.

Our philosophy, vision and mission

  • Our Vision– The why – The reason we exist:

To provide a family friendly wrap around support service that enables all tamariki/whanau to learn, grow and thrive in a home-based setting. Investing in cultivating kindness, strong and professional relationships, in all our people to continue growing as lifelong learners

  • Mission Statement – The How -How are we going to achieve the Vision?

We will achieve our Vision through ensuring that every team member is emotionally invested in the well-being of our people including tamariki, whanau, Educators, communities and our Edubase family. We value successes and that these are not ours alone, the greatest success comes from the strengths of many. Our passion, knowledge and commitment will be the catalyst that enables everyone to learn, thrive and achieve.

  • Philosophy Statement

Edubase is a Home Based Early Childhood Education service that is committed to providing nurturing learning environments where tamariki thrive as individuals through an authentic play-based, natural learning education and care programme, in a home setting.

To enrich the learning of each tamariki we form strong community connections, developing links within the home and the learning environments of our Kaiako. Tamariki learn respect for people, places and things, shaping Aotearoa and developing an appreciation of New Zealand’s dual heritage. We continually strive to develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritages of both partners to Te Tiriti o Waitangi – supporting a holistic approach to learning which is guided by our NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Educators and Nannies offer comfortable, small group sizes, fostering respectful and reciprocal relationships, promoting tikanga Māori within their practice.

As an Organisation, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong, professional relationships, strengthening capability in all our people to continue growing as lifelong learners.

Edubase celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each tamaiti, whanau and Kaiako and the gifts they bring. They are taonga, a treasure or gift. All things cultural are affirmed and celebrated, aiming to support children in gaining a positive awareness of their own and other cultures.

Tiaki nga tamariki – take care of the children

Licensed for

4 children

A picture of Just Kids House

Aranui - Christchurch

Just Kids House

The Just Kids House is a wonderful space for children to learn and explore. Our vision is to have a centre that is a ‘home away from home’.  

We have a mixed-age centre which means siblings can be together while at preschool. Older children can teach the younger children and younger children will learn from the older children. The outdoor space has many places for exploration and learning.  

We acknowledge and celebrate the various cultures in our community and want to create an environment that includes all children, regardless of their culture, identity or specific learning needs.  

Our dedicated team of teachers are passionate about learning and installing a love for learning in the children they care for.  

At our Pages Road centre we provide a free transport service, free morning and afternoon tea, support for parents of children with diverse needs, parent evenings, whanau events, 20 Hours Free Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds….and more.

Licensed for

21 children

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Other great childcare options in Aranui

A picture of Just Kids Merrington

Aranui - Christchurch

Just Kids Merrington

Just Kids Merrington opened in November 2017. This lovely centre is tucked away on Merrington Crescent in Aranui, next door to the community playground.

Just Kids Merrington is a mixed-license centre where siblings are able to be together, learn together and extend on their relationship within the preschool environment. 

The teaching team are committed to providing a warm, respectful, safe environment – a home away from home, which is responsive to the needs and development of all tamariki in their care.

Licensed for

28 children

A picture of Tino E Tasi Preschool

Aranui - Christchurch

Tino E Tasi Preschool

This centre is the hidden gem of East Christchurch. Look out for our bright red letterbox, as this is the only sign that marks our bustling wee preschool, hidden down the back of a long driveway

There is lots of outdoor space and many rooms to play in.  We have two dedicated spaces, our Gogosina side which houses our under 2's, and our Tava'e side, which caters for our adventurous over 2's.

Gogosina Space

Accomodating our under 2's, the Gogosina room caters to a maximum of 9 children. Our two dedicated faia'oga create a calming, relaxed space, filled with music, laughter and language. This is the foundation of where our Samoan values are laid.

Tava'e Space

Accomodating our over 2's, the Tava'e side nurtures our over 2's to become confident in themselves, and ready for primary school.  This space values le va fealoa'i and the reciprocal and collaborative learning, especially between siblings and extended aiga.

Our philosophy is to maintain a rich curriculum that promotes the importance of our gagana (language), aganu’u (culture) and Christian values, with the expectation that children will grow up to be ta'ita'i (leaders) in Aotearoa.

“We treasure the Samoan language, we live it, we use it, we share it with our children.”

Tino e Tasi means unity in one accord.  We believe that this requires our teachers, management, aiga, and the community to support the development of our children.


It is our mission to serve our community by providing a learning environment that stimulates the uniqueness of the Samoan culture. By adopting the four baskets of cultural leadership we align and depict a distributive leadership framework in our Preschools. We demonstrate this mission in the following ways:

Licensed for

49 children