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Bishopdale - Christchurch

Kindercare Bishopdale

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Bishopdale?

You’ll find it at our safe, welcoming early childhood centre, where we put our hearts into everything we do. Our dedicated team, led by our committed Centre Director, Samantha Littlejohn, will give your little one the loving, responsive care you want for them.

Our strong parent partnership makes your life even easier through our convenient city location, with easy pick-ups and drop-offs. We offer enrolment options that include both full time, and part time care and education, so building the life you want for your child has never been simpler.

We are conveniently located for families in Sawyers, Casebrook, Harewood, Northcote, Airport, and Redwood.

Why choose our centre?

Our early childhood centre, here at Bishopdale has been providing safe, loving care and learning since 2009. We care for children from infancy until they’re ready to leave our care for primary school. Your little one will be cherished among tamariki of a similar age and stage of development, in rooms specially designed to provide the nurturing care, imaginative learning and social opportunities best suited to their individual needs.

At Kindercare Bishopdale, we have a strong connection to the community through local trips, school visits, and visitors from our surrounding area. Our centre also celebrates the biculturalism of New Zealand and has a weekly kapa haka, where the whole centre gets together to sing songs and dance. You’ll be invited to our parent evenings which are held throughout the year— to update you about your child's progress and development. We also love celebrations so throughout the year, we’ll make the most of those special moments in life as well as celebrating cultural events. 

Licensed for

80 children

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3.83 (1)

Bishopdale - Christchurch

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Cotswold Avenue

Located in the heart of Bishopdale, the kindergarten is situated next to Cotswold Primary School, offering a leafy and vibrant environment. The backyard provides an ideal space for children to indulge their curiosity and exercise their creative imaginations. Equipped with challenging climbing structures and physical play equipment, it caters to active explorers. The kindergarten emphasizes physical growth and development, with children choosing from and learning to use real resources such as tools and gardening equipment, fostering their understanding of risk management and safe decision-making. The outdoor area not only accommodates activities like running, jumping, climbing, and swinging but also provides peaceful spots for connecting with nature and comprehending the natural world. Rongo, Haumia, and Tawhirimatea, representing the commitment to educating children about their role in the environment, stand proudly in the garden. By employing innovative teaching methods, the kindergarten instills sustainable practices and cultivates children as proactive citizens who care for all living things and serve as guardians (kaitiaki) of the environment.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens Northcote

Bishopdale - Christchurch

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Northcote

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Northcote is located on Northcote Road, adjacent to the picturesque Craighead Reserve, offering convenient parking options. With a focus on children aged 2-5 years, the kindergarten fosters a strong sense of belonging by encouraging manaakitanga (caring for each other) and kaitiakitanga (caring for the environment). Tamariki are empowered to be self-directed, setting their own challenges and receiving support to achieve their goals. The indoor environment is warm and inviting, providing a homelike atmosphere where children can explore a carefully curated range of resources to spark curiosity and critical thinking. The spacious backyard offers ample room for physical development, featuring movable equipment, trees, gardens, and specially designed elements to support children's growth. Kidsfirst Northcote values community and connections, actively engaging whānau and welcoming their involvement to enrich the program. With strong links to the local primary school, the kindergarten supports a smooth transition as children move on to the next phase of their education. Parents are encouraged to initially enroll for at least two full days, gradually increasing to five days as the child's readiness allows. Kidsfirst Kindergartens Northcote takes pride in its unique learning environment and warmly welcomes visitors to experience its wonderful offerings.

Licensed for

30 children

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A picture of Little Blue Penguin Preschool and Nursery

Bishopdale - Christchurch

Little Blue Penguin Preschool and Nursery

Little Blue Penguin is located at 68 Farrington Ave, Bishopdale. We are close to recreational areas such as: parks, Bishopdale shopping centre, YMCA, a community centre and a new library. There are four primary schools close by, making it a prime location for smooth transitions to school, and we are right across the road from Isleworth School.     

The building is a carefully refurbished home, designed with the centre’s philosophy and vision in mind. Careful thought and planning went into transforming the house into a functional early childhood centre that offers a home away from home feel. The section provides a play-scape where children are free to explore their natural world.  

The outdoor environment is designed as a natural setting that encourages children’s natural curiosity, wonderment and awe. Plants, trees and grasses provide natural shade, and the smells, sights and textures that children need for optimal development, positive sensory experiences and a nurtured well-being.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of YMCA Bishopdale Childcare Centre

Bishopdale - Christchurch

YMCA Bishopdale Childcare Centre

Our children, parents and whanau come first and we strive to provide a welcoming, supportive and loving environment for all. We offer high teacher to child ratios with a fun, experienced and passionate team of early childhood teachers.

Our Nursery is licensed for 10 children under two years old, and our Preschool for up to 30 children. Our children are empowered to take risks, explore and develop their sense of belonging while making use of our spacious indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our Philosophy

Our Core Purpose

Investing in the Next Generation

Our Values

Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty

Tamariki – Children

  • Through strong relationships and whānaungatanga (being able to relate to others), tamariki develop a sense of belonging and they feel safe, secure and confident in their tuhura (discovery) of the world around them.
  • Through scaffolding tamariki independence via a wide range of activities and experiences, tamariki develop rangatiratanga (the ability to manage oneself) and their hauora (mind, body and spirit).
  • E whakapono ana mātau ki te mana, ki te miharo a te tamaiti, ki a tātau tamariki – We believe in the power and wonder of the child, our tamariki.

Whānaungatanga – Partnerships

  • We value parents and whānau as first teachers of their tamariki and respect their beliefs, culture and aspirations.
  • We see the importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and what this partnership means.
  • Through strong, reciprocal relationships and mana reo (communication) with whānau and tamariki, we support the development of manawaroa (resilience) and whakaoti rapanga (problem solving) for all tamariki.

Ahurea – Culture

  • We provide an inclusive environment through the use of te reo Māori, tikanga and providing tamariki with the opportunity to learn and develop respect for both parties of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • We embrace cultural diversity through our environment, languages, resources and relationships.
  • We encourage tuhura (discovery) through an environment that is warm and inviting and replicates the home environment.

Kaiako – Teachers

  • We are committed to ongoing professional learning and support for all kaiako.
  • We employ and support qualified kaiako and kaiako in training to ensure the best learning outcomes and care for our tamariki.
  • Kaiako are seen as role models who know each tamaiti well and therefore have the ability to empower all tamariki.

Kātahi anō ka tuku tātau ki te hanga i tētahi tūāpapa mo te aroha tūturu o te akoranga

Finally, we are committed to building a foundation for a lifelong love of learning

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Bishopdale Community  Preschool

Bishopdale - Christchurch

Bishopdale Community Preschool

Bishopdale Community Preschool was established by the community within the Bishopdale Mall complex over 40 years ago.  Since the Christchurch earthquake disruption we have been operating from the Breens Intermediate School site on Breens Road.  In 2016 we opened our new building on this site. 

We operate as a registered society that is not-for-profit; this allows us to put any surplus funds back into the development of the centre. We have a management committee of volunteer parents that together with the teaching team and the centre manager work to continually improve the service we provide to the community.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Cotswold Preschool and Nursery

Bishopdale - Christchurch

Cotswold Preschool and Nursery

We are a non-profit, community-based Preschool, situated in the Bishopdale area. Our centre has been operating for many years providing quality care and education for the children of our local community. We have a license for 40 children, 8 in the Nursery with a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children and 32 in the Preschool with a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children. Ninety percent of teachers are fully qualified. Each child has a Personal Profile Book in which their achievements and progress from their first day are recorded.  

At Cotswold Preschool and Nursery we have a self-choice programme and base our planning around children’s interests. Therefore learning & development is not based around subject areas but around the dispositions for learning. These help children develop courage, curiosity, playfulness, trust, perseverance and confidence. Our curriculum encourages children to become robust and enduring thus equipping children for future learning.  

Our centre is run by a parent committee which is elected each year at our AGM. All parents are welcome to join and become involved in the continued growth and development of our centre.

Licensed for

40 children