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Burwood - Christchurch

Kindercare Burwood

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Burwood?

Your family will find this and more at Kindercare Burwood - where our dedicated Centre Director, Ellie Weir and her experienced team are all about cherishing your little one through consistent, loving care, and a varied and creative learning program.

At our daycare centre, we believe in partnering with you to maintain that essential home-centre connection - ensuring we’re not just meeting all of your child’s needs, but helping them reach their full potential.

Located just across the road from Burwood Hospital, our home-sweet-home creates a place where your child will feel safe, settled, loved - and ready to have fun learning, every day.

At our early childhood centre, tamariki, families and whanau matter to us. That’s why we offer enrolment options to suit your needs, including full time, and part time care and education.

Why choose our centre?

Since our daycare centre opened in 2005, we’ve been nurturing tamariki from infancy through to school age, (which is usually five-years-old), in a culture of kindness.

Your little one will develop their incredible potential in a relaxed, welcoming environment - indoors and out - alongside other tamariki of a similar age and stage of development. Guided by our passionate Kaiako, they will participate in a variety of play-based learning activities that will help prepare them for school, and for life.

Families and whānau who have visited our fun-loving, homely centre for the first time, have told us that they immediately had that ‘gut feel’: that heartfelt certainty that assured them our ‘calm and happy atmosphere’ was the right place for their child to learn and grow - and for their family to feel supported.

So, follow your heart to Kindercare Burwood. You - and your little one - will be happy you did. 

Licensed for

55 children

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Burwood - Christchurch

Busy Bees Burwood

At Busy Bees, we value every child and see them as unique and a special taonga. We understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right centre can be a big decision. We would be delighted to share in your child’s learning journey and we welcome you to call or visit anytime.

We are so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community, where tamariki are connected to our place in Te Ao and know its significance. We go out on regular excursions in the local area, often connecting with students from our local primary and high schools. Tamariki are excited for transitions to school or talking about older role models, with so many learning opportunities available through tuakana-teina relationships (older-younger child).

We focus on getting to know our individual families well, with kaiako and families interacting as a wider whānau, forming strong trusting relationships. This connection supports happy and settled children who take on transitions with ease. We strive to create a sense of belonging, welcoming new families in as part of our centre whānau.

Licensed for

65 children

A picture of Busy Bees Lake Terrace

Burwood - Christchurch

Busy Bees Lake Terrace

Check out our website ( for more details and enquire today! 

At Busy Bees Lake Terrace, we believe that as an Early Education Centre we have an important part to play in our community and a very special opportunity to positively impact young children’s lives in their early stages of development.  With a safe and nurturing environment for your child, we provide a place for children to learn, develop and grow through social interaction in an engaging environment, carefully set up by kaiako, with lots of opportunities to explore and learn.  Nestled in the heart of Burwood near the Avon River and Horseshoe Lake, we are easy to find and within a short travelling distance to the local town, making us a natural choice for busy parents and local families in the community.

Licensed for

68 children

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Burwood - Christchurch

Busy Bees Bottle Lake

Our tamariki and whānau feel a sense of belonging at Busy Bees Bottle Lake, and we welcome new families in, to feel right at home too.  Our teachers live locally, which supports our strong sense of community and comfortable and welcoming environment. Our centre provides nurturing and stimulating environments for young children with its separate Nursery (Taihua), Preschool (Kūkūwai) and Kindy (Ngahere) rooms, as well as areas where tamariki can come together to share tuakana-teina (older-younger child) interactions where wonderful teaching moments are shared. We aim to promote the development and learning of each child, through positive partnership with parents and open communication at all times for family, tangata whenua, whānau, and community.

No need to book a tour, pop in and see us or fill out our enquiry form and the team will be in touch to answer any queries you have! 

Learn more about us here:

Licensed for

100 children

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Burwood - Christchurch

Home Grown Kids Burwood

Thinking about Home Based childcare with Home Grown Kids?

All of our Educators are carefully selected and screened including Police Vetting, identity checks, an interview that assess their attitudes and values toward children and an overall assessment of risk.

Enquire today and we’ll be in touch with you soon to provide the perfect option for your family.

Choosing the Best Educator for Your Child

We stand strong alongside our Educators. We care about them and we’re committed to the work they do, supporting and communicating with them every step of the way. We understand that engaged, fulfilled Educators make for happy families and even happier tamariki who thrive in these small group settings.

Small Group Setting

Our Home Based childcare groups are capped at a maximum of four children under the age of six, including Educators’ own children. This means we can offer each child the individual attention they need to flourish.

The best fit for your whānau values

Our Educators offer a range of different programmes based around their beliefs, values, culture, background and philosophies. Over 90% of our Educators hold a recognised ECE qualification. Some of our Educators are mothers and grandmothers with fantastic life skills, experience and knowledge. We’ll listen to your needs and then offer, where possible, a range of Educators. You will get to choose an Educator that you and your whānau connect with and trust.

Exceeding educational standards

An education programme that reflects New Zealand ECE curriculum - Te Whāriki. We are a Ministry of Education approved and licensed Early Childhood Education provider. Regularly reviewed by the

Education Review Office to ensure all our Home Based environments not only meet, but exceed the Ministry of Education’s Licensing Criteria for Home-based Services (2008).

Subsidies available

We’re an approved Work and Income provider and can support you to access a childcare subsidy if you are eligible.

20 hours ECE scheme

The Government subsidises all children aged 3-5 years (or 6 if not enrolled in school) who attend an ECE facility, making access more affordable for all.

Leaders in development practices for each child

All our Educators are supported and guided by our Visiting Teachers who are Qualified certificated ECE teachers with many years’ experience and expertise in early childhood education. Our Visiting Teachers regularly attend professional development to keep up-to-date with current research and theory for best practice for Education and care for under fives.

Our philosophy, vision and mission

  • Our Vision– The why – The reason we exist:

To provide a family friendly wrap around support service that enables all tamariki/whanau to learn, grow and thrive in a home-based setting. Investing in cultivating kindness, strong and professional relationships, in all our people to continue growing as lifelong learners

  • Mission Statement – The How -How are we going to achieve the Vision?

We will achieve our Vision through ensuring that every team member is emotionally invested in the well-being of our people including tamariki, whanau, Educators, communities and our Edubase family. We value successes and that these are not ours alone, the greatest success comes from the strengths of many. Our passion, knowledge and commitment will be the catalyst that enables everyone to learn, thrive and achieve.

  • Philosophy Statement

Edubase is a Home Based Early Childhood Education service that is committed to providing nurturing learning environments where tamariki thrive as individuals through an authentic play-based, natural learning education and care programme, in a home setting.

To enrich the learning of each tamariki we form strong community connections, developing links within the home and the learning environments of our Kaiako. Tamariki learn respect for people, places and things, shaping Aotearoa and developing an appreciation of New Zealand’s dual heritage. We continually strive to develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritages of both partners to Te Tiriti o Waitangi – supporting a holistic approach to learning which is guided by our NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Educators and Nannies offer comfortable, small group sizes, fostering respectful and reciprocal relationships, promoting tikanga Māori within their practice.

As an Organisation, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong, professional relationships, strengthening capability in all our people to continue growing as lifelong learners.

Edubase celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each tamaiti, whanau and Kaiako and the gifts they bring. They are taonga, a treasure or gift. All things cultural are affirmed and celebrated, aiming to support children in gaining a positive awareness of their own and other cultures.

Tiaki nga tamariki – take care of the children

Licensed for

4 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens Queenspark

Burwood - Christchurch

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Queenspark

Located adjacent to Queenspark School, Kidsfirst Queenspark kindergarten is situated in the heart of the neighborhood, offering children a glimpse of the bustling world around them. Surrounded by tall trees, the kindergarten's engaging atmosphere is evident as children aged 2 to 5 years enjoy the expansive and beautiful backyard. Working alongside one another, the children make choices that connect them with the people, places, and objects within their environment and community, fostering a sense of engagement and exploration. Within the warm and welcoming environment of Kidsfirst Queenspark, both the friendly children and teaching team extend a warm welcome. The spacious interior is filled with natural light and adorned with the children's impressive artwork and displays showcasing their wonderful learning experiences. The outside area is a magical garden, offering natural shade and inspiring spaces for storytelling, games, or moments of tranquility. With native plantings and an array of challenging climbing and physical play equipment, the outdoor space invites active exploration. Featuring grassy and barked areas, gardens, climbing trees, and specially designed equipment to support physical growth and development, children have the freedom to choose and utilize real resources such as saws, hammers, nails, gardening equipment, spades, and shovels. This empowers them to learn about managing risks and making safe choices for meaningful play.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of The Champion Centre Tamariki Toiora

Burwood - Christchurch

The Champion Centre Tamariki Toiora

The Champion Centre provides multi-disciplinary early intervention services to infants and young children with significant disabilities and their families in Canterbury. The programme is offered in a centre-based model of service, in partnership with parents, and in accordance with international best practice.    

The Champion Centre offers services for children who have special needs or children whose developmental progress is at risk. Children who attend the centre have a wide range of special needs. These include Down syndrome, other genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, extreme prematurity, epilepsy, developmental dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorder and brain injury.  

We offer a number of services at the Centre including:

  • An early intervention programme for children from birth to primary school age who have delays in at least two or more areas of development;
  • A specialist early intervention programme for children with relating and communicating difficulties;
  • A monitoring programme for children who are at developmental risk either because of prematurity or because of some other health-related vulnerability;
  • Individual assessment for children for whom there are questions about their development.

Child referral process:

​Children are referred to the service via a paediatrician who makes a referral to the Early Intervention Coordination Service. This service represents all the early intervention providers in the area and allows offers to be made to families from more than one provider, dependent on capacity in those providers. 

Licensed for

45 children

A picture of Burwood Playcentre

Burwood - Christchurch

Burwood Playcentre

Our children are supported to become confident, competent self-directed learners through play based around their interests. Our children gain knowledge through play, participation and positive guidance.  

Our Children’s curiosity and creativity is nurtured through the fun range of experiences provided … no two days at Playcentre are the same.  

Our children develop nurturing and social skills which have lifelong benefits. Siblings attend together, allowing older children to mentor younger children and practise empathy and caring.  

Our parental relationships developed through Playcentre provide support from parents and help them develop new parenting and life skills.  

Our parents are actively involved in providing our children’s learning programmes. The high adult to child ratio allows a good balance for group and individual support during each session.  

There is no other organisation for early childhood education and family development quite like it in the world. Thousands of kiwi children, and their parents too, have grown up with Playcentre … book in for your three visits today and come and join the fun.

Licensed for

25 children

A picture of Little Explorers Preschool

Burwood - Christchurch

Little Explorers Preschool

Little Explorers Preschool is an independent privately owned centre and is owner operated.  

We are a small centre that caters for up to 8 under 2's and 24 over 2's. We provide an atmosphere that is rich in quality interactions and have an outstanding natural environment.  

Little Explorers Preschool is committed to maintaining a stimulating programme that is flexible to the needs of our children and their whanau.  

The curriculum is based on the Principles of Te Whariki - the Early Childhood Curriculum and reflects the holistic way that children learn.  

The philosophy of the centre is that children learn through active exploration of the environment. We believe in providing a richly resourced environment with qualified educators who support the children to develop their full potential.

Licensed for

32 children