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Phillipstown - Christchurch

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Phillipstown

Nestled within a tight-knit and diverse neighborhood, the kindergarten is tucked away down a long driveway, fostering a strong sense of community. Regularly coming together for enjoyable activities, celebrations, and mutual support, the surrounding community greatly contributes to the kindergarten's vibrant atmosphere. Inside, the kindergarten provides a warm and welcoming environment akin to a home, where children aged 2 to 5 years have access to thoughtfully curated resources that inspire curiosity and exploration. The kindergarten values and embraces the unique essence (mana, wairua, and mauri) that each child brings. Children are encouraged to be mindful and appreciative of the world around them, cultivating respect for the environment in which they play and learn. Outside, the expansive backyard at Kidsfirst Phillipstown offers an array of engaging features, including chickens, a bountiful vegetable and fruit garden that children and their families contribute to, a mud kitchen, sand pit, gravel pit, wilderness area, and a thrilling bike hill. Physical development is both challenged and supported through these activities. The grounds also boast a majestic tree large enough to shelter a house and a global village project developed in consultation with the community. The vast backyard grants children the freedom to explore and connect with the natural world, regardless of the weather conditions.

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