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Mornington - Dunedin

Mighty Minds Montessori House of Children

Located in a suitably converted, beautiful residential house, Mighty Minds consists primarily of a Prepared Environment, based on the philosophy developed by Dr Maria Montessori. making for a quality programme under the able administration and guidance of well-experienced, Montessori-trained teachers who nurture the children's senses and potential thereby fostering their independence and confidence.

The 'Prepared Environment' offers stimulating Practical life activities, Sensorial activities and activities that deal with numeracy and literacy. Besides these activities, the children will also be exposed to botany zoology art and craft , dramatic play , music and poetry. During the morning session, the children will encouraged to work with the specially designed Montessori material available in each room.

Once the child and activity are 'linked', teachers use their observations to guide the children, according to their individual pace and personality. These continuous and carefully made observations play an important role in the documentation of the child's progress and aid future planning to enhance learning outcomes.

Each child will have a profile book which will be freely available for the parents to refer to and keep abreast of what their child is learning. Skills are taught daily using individual presentations, group presentations and collective presentations.

The afternoon consists of a combination of Montessori activities, cultural activities, outdoor structured games, free play, music, drama and poetry.

The mixed age group enables children to learn how to become part of, and contribute to, a group. Both older and younger children benefit from this contact since older children gain confidence and maturity through realisation of their own abilities, and younger ones are stimulated and encouraged by working alongside more advanced peers.

At Mighty Minds, children will experience an environment that will help them to give and earn respect. They will be helped to develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally at his or her own pace.

The purpose of the Prepared Environment, is to ensure that the children are happy and busy children, working purposefully. Great care has been taken to create a learning environment that will reinforce the child's independence and natural urge toward self-development. The environment is more the child's environment, rather than an adult's making sure that the child's comfort within it, is the focus.

The classroom itself is arranged with child-size material, to be typically beautiful and enticing, keeping in mind, order and accessibility. This vast array of sequential learning activities known as Montessori materials are purpose-built and beautifully handcrafted and are displayed on low open shelves in two rooms. They are arranged in special locations around the rooms according to their purpose such as Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Maths and Geography.

Children gain independence from the prepared environment as they move about choosing their own work and making their own decisions becoming conscious of their own powers.

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