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A picture of Wild Things Musselburgh

Musselburgh - Dunedin

Wild Things Musselburgh

Wild Things offer the highest quality home-based early childhood service - where children can be children, and nothing is more important than that.

Where children and their families are our whānau

Our service caters to families with a diversity of needs, acknowledging parent/whānau needs and aspirations for their children. Parents and whānau are made to feel welcome, and we are available to discuss formally or informally their child’s progress. Wild Things support partnerships with families/whānau and educators / Kaiako to create the best learning outcomes for your children. With over 15 years’ experience in the early childhood education field, Wild Things are committed to offering professional, quality early childhood education. The Wild Things team supports an ever increasing number of families throughout the Lower South Island who wish to engage the services of a home-based educator / Kaiako.

Our Educators / Kaiako

Our educators / Kaiako are trained to provide the highest quality home-based early childhood care and education for your children. So if your family is looking for a dedicated educator / Kaiako for your children Wild Things are here to help.

A safe & nurturing environment

Research has proven that the first three years of a child’s life is when most brain development occurs - and that development is directly linked to the baby’s environment. This is why we believe it is important that a child’s environment is safe and nurturing where the child forms secure attachments due to primary care and small group size.

Where children can reach their full potential

Wild Things is a professional service that provides families with the highest quality early childhood education and care. We want you to feel confident knowing Wild Things only recruit the very best educators / Kaiako to nurture your children to reach their full potential. We will work with you to choose an educator / Kaiako who will most benefit your child’s needs, your circumstances, and your family values, and we are always available for you to call should you have any concerns - we believe open communication is essential.

Home-based educators / Kaiako are first choice for kiwi families

Home-based educators / Kaiako are now the most popular choice for parents seeking quality child focused early childhood education. The home-based educator / Kaiako works in her own home, and provides a quality educational programme for up to 4 pre-school children. She is supported by her visiting teacher to provide opportunities for children to participate in experiences that suit their individual interests within the day to day happenings of a home setting. Home-based educators / Kaiako choose the days and times they work, and can offer flexibility in hours.

In order to choose an educator / Kaiako for your child, the visiting teacher will discuss with you and match your family requirements with a pre-selected and screened educator / Kaiako. Emphasis is placed on matching your specific needs with the appropriate educator / Kaiako.

Our home-based educators / Kaiako hold or are working towards the Open Polytechnic level four Certificate in Early Childhood Practice and hold a current First Aid certificate.

Advantages of being with a Home-based Educator / Kaiako:

  • In the educators’ / Kaiako home
  • Small group interaction
  • Thorough screening of educators / Kaiako
  • Matched to family expectations
  • Consistent group dynamic
  • Convenience
  • Flexible hours
  • Consistent adult relationships
  • Local knowledge and involvement
  • Visiting Teacher guidance and support
  • Outings and excursions
  • Playgroups, music groups, gym groups,
  • Wild Things Readiness for School programme
  • Individual child led learning programme

Licensed for

4 children

A picture of Family Ties Educare - Musselburgh

2.00 (1)

Musselburgh - Dunedin

Family Ties Educare - Musselburgh

Small boutique preschools with focus on having the time, pace and space to ensure quality learning experiences and genuine, trusting relationships

Licensed for

25 children

A picture of Mini Thinkers

Musselburgh - Dunedin

Mini Thinkers

Mini Thinkers is an early learning centre located in Dunedin, for children aged three months to five years.  Our mission is to inspire a generation of mini thinkers who are excited and motivated by their own ideas and achievements… and we achieve this every single day.

Our approach is BALANCED, PROGRESSIVE, NURTURING and based on the premise of providing inspiring experiences.

Our unique concept challenges industry standards and develops ways to not only provide learning opportunities beyond what parents have come to expect but to ensure all children thrive. Our innovative indoor and outdoor environments, nutritious whole foods menu, nurturing setting, qualified educators, balanced learning methods and regular personalised communication ensure positive outcomes for all children.

Balanced Approach

Our balanced approach to early learning includes three methods: intentional teaching; child-initiated play-based experiences; and guided discovery within prepared learning areas (skills-based).

This balanced approach ensures children of all ages benefit from a variety of ‘teaching and learning styles’ while supporting their enthusiasm for knowledge and desire for independence.

At Mini Thinkers we apply a progressive, attentive and mindful approach towards planning, teaching and assessment. Each day is structured around a variety of inspiring experiences where every child can delight in thinking and creating.

Flexible Environment

All of our learning areas have been arranged to inspire inquisitiveness and exploration. These spaces allow for a variety of experiences while being flexible and sensitive to each child’s individual needs and desire for independence. 

We have also designed our environment to reflect our mission and to support children to engage in the delight of thinking and creating.

Children over the age of two rotate around a number of spaces each day, while older children participate in our transition to school programme. This programme is primarily focussed on preparing and empowering them to meet the exciting challenges of formal education

Licensed for

100 children

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