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Nawton - Hamilton

Avalon Childcare Centre

We opened at the end of 2018 under new ownership. We are a small, nurturing place for your young child to learn, grow and make friends.

The centre is bright and purpose-built to cater for babies and young children, up to 6 years of age, in three separate rooms.

Our vision for our children is that they develop independence, creativity, kindness, and a love of learning, enabling them to become responsible and self-directed members of the global community.

Our philosophy is based on the work of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler. These educators’ approaches complement each other and hold the same values of respect for the child.

“Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. It is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace that is right for each individual child. Earlier is not better.” Magda Gerber

We offer small classes; an excellent teacher to child ratio; mature, experienced and highly qualified teachers; and a growing community of happy learners, passionate educators and supportive families.  Visit our centre to see if this is the best place for your family’s needs.   

Licensed for

45 children

A picture of Creators Grandview

Nawton - Hamilton

Creators Grandview

Situated in the heart of Grandview Hamilton, at Creators Grandview we believe that all children deserve the best. Our multicultural community provides a space where diversity is celebrated, and our design embraces the values of tuakana-teina and whanaungatanga. Our early education spaces are filled with rich materials and learning led by children's interests and ideas. With strong links into our community, we believe it takes a village to raise a child and consider it an honour to be part of the village.

At Creators, we celebrate the sense of child-like curiosity about the world. Together with our beautiful tamariki we spend our days full of fun and wonder, researching, solving problems and investigating how the world works. We endeavour to see the world through a child’s eyes, and learn alongside our tamariki.

Nature and its resources enable tamariki to interact with the environment and explore the world. We facilitate forest programmes and often take nature walks or look to the earth and sky around us for inspiration and learning. At Creators we care about the future of the planet and its citizens. We advocate for children's rights and view our tamariki as equal citizens. We hope to raise a generation of tamariki who treasure the environment and respect its resources, so they too can become kaitiaki of all that God has created. 

Licensed for

60 children

A picture of Kids at Home Nawton

Nawton - Hamilton

Kids at Home Nawton

Creating Lifelong Learners

Tamariki natural curiosity is the foundation for exploration and growth. They explore to make sense of the world, develop and have fun. Tamariki start their lives by exploring the world around them. They learn through everything they see, touch, hear, smell, taste and do.

Through play, nga tamariki engage in active learning and exploration. They learn more about their interests and about the world. Most importantly, they learn how to adapt to a changing world. Play helps us remain creative and provokes our imagination.

Our People

Our team at Kids at Home is a dedicated team of individuals who have been chosen for their commitment to provide quality, educational in-home childcare. Kids at Home’s management team also consists of experienced Early childhood professionals and others who have worked within other roles in ECE for many years. We are proud of our positive workplace culture which can be felt as soon as you walk through our office doors!


Playgroup provides your child with a rich learning setting that encourages your child to build a foundation for future learning. Our groups provide your child with the opportunity to mix and make lifelong friends with other tamariki

Music Groups

Music groups provide your child the opportunity to participate in singing, dancing and experiment with musical instruments.

Music is an important part of any child care program. Listening to music, singing, playing musical instruments, and moving to music are all activities that support tamariki development.

Outings and Excursions

Visiting Teachers plan trips to events or places of interest in the community such as fire stations, the zoo, museum, parks etc. (Whanau and friends are welcome to attend).

High Standard of Care

Our Teachers and Educators pride themselves on the quality of care and education each child receives.

We do not limit ourselves to one teaching method or philosophy because we understand that your child is unique. We believe that each child has their own learning style and personality.

Kids at Home’s Visiting Teachers are fully qualified and certificated ECE Teachers with a current practicing certificate from the Teaching Council; our handpicked Teachers have many years of experience and expertise between them.

Kids at Home’s Visiting Teachers support Educators with regular visits and planning for education and development of tamariki.

Licensed for

4 children

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A picture of Gingerbread Cottage Nawton

Nawton - Hamilton

Gingerbread Cottage Nawton

Gingerbread Cottage is a homebased childcare service  licensed by the Ministry of Education Regulations. We operate under our umbrella Organisation, Edubase.  Our qualified Early Childhood Education Visiting Teachers work closely  with each family to provide for the individual needs of the child placed  in our care. Our teaching team are committed and passionate about  providing quality care and education for preschool children.

Our aim is to enrich the learning of each tamariki we form strong community  connections, developing links within the home and the learning  environments of our Kaiako. Tamariki learn respect for people, places  and things, shaping Aotearoa and developing an appreciation of New  Zealand’s dual heritage. We continually strive to develop knowledge and  an understanding of the cultural heritages of both partners to Te Tiriti  o Waitangi – supporting a holistic approach to learning which is guided  by our NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Educators offer comfortable, small group sizes, fostering respectful  and reciprocal relationships, promoting tikanga Maori within their  practice.

Licensed for

4 children

A picture of Nawton Family Playcentre

Nawton - Hamilton

Nawton Family Playcentre

Nawton Family Playcentre is a childcare centre in Hamilton. We are licensed for 30 children.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Pukeko Preschool Treehouse

Nawton - Hamilton

Pukeko Preschool Treehouse

Kia ora! Pukeko Preschool Treehouse is a loving Preschool in Nawton, Hamilton. Our highly qualified teachers offer large range of learning experiences for our children, exploring each child’s individual learning journey on the way to becoming ready for School!

Our curriculum develops from our children’s own interests, and although we are new you will already see the amazing creative things our children can do, if you come in for a visit.

Our children will love to show you our amazing treehouse which gives us a huge amount of outdoor playing area – more than the Ministry of Education Treehouse Sandpit 1requires for a Preschool of our size. Under the treehouse we have an all-weather outdoor playing area – so we can still get into our fun sand-pit, biking, woodwork and other typical ‘outdoor’ activities no matter what the weather!

We want to instil values of care, respect and responsibility in all of our children to equip them and prepare them for a happy and successful start at school. We believe in providing a calm and happy space that promotes the development of confidence and pride in each child so they can develop to their own unique full potential. We believe that each child is different and we welcome every child into our community regardless of race or ability.

Licensed for

67 children

A picture of Te Kōhanga Reo o E Tū Puritia

Nawton - Hamilton

Te Kōhanga Reo o E Tū Puritia

Te Kōhanga Reo o E Tū Puritia is a centre-based kōhanga reo located in Nawton and provides for up to 30 tamariki. Book a visit today to connect with our kōhanga reo and to learn more about the options for your whanau.

Te Kōhanga Reo

The kōhanga reo movement is a unique initiative based on total immersion in Māori language and values with the aim of passing on Māori culture to future generations.

Kōhanga reo emphasise the revitalisation of the culture through te reo Māori and are dependent on the active participation of the whole whānau. The kaupapa of kōhanga reo aims to strengthen whānau capabilities in cultural, social, economic, spiritual and political matters. Education, health and wellbeing are inherent within all aspects of the kaupapa. The prime focus is the whānau – its collective development, growth, accountability and wellbeing set within a Māori cultural context.

Kōhanga reo do not regard tamariki in isolation, but as important members of the whānau. The kōhanga reo philosophy is that tamariki will benefit when whānau successfully operate according to the kaupapa. Tamariki are an integral part of whānau development.

The following key goals are the foundation of te kōhanga reo kaupapa established in 1982:

  • total immersion in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in daily operations
  • whānau decision-making, management and responsibility
  • accountability
  • health and wellbeing of mokopuna and whānau.

The key goals of te kōhanga reo assure that there will be:

  • security in te reo Māori
  • a supportive, caring environment for mokopuna
  • whānau (collective) sharing of responsibilities, knowledge and expertise
  • greater respect and appreciation of each other.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Grandview Kindergarten

Nawton - Hamilton

Grandview Kindergarten

Grandview Kindergartens Waikato is well-respected for delivering high quality, affordable education and childcare in Hamilton. Grandview Kindergartens Waikato is well-resourced providing a programme with a balance of teacher-led and child centred interests. We have a strong focus on developing children’s early literacy skills. You won't believe the incredibly spacious adventure playground until you see it with your own eyes. Children are offered a wide range of interesting and challenging opportunities.

  • Warm & welcoming staff who are passionate about teaching and learning.
  • Safe, caring and stimulating environment.
  • Well resourced and huge outdoor play area - including vegetable gardens & orchard areas.
  • Children develop social interaction and respect.
  • An exclusive early childhood partnership with the Enviroschools Programme (eg. recycling, composting, gardening).
  • In Partnership with Sports Waikato Under5 Energize to eat healthy, be active & have fun! 
  • Learning based on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.
  • Value family/whānau and kindergarten partnership.
  • Transition to school programme.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Campus Creche at Fraser

Nawton - Hamilton

Campus Creche at Fraser

Campus Creche was established in 1973 as a parent co-operative and we have grown from a small centre to a large not for profit organisation with five centres that cater for children aged 3 months to 6 years. 

Each of our centres specialise in working with a specific age group. Four of our centres are located at the University of Waikato on large park like grounds and our fifth centre is at Fraser High School. 

Our centres have a high number of qualified and experienced teachers with lower staff/child ratios than Ministry of Education regulations. We run nature based programmes for children to regularly participate in. This gives our children an opportunity to explore natural places and become competent confident learners in the natural world. 

Campus Creche has a family atmosphere where children are valued and respected, building strong foundations for life.

Licensed for

50 children