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Stortford Lodge - Hastings

Kiwi Kidz Community Early Education Centre

At Kiwi Kidz Community Early Education Centre, we provide quality early education and care in a safe and nurturing environment. Based in Hastings, we are a mixed aged centre where children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years learn alongside each other. With a small group size of 22 children and a high ratio of qualified teachers, your children will get the attention they deserve. So feel free to visit our early education centre in Hastings to discover what we can offer. 


As a family orientated early education centre in Hastings our goal is to support families in their role as parents. Family members are welcome at all times and are included in the children’s learning.


Ensuring your children have a rich learning experience, our teachers are attentive and respond appropriately to children’s inquisitiveness, curiosity, physical needs and desire for nurture. Literacy and numeracy learning is well integrated throughout our early education programme and we use rich language with the children, extending their vocabulary and stimulating their appreciation of words. We value our bicultural heritage and ensure te reo me nga tikanga Maori are reflected throughout our programme and environment, ensuring they are aware of New Zealand’s bicultural heritage. Our Hastings based teachers work well as a team and engage in critical reflection and professional dialogue. We are committed to increasing our understanding of early childhood theory and best practice.

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22 children

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