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A picture of Barnardos Early Learning Centre Eastbourne

Eastbourne - Lower Hutt

Barnardos Early Learning Centre Eastbourne

Eastbourne Early Learning Centre is a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment where quality early learning and our tamariki are at the heart of what we do.  

  • Your child will be inspired and stimulated by our rich array of play-based experiences providing them with many opportunities to explore, problem solve and to be creative. 
  • We have two lovely outdoor spaces which provide a wide variety of physical challenges for our tamariki. Combine that with a sandpit, trees to climb, a grassy hill and a driveway for running races and riding bikes and you have great opportunities for physical movement and exploration. 
  • Each child’s individual nature and uniqueness is embraced and celebrated by our nurturing teaching team.

Licensed for

25 children

A picture of East Harbour Kindergarten

Eastbourne - Lower Hutt

East Harbour Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten is housed in a beautiful villa within a home like setting nestled between the bush and sea within the suburb of Eastbourne.   We see our local community as an extension of the learning environment, rich with possibilities.

The environment is important in our programme and emphasis is placed on the provision of a beautiful, stimulating setting carefully arranged to invite exploration and the development of ideas.  Our learning environment is flexible, adaptable, reflective and forever evolving. Recycled materials, furniture, art objects, treasures, resources and the layout of work areas contribute to our programme provoking children’s imagination, creativity and wonder. The concept of sustainability is promoted, offering a mechanism for parents, children and teachers to contribute to the life of our Kindergarten.

We are a teaching team of five teachers, including the Head Teacher who has overall responsibility for our Kindergarten. Each of our teachers brings with them life skills, knowledge and experiences which contribute to our diverse, inclusive learning programme and environment.  All teachers are qualified and registered; dedicated to providing a high quality service for children and their families.

At East Harbour Kindergarten we are committed to providing high quality care, learning environments and challenging opportunities for children and a high standard of service to our parents.

Teachers acknowledge that they are learners also: exploring, investigating and problem solving with children, valuing their choices and accepting their attempts and achievements as part of our learning progression.

We have a safe, caring, positive and high quality educational environment where children make sense of the world through play and alongside others. Teachers value and respect the richness of individual learning styles by noticing and listening, recognising and responding to children’s interests, strengths, likes and dislikes. This process empowers children to learn. Teachers value children’s contribution and competence and foster opportunities to think and problem-solve, explore, communicate, co-construct with others and take challenges.

Licensed for

42 children

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