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A picture of Educare Adventure

4.33 (1)

Whitby - Porirua

Educare Adventure

Educare Adventure is a fantastic purpose built early learning centre in Whitby and opened it's doors in 2017. 

Our centre is located on Resolution Drive in The Banks subdivision with great access to local Adventure Park, with over 500 square metres of outdoor space, Educare Adventure has been built with your tamariki in mind.

Our daily programme at Educare Adventure is flexible and depends on the needs and rhythms of our tamariki, however we do have a base daily routine that we follow for each of our age groups. Our environment supports child lead play and exploration both inside and outside and aims to enhance and extend upon their current strengths and interests.

We have 3 different groups within our centre; Te Kakano (under 2s), Tipu (2-3.5) and Koru (3.5-5), for more information about the daily programme for each age group, please get in contact with us.

Licensed for

99 children

A picture of Paremata Creche

4.50 (1)

Whitby - Porirua

Paremata Creche

We are located in central Whitby with a beautiful outlook over the Whitby lake. We are a great first step into Early Childhood Education as we support the learning and development of young children through warm and responsive relationships.       

We provide children and their families with a safe and well resourced learning environment that they can explore at their own pace, both individually and with others. They are also given the opportunity to choose the direction of their learning, enabling them to grow into competent and confident learners.     The crèche has been an important part of the Whitby community for over 25 years - and we are still going strong. Our building was refurbished in 2015 to allow us to increase our license to 25 children per session. This refurbishment is part of us adapting to our growing community - however we still strongly believe in maintaining a great teacher to child ratio to create a rich learning environment. 

Some of our key focuses are:  

  • Providing opportunities for children to interact with others their own age 
  • Helping children learn to share and work with others
  • Letting children be children and get messy! 
  • Engaging children in the wide range of activities we offer 
  • Physically, mentally and socially stimulating children

Licensed for

23 children

A picture of Busy Bees Whitby

Whitby - Porirua

Busy Bees Whitby

Welcome to Busy Bees Whitby, head over to our website for more details

We are situated in the beautiful town of Whitby, beside the Pauatahanui inlet and a short distance from Porirua Harbour. Whitby Educare is a centre made up from many diverse cultures, both staff & tamariki. We are proud of this and regularly celebrate our diversity by holding whole centre activities.

All meals are prepared on-site for the tamariki by our wonderful cook. Teachers guide our Tamariki in learning, engaging them with fun, sensory and also challenging experiences to nurture their development.  All children are valued at their unique stage of life, respected for who they are and have equal opportunities to ensure the best possible start in life.  This special environment with a community of talented individuals, encourages the joy and wonder of learning to come alive. 

Licensed for

68 children

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A picture of Mana Montessori Preschool

5.00 (1)

Whitby - Porirua

Mana Montessori Preschool

We offer the unique Montessori approach to learning.  It is based on a carefully designed balance between freedom and structure.  It provides an attractive environment with carefully designed materials that meet the child’s innate needs and guides them step by step through the acquisition of increasingly complex skills.

Montessori recognises the sensitive periods in children’s lives when they pick up certain skills readily. The acquistion of new skills and concepts come easily – when the learning environment is right and specialised equipment is provided.

Montessori respects children and encourages their natural desire to learn.  Montessori children are supported on a one-to-one basis with the overall guidance of caring, well trained and skilled teachers.

Montessori focuses on the unique needs of each child, not adult expectations.

Montessori classrooms allow children the freedom to choose their own activities and work on them for as long as they are interested.  Children develop concentration, self-discipline and respect for themselves, others and the environment and learning materials, and above everything else, their love of learning is fostered.

Children at Mana Montessori are free to choose what activities they would like to engage in, whether they do so by themselves or with other children, and for how long. Children are encouraged to be independent, to make decisions for themselves, to develop important fundamental skills that will assist them in their life-long education and to set their own goals.   Most importantly, learning is satisfying and fun.

Our motto is "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing".  As long as the children are wearing clothing suitable for the day such as a coat and gumboots or a sunhat, they can choose to be outside whenever they wish throughout the day.

Our philosophy

We affirm the aspirations of the national early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, for children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

The fundamental principles of Montessori education are respect for the child; promoting independence and encouraging a love of learning.

• We promote respect for oneself, one another, and the environment.

• Independence is encouraged, enabling children to take responsibility for their own learning.

• We offer children freedom of choice within a supportive, structured setting.

• The carefully prepared environment empowers children to learn using all of their senses while engaging in real, purposeful and meaningful activities, inside and outside.

• Montessori education helps children to observe, think and evaluate.

• Positive attitudes of tolerance, understanding, persistence, concentration and a love of learning are nurtured.

• Together children, families, caregivers and teachers are committed to sharing knowledge.

• Warm, reciprocal relationships are fostered with families and the community.

• Teachers are committed to supporting Māori and Pacific children and to responding to the interests, strengths and capabilities of all the diverse groups of children who attend Mana Montessori and supporting them to achieve success, and we honour the Treaty of Waitangi

• Teachers are committed to ongoing professional development.

Licensed for

50 children

A picture of Discovery Kindergarten

Whitby - Porirua

Discovery Kindergarten

We believe in fostering a love of learning in an inclusive environment. We value kindness, respect, confidence, leadership and enthusiasm.  We also value family, community and reciprocal relationships.     

The children at Discovery understand they and their whanau are important to us. We develop relationships with whanau to support achieving aspirations for their children. We want children to grow up to be self-motivated, caring and life-long learners.     

We are a well-resourced kindergarten and we provide equipment to foster learning in all curriculum areas. We have a close relationship with Discovery School and have regular visits.  We also have links to our other surrounding schools.     

Our curriculum is based on the children’s interests.  The teaching team works hard to identify interests, and support them by providing resources and engaging children in conversation to extend their learning and to deepen understanding. Our planning wall reflects this development.            

We use Storypark, an online portfolio system, to engage with whanau about children’s learning. Stories are also in profile books, which are available for children and their whanau to read.    

 Ngahere Tamariki is our Bush Kindergarten Programme for our oldest children. Once a week, a small group of children take charge of their learning in the outdoors.  We explore, climb, slide, play, read, listen, create.  We are lucky to have a stunning and enriching natural environment on our doorstep.     

We have five qualified, registered teachers, and children can start with us from two years of age – depending on space.

Licensed for

42 children

A picture of Adventure Kindergarten

Whitby - Porirua

Adventure Kindergarten

Our community is supportive and we enjoy positive, warm and respectful relationships with children and whanau. Values such as whanaungatanga/working together and manaakitanga/kindness are practiced here, so that tamariki and whanau feel welcome and have a strong sense of belonging. Our philosophy reflects Te Whariki, our curriculum, for children to become “competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.     

We embrace the many cultures within our community and enjoy celebrating special events. Our teaching team is fully qualified with a range of experience and skills. We operate a six hour (school day) session with a mixed age group, from age two.     Our kindergarten has a spacious outdoor environment and interesting spaces that cater for all tamariki. Our garden provides many learning opportunities including growing, cooking, recycling, and giving produce back to our community.           

All children are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the cultural heritage of both partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We are committed to treaty-based practice, and we offer kapa haka and Te Reo sessions, learning through song, dance and games.     

Your time with us will be full of amazing experiences, fun, learning and friendships. Ma te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai nga pumanawa a tangata  - Together weaving the realisation of potential.

Licensed for

43 children