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A picture of Maungatapu Kindergarten

Maungatapu - Tauranga

Maungatapu Kindergarten

Welcome to Maungatapu Kindergarten.

We focus on providing an environment where strong respectful relationships are established which form the foundation for learning.

Families have a strong sense of belonging to and involvement in the kindergarten. Teachers empower children and their families to be active and motivated members in a community of learning.

We have a strong focus on sustainability of the environment and children’s physical and holistic development. 

Our learning programme includes creativity, dramatic and imaginative play, brain gym, and perceptual motor programme.

Our warm natural environment encourages children to engage and direct their own learning and the outdoors makes extensive use of planting, sculpture, water features, rocks and music to create areas of interest.

Maungatapu Kindergarten services a broad community from as far afield as Welcome Bay, Oropi and Ohauiti.

Feel free to come in and visit us!

What makes our kindergarten special?

  • Our qualified and experienced fun team who are passionate about learning
  • Our large beautiful outdoor environment with garden and water feature
  • Our sustainability practices and teaching children about the environment
  • A fun, creative and stimulating learning environment
  • We focus on supporting children to become lifelong learners
  • Out strong connections within the community and with all families/whanau

Licensed for

45 children

A picture of Maungatapu Pre-School

5.00 (1)

Maungatapu - Tauranga

Maungatapu Pre-School

“Poipoia te kakano Kia Puawai” Nurure the seed and it will blossom He Whakatauki

 Our children are our treasures

“Every child is born with immense potential. Quality early learning helps our children begin to realise that potential and build a strong foundation for later learning and for life”

Te Wharaki Page 2

All children should have the opportunity to grow to become competent, confident learners and communicators; healthy in mind, body and spirit; strong in their identity; language and culture and secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

At Maungatapu Pre School we view ourselves as you and your child’s extended family.

Every child’s uniqueness is recognised celebrated and respected.

Our curriculum empowers children, children and teachers learn collaboratively. All responding to the strengths, interests abilities and needs of each child. A child’s learning journey is celebrated and shared by all.

Our curriculum Te Wharaki emphasises on the development of knowledge, skills, attittudes and dispositions that support life-long learning.

A curriculum that all children are empowered to learn with and alongside others by engaging in experiences that have meaning for them.

Every child’s and families journey begins with the transition process where respectful reciprocal and responsive relationships begin.

Our Pre School celebrates our community and invites parents and family and the wider community to share in our learning journey.

Licensed for

45 children

A picture of Te Kōhanga Reo o Ōpopoti

Maungatapu - Tauranga

Te Kōhanga Reo o Ōpopoti

Te Kōhanga Reo

The kōhanga reo movement is a unique initiative based on total immersion in Māori language and values with the aim of passing on Māori culture to future generations.

Kōhanga reo emphasise the revitalisation of the culture through te reo Māori and are dependent on the active participation of the whole whānau. The kaupapa of kōhanga reo aims to strengthen whānau capabilities in cultural, social, economic, spiritual and political matters. Education, health and wellbeing are inherent within all aspects of the kaupapa. The prime focus is the whānau – its collective development, growth, accountability and wellbeing set within a Māori cultural context.

Kōhanga reo do not regard tamariki in isolation, but as important members of the whānau. The kōhanga reo philosophy is that tamariki will benefit when whānau successfully operate according to the kaupapa. Tamariki are an integral part of whānau development.

The following key goals are the foundation of te kōhanga reo kaupapa established in 1982:

  • total immersion in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in daily operations
  • whānau decision-making, management and responsibility
  • accountability
  • health and wellbeing of mokopuna and whānau.

The key goals of te kōhanga reo assure that there will be:

  • security in te reo Māori
  • a supportive, caring environment for mokopuna
  • whānau (collective) sharing of responsibilities, knowledge and expertise
  • greater respect and appreciation of each other.

Licensed for

39 children

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