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A picture of New Shoots Bayfair, Mount Maunganui Childcare Centre


4.75 (31)

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

New Shoots Bayfair, Mount Maunganui Childcare Centre

A stone’s throw from both Bayfair Shopping Centre and the local beach, New Shoots early childhood centre is well placed for the many families living or working in Mount Maunganui. Five years of planning have gone into designing and building the centre to ensure it’s a perfect fit for this fast-growing neighbourhood.

The architecturally-designed building was inspired by the Mount’s famously laidback, coastal lifestyle. It features a stunning canopy that reflects the nearby waves while providing outdoor shelter so our tamariki can enjoy all-weather play.

Our nature-inspired outside area gives children plenty of space to learn, play and soak up some valuable vitamin D. Complete with water tables, sandpits, walking trails, and climbing towers, the outdoors is shared among all children, giving the centre a real family feel.

Inside, a gorgeous and calming aesthetic offers tamariki a home-like environment where they feel relaxed and at ease. Our wonderful teaching team promotes the art of play, understanding that children learn and develop best when they are free to pursue their own curiosity.

New Shoots Bayfair is located amongst the contemporary living village salt. – a beautiful residential community complete with green spaces, modern apartments and a café. With help from local businesses, artists, florists and furniture makers, bringing this centre to life has been a true collaboration – community at its finest!

  • Architecturally designed centre
  • Quality ratios and small group sizes
  • Community and coastal focus
  • Fees include nappies, meals, wetbag, bag and hat/beanie (season dependant) 

Licensed for

85 children

A picture of BestStart MacDonald Street

5.00 (1)

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

BestStart MacDonald Street

BestStart MacDonald Street provides childcare to children aged 3 months to 6 years old all through the year. Convienently located off Hewletts and Maunganui roads we have a wonderful learning environment with a spacious kiwi backyard our children love. With School's Out just behind us, we're perfectly located for parents with school aged children too.

Be Strong : Be Brave : Be Steadfast

Kia Kaha : Kia Māia : Kia Manawanui

Be Strong: Kia Kaha - At BestStart MacDonald Street we empower our children to stand strong in their journey, to embrace and explore their cultural diversities and to stand up and stand out. Children are respected and valued for having their own unique inner superpower/strength.  

Be Brave: Kia Māia - We’re dedicated to inspiring children to be active participants in their learning, to bravely fly and take risks.  

Be Steadfast: Kia Manawanui - We believe in role modelling and fostering relationships with all our whānau and tamariki that are steadfast in loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, and devotion, supporting our tamariki to develop unwavering relationships as their foundation.   

Special learning spaces - Our learning programme provides education in a respectful and nurturing environment for children in 3 special age-based rooms: Infants from 3 months to 2 years; Toddlers from 2-3-year-olds; Pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years old. Our backyard environment allows children to engage in physical activity, nature, and opportunities for uninterrupted exploration.  Our teaching - Our inspirational and enthusiastic teachers provide remarkable childcare through a range of activities that explore the children’s interests. Each child is unique, and we have individual development programmes and an e-portfolio that records their learning and development, empowering our children to stand strong in their journey. 

Primary schools partnership - We are close to several primary schools in the area - Mount Primary, Arakaki, Omanu, and St Thomas More Catholic school - and have a close working relationship with them to support our children’s transition into school. Schools-Out, Out of School Care and Recreation is located on our premises and provides care for primary age children before and after school and holiday programmes. These partnerships foster relationships with whanau, tamariki and community that are steadfast, consistent, and reliable. 

Extra-curricular activities - Our older children enjoy an optional swimming lesson twice a week during term time – a skill we feel every New Zealand child should have. Physical development is enhanced through our natural and spacious kiwi backyard.  

Who is BestStart?

BestStart is for families who want more from early-childhood education. Safe, nurturing and educationally focused, we’re committed to growing caring people with curious minds.

Together we teach, learn and nurture.

Our vision is to work in partnership with families, whanau and communities to enable children to achieve their learning potential.

Ko tō mātou tirohanga hei mahi ngātahi i te taha o ngā whānau me ngā hāpori, kia āwhinatia ngā tamariki, kia tū pito mata ai rāatou, hei rangatira mō āpōpō.

We are committed to being a progressive and responsive leader in early-childhood education. We do this by enhancing our services, investing in our people, developing our support structure and continuously improving the educational outcomes and experiences of our children, families and the communities we serve.

Some facts:

  • We’re licensed to educate and care for 15,000 full-time children daily.
  • 18,000 families use BestStart services annually.
  • We have over 270 centres nationwide located from Whangarei to Invercargill.
  • Each centre is managed by a Centre Manager who is supported by a local Area Manager. This gives our centre teams ongoing quality training and support.
  • Te Whāriki, the world-wide acclaimed national early childhood education curriculum, is used in all centres.
  • We have over 4500 permanent teachers nationally. Over 90% of our permanent teaching staff are either fully qualified with a diploma or bachelor of teaching (ECE) or higher, or are in training. These figures are very high by national standards within the ECE sector.
  • We provide a two-year Advice and Guidance Programme for all recently certified teachers, providing further mentoring and training. This gives strong support for teachers from provisional registration to full teacher registration with the NZ Teachers Council.
  • We regularly spend around $4 million on teacher training per annum.

We’re for children

At our heart is our commitment and passion for children. Central to this belief is our focus on the holistic development of children. We support children to explore the world around them, learning through relationships, creating a love of learning in an ever-changing world. Exploration, friendship and fun are part of the journey.

We’re for good

BestStart is a registered charity owned by the Wright Family Foundation. We support initiatives and programmes within BestStart and the wider early-childhood education sector (ECE) that support good outcomes for all children. We do this because we want to make a positive difference to the lives of all children.

Innovation leads us

At BestStart, innovation guides our thinking. We advocate positive change for learners through our research and practice. We’re proud to be thought leaders within ECE, openly challenging ourselves to think differently to provide the best for our children, families and staff.

We’re responsive

Our centres reflect their children, staff and communities. We celebrate individuality, uniqueness and diversity, encouraging a spirit of empathy, understanding and collaboration. Through our responsive relationships and our curriculum, we support learners to choose their own path.

Our people matter

At BestStart people come first. When we grow and develop our people, everyone benefits. We strive for whakamana/empowerment, nurturing a culture of excellence with engaged, talented professionals. Their commitment, skill and passion light our way.

Licensed for

101 children

A picture of Bloesem Early Learning Centre Mount Maunganui

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

Bloesem Early Learning Centre Mount Maunganui

Kia ora Koutou

Bloesem comes with a vision of an aesthetically enriching environment for children to grow through an authentic learning experience. Here at Bloesem children and whanau will be a part of a nurturing, caring, joyful, tranquil environment and we are excited to share this learning journey with your Tamariki.

Our Philosophy

The significance of whanaungatanga is foremost to Bloesem Early Learning. We respect the whanau as the first aspect of reciprocal care of our Tamariki. Attentive practice is paramount to the relationships we have at Bloesem with integrity, honesty, trust and respect for each other.
The Taiao/environment is utmost valued and reflects the vision of Bloesem. Care and consideration is reflected in every aspect of the environment and what it can provide for the Tamariki, Kaiako and whanau. The Taiao offers the beginning of interest, inquiry, wonder and extended learning as well as creating a pleasing aesthetic visual for all experiences. Sustainable practice is valued and connects with the ethos of producing and caring for the environment and the wider community. A connection to the community is important to create respectful transitions to the Centre, within the Centre,
and to Primary School.

The value of rangatiratanga/growing self-confidence extends to everyone at Bloesem. Kaiako being present in an aesthetic setting developing respectful reciprocal relationships with the Tamariki, whanau and the community. This creates an atmosphere where the Tamariki can grow as they entail and continue their lifelong learning as capable, knowledgeable and confident learners.

Licensed for

53 children

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A picture of Daisy Cottage Montessori

4.17 (3)

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

Daisy Cottage Montessori

Daisy Cottage Montessori is a haven for children, that we like to think is as special as spending the day at Nana’s. 

We value peace, love and respect foremost and together we strive to live out these values daily, celebrating our successes and embracing our mistakes as valued qualities for life long learning. 

We each learn to take care of ourselves, our peers, our creatures, our visitors, our environment and we grow in our role as kaitiaki in the conservation of what we have now and what we wish to hand on to our connected future.

“Whoever touches the life of the child, touches the most sensitive point of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future.” Maria Montessori

The formal areas of learning on offer at Daisy Cottage are:

Practical Life – Hands on essential skills of every day living. Central and interwoven throughout our classroom, Practical Life offers children familiarity and a place for them to orientate themselves to their world, increasing skills and dispositions such as concentration, confidence, dexterity, independence, patience, perseverance, problem solving, and responsibility.

Sensorial – A concrete introduction to and refinement of the five senses of vision, touch, auditory, smell and taste. Alongside Practical Life, Sensorial materials provide physical interactions that support the ongoing development of the mathematical mind, cementing a solid foundation for life long learning.

Numeracy and Literacy – Concrete resources that both prepare for future learning and build from previously learned concepts. In true Montessori style our numeracy and literacy materials are beautiful and attract children to naturally discover information in their own time.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Children gain an understanding of their immediate and wider environments and how they fit into both.

Creativity – Creativity is embedded in all aspects of our classroom. While most formal materials have direct learning objectives, a great deal of learning in the classroom is through child discovery thanks to the built in control of error that allows children to identify areas they need to rethink. Arts and crafts, music and movement are all available at Daisy Cottage.

With Montessori primary education beginning at the age of six, our entire curriculum of materials can cater for children up to eight years of age, so children are free to discover learning at their own pace and can continue to be challenged and extended as their individual needs demand.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Little Einsteins Montessori (MacDonald Street)

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

Little Einsteins Montessori (MacDonald Street)

At Little Einstein’s Montessori, we offer a beautifully designed environment that caters for children aged 3 months-6years. The calm environment along with the purposeful activities allows each child to develop at their own pace and stage of development, in a fun, child led setting.


At Little Einsteins Montessori, the children are the central people in the room, not the teachers (Montessori directresses). The Montessori method is child-centred, always following the children and observing their needs. The Montessori materials are hands on, child sized, and developed in a way that directly and indirectly educates each child. In the Montessori class the children become the teachers and the teachers become the observers.

The classroom, as a prepared environment, is also very important in the education of the children. It is laid out by the directresses in such a manner that it is a calm, peaceful place for each child to work. Every child learns differently with sensitive periods at different times. The teachers are very skilled in observing these sensitive periods, keeping note of each child's sensitive period, their development of skills and then planning forward for each individual child.

Each Montessori exercise has an inbuilt control of error which allows the children to not only see the mistake they have made but it gives them the means and the opportunity to figure out the correct way to do it. Through teaching themselves the correct way to complete the exercise, the children are proud and excited and will usually then repeat the exercise over and over.

While working with Montessori’s materials, the children’s natural curiosity is enhanced, their independence is increased and in turn their confidence grows. Children can work on the floor on a mat, at a table, independently, with a teacher or friend, or in a group. Peer tutoring and mentoring among the different aged groups is something that happens naturally in the Montessori environment. This empowers children and builds their confidence and self esteem, in understanding their own abilities, skills and strengths and how they can make valued contributions.

Licensed for

75 children

A picture of Te Kōhanga Reo o Whareroa

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

Te Kōhanga Reo o Whareroa

Te Kōhanga Reo

The kōhanga reo movement is a unique initiative based on total immersion in Māori language and values with the aim of passing on Māori culture to future generations.

Kōhanga reo emphasise the revitalisation of the culture through te reo Māori and are dependent on the active participation of the whole whānau. The kaupapa of kōhanga reo aims to strengthen whānau capabilities in cultural, social, economic, spiritual and political matters. Education, health and wellbeing are inherent within all aspects of the kaupapa. The prime focus is the whānau – its collective development, growth, accountability and wellbeing set within a Māori cultural context.

Kōhanga reo do not regard tamariki in isolation, but as important members of the whānau. The kōhanga reo philosophy is that tamariki will benefit when whānau successfully operate according to the kaupapa. Tamariki are an integral part of whānau development.

The following key goals are the foundation of te kōhanga reo kaupapa established in 1982:

  • total immersion in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in daily operations
  • whānau decision-making, management and responsibility
  • accountability
  • health and wellbeing of mokopuna and whānau.

The key goals of te kōhanga reo assure that there will be:

  • security in te reo Māori
  • a supportive, caring environment for mokopuna
  • whānau (collective) sharing of responsibilities, knowledge and expertise
  • greater respect and appreciation of each other.

Licensed for

20 children

A picture of Waiapu Kids St Marys Family Centre

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

Waiapu Kids St Marys Family Centre

Waiapu Kids St Mary’s Family Centre provides quality care and education for all children aged 6 months to 5 years in Arataki, Mt Maunganui.

Our vision is to provide an exciting, stimulating, educational programme, incorporating Te Whariki, for children up to their fifth birthday, recognising the holistic way children learn and grow, and promoting their individual interests and strengths.

We encourage respectful relationships between children, staff, caregivers/whanau and the community, where everyone's skills and contributions are valued and acknowledged on our journey of lifelong learning. 

We strive to make available an affordable, high quality Early Childhood Education, empowering children to learn and grow within a caring stable environment, incorporating Christian principles and the Anglican ethos of care, respect and equity.

We value children’s play as the way in which they learn about the world around them. Different activities and opportunities are provided for children each day to extend their interests, develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and build self-confidence and creativity.

Our centre has separate rooms for over 3 and under 3, understanding that all children learn and develop at their own pace. The concepts of ‘tuakana – teina’ and ako are strongly valued at the centre. This is seen in the respectful and reciprocal relationships between teachers, our older tamariki, infants, and toddlers as they learn together and alongside each other in a safe environment, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Licensed for

50 children

A picture of twinkle twinkle

Mt Maunganui - Tauranga

twinkle twinkle

Welcome to Twinkle Twinkle – your child’s home away from home.

Twinkle Twinkle is an independently owned and operated childcare and early learning centre, run by a local Tauranga family.

We value the importance of building healthy, positive relationships between families and childcare educators. That’s why, from the moment you step through the door, we consider you a part of the Twinkle Twinkle family.


At Twinkle Twinkle we run a programme that puts the child at the centre of their learning experiences. We observe their interests and plan how best to extend on those experiences.

The outcome is that children are developing holistically by experimenting with, and honing their physical, social, emotional and spiritual skills.

This will prepare them for life-long love of learning and the ability to foster meaningful relationships.

As part of our programme we also provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We acknowledge this this is an important time to develop a strong sense of community by coming together to share kai.

When children turn four we offer a ready for school programme that helps to prepare children for school, things like how to hold a pencil correctly, introduction to literacy, numeracy and phonics.

Some simple things like how to sit on a mat and line up are small things but they make the transition to school much easier. We will also assist with school visits and maintain relationships with primary schools in our area.

Licensed for

55 children