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A picture of Pikopiko Clyde Quay Kindergarten

Mount Victoria - Wellington

Pikopiko Clyde Quay Kindergarten

Pikopiko Clyde Quay Kindergarten is in the inner-city suburb of Mount Victoria. We are on the grounds of Clyde Quay School, and share the playground with the school children, which helps the kindergarten children develop knowledge and connections with the school.   

Older siblings can visit, and whanau involvement is encouraged. These factors encourage a smooth transition to kindergarten and then to whatever school children go to when they turn five. Our position within a school allows our children to observe and learn all about the routines of the older children, so they confidently anticipate going to school.    

The diverse, multicultural kindergarten whanau is drawn from both the local and wider Wellington community and families have developed a supportive and friendly network.  

Teachers are passionate about providing an inclusive environment that recognises the bi-cultural heritage of our country. We also value the added enrichment gained by incorporating the various cultures and talents of our families into the programme.  

Pikopiko Kindergarten is proud to have a team of 100% qualified registered teachers. Three qualified teachers are present at each session of 30 children.  This enables us to provide a high-quality programme where children’s individual and group interests are supported and extended.  

The interests of children are central to our programme, and we plan ways to support children’s learning individually and in groups.  We provide a responsive and flexible programme which includes seasonal and cultural celebrations and local events. We welcome the input of our parents and their connections.   

Children choose their own activities for a large part of the day, but there are times when we gather as a group. Activities are age-appropriate and there is a focus on encouraging children to become independent thinkers, investigators and explorers who see themselves as competent and capable learners, while having fun.   

The teaching team believe that programmes have maximum learning possibilities when based on shared decision making (children, teachers, family, and community). There is a focus on children developing social skills, strategies, and empathy, and learning to value being part of a community.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Millie's House At The Basin Reserve

Mount Victoria - Wellington

Millie's House At The Basin Reserve

We have just recently become a Millie's House centre, having previously been trading as Childhood Concepts.

With an inner-city location near Wellington’s much loved Basin Reserve, we have plenty going on around us. We love watching the hum of the terraces from our windows, especially Wellington’s number 1 double decker bus!

We are rich in ethnicity, perspectives, ideas and cultural celebration at our centre, and we love all that our central location has to offer. With Te Papa down the road, the city on our doorstep and Oriental Bay a stone’s throw away, there is learning and fun both within and beyond our centre.

Our rooms

Our two well- resourced children's rooms are lovingly called Pukeko and Kea. The Pukeko room provides a nurturing and homely environment for infants and toddlers while the Kea room offers a range of experiences designed to provide challenges and appeal to the interests of older children.

Kea and Pukeko rooms open out into our large central courtyard playground, where both groups play together. Our courtyard, coupled with our wonderful diversity gives us a fun and vibrant international feel.


During the day your children will be involved in a variety of valuable learning experiences with an overarching philosophy of child-led learning through play. All experiences are based around extending and supporting children’s interests and celebrating their unique identity.

Our daily routine is much like a family routine. Children and adults flow in a rhythm like we do at home, with our younger babies and children having their sleeps and meals at times that suit them and as they happen in their own homes.

Children enjoy a warm and delicious cooked meal straight from our very own kitchen at lunchtime. Breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea as well as snacks are all part of their day and enjoyed together.

As well as a rich centre-based curriculum, our children enjoy regular excursions to the local landmarks as well.

Come and visit us to really know. Join in and have some fun here. You’re welcome to stay and play to try out a session.

Licensed for

46 children

A picture of Crossways Community Creche

Mount Victoria - Wellington

Crossways Community Creche

We are an early childhood centre providing education and care for children from one year until they go to school. Our beautiful cottage in inner city Mount Victoria is designed to meet the unique needs of children and their families. Our dedicated team of qualified early childhood teachers provide a warm, loving environment that is like a second home for your child to explore and grow in.

Licensed for

22 children

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A picture of St Marks Preschool

Mount Victoria - Wellington

St Marks Preschool

We provide children aged two to five years with a happy, fun, and engaging Preschool environment through a combination of stimulating curriculum and extensive enrichment opportunities with a good balance of child-initiated inquiry and structured and age-appropriate activities.

St Mark’s Preschool is a private, multicultural and co-educational Preschool. We are located in the grounds of St Mark’s School at the Basin Reserve. We provide an exemplary early childhood education for children in a vibrant, cheerful and environmentally mindful setting.

Our facilities are made up of two spaces: the Preschool and Foundation classrooms, catering for younger and older children. In addition, shared open spaces allow for flexibility and creativity, and the ability to respond to different teaching and learning styles.

Preschool marks the beginning of your child’s educational journey where they develop their love for learning. At St Mark’s Preschool, we believe that children are agents of their own learning. The children are actively engaged in our inquiry and learning programme. Children have an active voice, responsibility and a stake in the learning environment.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment. An environment where each child’s individuality, innate curiosities and desire to learn is nurtured.

We believe that children’s success is achieved through collaboration between Preschool and whanau. We value, and are committed to, building positive relationships and partnerships with parents and caregivers. Whanau are valued as an important part of our community. Our aim is that together we can support our tamariki to achieve their fullest potentials.

Mahia nga mihi o nga tamariki hei apopo ka tu hei rangitira

Fulfil the needs of our children and tomorrow they stand strong

Licensed for

50 children