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A picture of Te Kainganui Early Education Centre

Mt Cook - Wellington

Te Kainganui Early Education Centre

Te Kainganui Early Education Centre is a long established, community-based service located in Mt Cook, Wellington. It provides all-day education and care for 24 children, including five up to the age of two.

The philosophy promotes children as capable, knowledgeable and culturally connected learners. It emphasises the importance of a sense of place, connection to the environment, respectful relationships and self-directed play in facilitating children's learning.  

Licensed for

24 children

A picture of Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre

Mt Cook - Wellington

Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre

Elim International Kids is a purpose-built facility offering care and education for children aged from 6 months to 5 years .

We are located at Level 1, 11-13 Alpha Street, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Elim Kids places high value on parents’ aspirations for their child and seeks to build strong partnerships with family. Your child will experience a fun, lively and interactive environment where their needs are met in a positive and caring manner. Elim Kids is all about equipping children to be confident and competent learners - able to understand and relate with the world around them. We also have a strong literacy programme that has strong links to primary education, which gives our children an excellent foundation for school. 

We have a passion to celebrate the myriad of wonderful cultures and languages in our world. We will empower your child to be proud of their heritage, language and culture whilst also giving other children awareness and knowledge of our cultural world. We will be celebrating international festivities from around the globe throughout the year using the five senses and covering a wide range of core curriculum subjects. 


At Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre we believe in the importance of facilitating an appreciation of the wealth of culture in our society. This is underpinned by a strong commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, through te reo (language) and tikanga (customs) being woven throughout our day.

We believe that all children should feel valued, respected, and heard, in order that they may find their own “turangawaewae” (place of belonging). We desire to see every child growing up with Aumangea (resilience) as confident learners and communicators, being “waewae kai kapua” (adventurous and creative) on their learning journey. 

We show Manaakitanga (respect) by celebrating the diversity of culture represented in our Centre in many ways, through food, song, dance, and story. This helps children to develop the values and confidence needed to be able to embrace the rich diversity of people around them and be able to participate fully in our multicultural world. 

Elim International Kids embraces Whakapono (faith) through the importance of our Christian faith, with bible-based values and morals being woven through all we do. Children will experience the love of God through stories, songs and devotions which will enable them to realize their value and worth as individuals. 

We believe in Whanaungatanga (connection)- strong partnerships with whanau, creating an environment of open communication where Parents and Caregivers can feel comfortable discussing their hopes, joys, aspirations and concerns for their children with Staff. Parents will be welcomed into the Centre at any time of the day and encouraged to stay and interact with their child. 

We appreciate our staff and do our best to employ high quality teachers. We intentionally cultivate a positive working atmosphere, where teachers feel valued and affirmed as educators, and enjoy coming to work.

Licensed for

31 children

A picture of Mt Cook Preschool

5.00 (1)

Mt Cook - Wellington

Mt Cook Preschool

At Mount Cook Preschool, we believe that all children are precious and when nurtured by caring adults, they reveal their unique strengths and capabilities. 

We have a passionate teaching team, who care about the wellbeing and success of everyone in our community. Working closely with parents and whanau, we form gentle relationships with each child, so that they flourish in our safe and stimulating environment. We support the children to learn through their play in an unhurried way, just as nature intended.

Licensed for

28 children

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