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Seatoun Kindergarten

Our kindergarten is the only early childhood centre in Seatoun, situated next to Seatoun School. We have a strong relationship with the school including transition programmes.

We have an inclusive open door policy and provide opportunities to meet the needs of the community. We work in partnership with whānau to meet individual needs by providing opportunities for sibling placements, and flexible days and sessions.

Our teaching team maintains and promotes positive relationships with children that respect their individuality, culture and place within the kindergarten community. We take time to listen and work alongside each child at their level of understanding.

At Seatoun we provide a welcoming environment and are committed to having a place where everyone feels they can belong. We have set morning tea and lunch times, which supports children with food allergies.

We celebrate, respect and support the cultural needs of our community. We do this through celebrations and by inviting community groups to share their cultures with us.Children are gifts that come with a history, a connection to their whānau. We respect whānau input and celebrate the knowledge that they share with us. We have developed a culture in which the children see themselves as ‘experts’ and share their knowledge. They develop an understanding of problem solving and see themselves as socially competent leaners in their learning and the learning of their peers.

have a commitment to upholding the principles of The Treaty of Waitangi and the dual heritage of Aotearoa, New Zealand and biculturalism is woven though our kindergarten programme.

We are 100% trained and registered and are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure the best outcome for our tamariki.               

We have an amazing outdoor environment which supports the children’s learning through risk taking, active exploration and the development of working theories for making sense of the natural world. We have developed a sustainability culture where we support the nurturing of Papatuanuku. 

Licensed for

42 children

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