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A picture of Co Kids Thorndon

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Thorndon - Wellington

Co Kids Thorndon

The vision of Co Kids is to provide quality early childhood education, within an innovative, creative environment that supports children’s learning and development. 

Our role is to support each child by providing rich experiences within a safe and exciting learning environment. Families, and the Co Kids team, all play an integral part in providing these rich opportunities for children.

We believe this is the key to building a strong foundation for tomorrow’s community.

This superb centre is licenced for 75 children and is located in Thorndon Quay, Wellington. The spaces are separated into three areas, with a state-of-the-art kitchen connecting the Spaces.

Co Kids Thorndon provides a sugar free environment, and all meals are prepared fresh daily by an on onsite cook.

We continue to be passionate about encouraging and providing an environment that is rich with opportunities for children to learn and develop with their interests.

The resources offer an abundance of open-ended play experiences, providing them with challenges that will build strong cognitive, physical and emotional capabilities.

Licensed for

99 children

A picture of Wellington City Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten

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Thorndon - Wellington

Wellington City Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten

We’re a beautiful established kindy located in the heart of Thorndon, providing a homely atmosphere in rhythm with the seasons.

At Wellington City Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, we encourage:

  • Free imaginative play

Free imaginative play helps children develop cognitive and problem solving skills, creativity, imagination, self expression, concentration, investigation, language, numeracy, and social skills. Through in-depth play children to learn to work with others cooperatively, collaboratively and with initiative.

  • Stability, harmony and joy

We take an unhurried approach to childhood by providing a safe and secure environment that is homely and nurturing. We believe that each stage of a child’s development has unique qualities that should be experienced fully before embarking upon the next stage.

  • Warm and loving environment

We provide a warm and loving environment for our children, families, and teachers. Teachers create experiences that will meet the holistic needs of all the children.

  • In rhythm with the seasons

Rhythm is an integral part of all living processes. We recognise that rhythm provides balance and ensures security for children. Quiet and active times, inward and more out¬going moods, daily and weekly rhythms flow into larger seasonal rhythms.

  • Natural materials and hand-made toys

We provide a carefully considered environment that is gentle to the eye, ear and all the senses. Our playthings are from nature or are hand-made from natural materials enabling children to experience the beauty of the natural world.

  • Meaningful adult activity to be imitated

During this time of young children’s learning they take in impressions from their surroundings. Therefore, we strive to provide an environment worthy of their imitation. Teachers work at real tasks, activities which the children see as necessary and fun. The children enjoy imitating them, and will often join in with the teachers.

Our environment

Our kindergarten operates on the ground floor of a remodelled turn-of-the-century house in the Wellington inner city suburb of Thorndon. The Kindergarten was founded in April 1995.

The entranceway, via a side path, leads through a gate into a garden playground set in flowers, natives, trees and shrubs. Our kindergarten room is softly coloured and welcoming. It provides a warm, homely atmosphere and is simple and uncluttered. In winter we have a cosy fire.

We strive to provide an environment that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Providing rhythm and routine

Rhythm is important for children, protecting and supporting their life energy, bringing a feeling of well-being and joy that helps them feel secure, relaxed, and eager to play. Our kindergarten has routines and familiar events each day interwoven with thoughtfully considered changes. Although the day is planned there are always opportunities for spontaneous occasions. Te Reo Maori is incorporated sensitively into routines and experiences.

Our daily rhythm begins with inside play and an activity such as painting, bun making or drawing. A shared fruit time leads into a morning circle of songs and rhymes before morning tea. Food is, where possible, organic or bio-dynamic. Following outside play in the garden we come back inside for a puppet story and lunch.

Celebrating festivals and birthdays

Seasonal and cultural festivals are celebrated alongside children’s birthdays, giving opportunities for the children to experience giving and receiving, caring for others, a sense of belonging, being special and valued.

Discouraging screentime

Steiner pedagogy recognises that the young child builds up their picture of the world from real experiences in their everyday life. The use of computers, electronic media, and television are therefore discouraged for young children. It is considered detrimental to whole child development, physically and neurologically. In addition, it takes time away from play, development of the imagination, and social interaction.

Playgroup for 0-3 yar old's

We also provide a playgroup for 0-3 year old's which is a great opportunity to:

  • observe how your child learns and grows
  • share the journey with other parents
  • build friendships
Our playgroups are as much fun for parents as they are for children.They combine parent support with a positive, wholesome playgroup experience.


  • Monday 9.30am – 12pm
  • During school term times


  • Wellington City Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten10 Davis Street, Thorndon, Wellington

Who for?

  • Children from birth to 3 and their parents (caregivers)
  • The playgroup is open to all families whether interested in pursuing Steiner Education or other programmes.

For your child

Our age-appropriate, unpressured programme supports the development of:

  • senses and motor skills
  • concentration and impulse control
  • friendship and accomodation of others
  • oral and manual skills
  • communication

We’d love to meet you and show you around our beautiful little kindy. Book a visit today to secure your place.

Licensed for

20 children

A picture of Hill Street Early Childhood Centre

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Thorndon - Wellington

Hill Street Early Childhood Centre

Hill Street Early Childhood Centre is a non-profit early childhood service providing quality education and childcare in Thorndon—an inner-city suburb of Wellington, New Zealand. 

As a non-profit group the centre is owned and governed by the families whose children attend. We cater for 25 children, from 10-months to school-age. All of our teachers are fully qualified and registered, and we have very high teacher: child ratios.

At Hill Street ECC we understand that your child needs a secure and stimulating environment in which to grow and learn. Our centre provides a warm, nurturing, multi-cultural community where your child can develop into a happy and confident learner. 

Children have access to Hill Street’s large, natural outdoor play area throughout the day. We provide your children with healthy, home-cooked meals. We take full advantage of our city location by offering regular excursions to nearby parks, gardens, libraries, art galleries, and museums. 

Children are enrolled on a full-time basis. Having a small, close-knit group of children helps create a warm family environment and is one of the unique strengths of our centre. Because we are a non-profit charitable organisation, 100% of your fees go directly toward running and maintaining the centre.

Licensed for

27 children

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A picture of Kids Reserve

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Thorndon - Wellington

Kids Reserve


High-quality childcare and education in a nurturing community.

  • – Not-for-profit community centre in Wellington
  • – Fantastic teacher:child ratio with small group sizes
  • - Stable and qualified teachers – The average Teacher has been at KR for 10 years plus!

The philosophy guiding teaching and learning emphasises the importance of: embracing the unique individuality of children and families; nurturing trusting and collaborative relationships; recognising children’s play as important learning; embracing children as confident and competent learners; and valuing and using Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum. 

Licensed for

47 children

A picture of Queen Margaret College Pre-school

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Thorndon - Wellington

Queen Margaret College Pre-school

Early childhood education that values close relationships with every child, teacher and family. Our small and friendly preschool welcomes girls and boys aged three and four years.


Our purpose-built pre-school provides children with the resources to engage in diverse and exciting new experiences each day.


Our daily timetable balances play-based inquiry, facilitated group sessions and includes weekly gymnasium and library time. We focus on the holistic growth of each child, encompassing their social, physical, emotional, cultural and academic needs.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Te Puna Reo O Nga Kakano

Thorndon - Wellington

Te Puna Reo O Nga Kakano

We are a whanau orientated centre that prides itself on providing positive experiences for tamariki and their whanau.  We are kaupapa Maori focused and promote te reo and tikanga Maori in all our centre activities.  

As an Enviroschool partner (Silver accredited), Kaitiakitanga is also an important part of our daily routine and practises that our tamariki participate in.   

We provide a child-focused programme based on the principles, strands, and goals of Te Whariki- Early Childhood Education curriculum guidelines.   

We provide tamariki with opportunities for a wide variety of learning experiences through the medium of Te Reo Maori.  

Our focus on te reo and tikanga Maori is an endeavour to revitalise the te reo Maori as well as to promote and encourage the social, cultural, and spiritual awareness of whanau so they are empowered to be biculturally competent. We also have a strong focus on nature education and ensuring we teach our tamariki the values of kaitiakitanga of Papatuanuku.

Licensed for

45 children

A picture of City Kids Childcare Centre

Thorndon - Wellington

City Kids Childcare Centre

Our Kaupapa

Our vision for City Kids is to create an environment and community that fosters relationships, enabling respectful and inclusive learning for young children and whānau of the 21st century.

We are committed to the principles of the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, He Whāriki Mātauranga mō ngā Mokopuna o Aotearoa – the strands of the woven mat for the children of New Zealand.

Be Kind, Be Safe

We place strong emphasis on our environment providing a high level of caring and kind interactions.  Our "Be kind, Be safe" motto creates a strong foundation where our children experience an environment where relationships promote respect, empathy and trust.

Parent and Whānau Aspirations

Our vision and our philosophy leads our commitment to working in partnership with our families/whānau and to be responsive to their aspirations for their aspirations for their children's learning.

Heritage, Location, Community

City Kids has been operating since 1986 from a beautiful double storied double bay Villa in Thorndon, Wellington. It boasts a large natural outdoor area, which is often hard to find in the inner city.

City Kids is a not for profit early childhood centre and is owned and governed by the parents whose children attend, meaning that we are here for the families and children. Any profit goes straight back into City Kids to make improvements. 

​City Kids premises are owned and governed by current parents in conjunction with the teaching team. 

Our Commitment​

  • Introducing new experiences, challenges and discoveries in addition to providing educational and creative programs that are based on individual and group interests and observations.
  • Promoting honest and open communication with our families, respecting their rights and opinions.
  • Encouraging family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational programs.
  • Providing a learning environment where positive sense of self and confidence are instilled. Encouraging our children to work through challenges, view mistakes as part of learning, and take positive actions to solve problems.
  • Creating experiences that reflect and embrace the cultures of Aotearoa.
  • Providing a safe, fun, homelike and inclusive environment for our children to play, explore, and develop positive social interactions.

Licensed for

28 children