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Wilton - Wellington

Bowen Early Childhood Education Centre

Welcome to Bowen, a non-profit community-based centre. Our Centre is licensed for up to 30 children from six months through to five years with a maximum of ten under two years olds a day.

Our Centre is located on the outskirts of Wellington CBD, between Northland and Wilton.

Children are nurtured in an environment that is welcoming,  and strongly reflects the centre’s philosophy.

Vision – Children at the heart of our practice,  working in collaboration with parents and whānau, to provide high quality, fun and caring environment that challenges, inspires and grows children into lifelong learners.

The heart of the Centre

The heart of Bowen Early Childhood Education Centre’s Philosophy is to embrace relationships through the principle of Whānaungatanga (the extended family concept). Aroha (love) underpins and supports the warm, trusting and reciprocal relationships between kaitiaki (staff) and tamariki (children) and their whānau. This is foundational in fostering Ūkaipōtanga , as when tamariki, whanau and kaitiaki develop a strong sense of belonging and wellbeing and their identity is nurtured, they can contribute, growing to be confident and capable in what they do.

Core values

Whānaungatanga- Our relationships are founded on manaakitanga, where we work collaboratively and collectively.

Manaakitanga – We give others a sense of self-worth, treating them with respect, being generous with our time and showing care.

Aroha –We show love, understanding and compassion to each other.

Kotahitanga – We unite together each with our own unique contributions, while recognising that children need a variety of experiences to support their holistic learning and development.

Ūkaipōtanga – All belong and contribute to the place where they are nurtured, grow and develop

Bowen’s learning priorities

Thinking Magically

Tamariki develop the skills and confidence to express themselves openly and creatively, imaging alternatives to support problem solving and thinking magically about their world.(Te Whāriki – Exploration, Communication, Holistic development)


Tamariki develop an awareness of their power and potential to make choices, lead their own learning, and make a difference. Through holistic nourishment, tamariki develop a strong sense of self worth and  agency.

(Te Whāriki, Well-being, Communication, Empowerment)


Tamariki develop a strong curiosity for the world around them, fostering a desire to attempt and complete tasks, despite challenges or obstacles, and growing a passion for life-long learning.

(Te Whāriki, Exploration, Contribution, Empowerment, Holistic development)


Tamariki develop a strong sense of connection as a community of learners, through strong, trusting, reciprocal relationships based on aroha, respect and manaakitanga. Tamariki will grow an understanding of their whakapapa, whanau and community and how these things contribute to their sense of identity and working theories of their world.

(Te Whāriki – Contribution, Belonging, Relationships, Family and community).

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Montessori at Otari Preschool

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Wilton - Wellington

Montessori at Otari Preschool

Montessori-at-Otari is a not-for-profit early childhood centre offering a high quality and affordable Montessori education to children aged 0 – 3 (Playgroup) and 3 – 6 (Preschool).

Our Playgroup is located on the grounds of Cardinal McKeefry School, 66 Albermarle Road, Wilton, Wellington 6012.  Sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 8.45 am and  11.45 am.

Montessori at Otari Preschool is located on the grounds of Otari School, set amongst the beautiful natural environment of Otari Bush. 

We have carefully designed our classrooms and facilities specifically for Montessori teaching methods. The use of natural materials creates warmth and comfort for our children and teachers. We use eco soap and natural cleaning products to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our outdoor playground provides a great environment for children to explore nature and develop gross motor skills.

Values provide the basis for decision-making and reflect the special nature of the Montessori-at-Otari, its teaching staff, children and wider community.  Our values guide our Preschool. They support our decisions, lead our conduct and reflect the special nature of Montessori at ōtari Preschool. 

Our values are: 

Akoranga: We promote independence, curiosity and creativity, in a Montessori prepared environment that allows individual freedom balanced with responsibility. 

Kaitiakitanga: We support, nurture, protect and respect each other, our community and the environment, now and for the future. 

Manaakitanga: We show kindness, respect and aroha in everything we do, to enhance the mana of tamariki, kaiako and whānau, where everybody feels welcome and valued. 

Whanaungatanga: We collectively foster positive and meaningful relationships. 

Kotahitanga: We provide a safe and inclusive environment that is equitable for all and celebrates diversity, to build unity within our community.

Licensed for

48 children

A picture of Childspace Early Learning Centre -Wilton

Wilton - Wellington

Childspace Early Learning Centre -Wilton

Childspace Wilton is a home-like, loving environment for tamariki and whanau.  Our intention is for all who attend Childspace Wilton to feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our curriculum and environment is rich in natural and heuristic resources and loose parts.

The curriculum is emergent and based on the current tamariki and their needs and interests.

Our daily rhythms and rituals foster free exploratory play, provocations, and the opportunity to engage in group project investigations. Tamariki enjoy learning with all of their senses and open, intuitive minds, alongside qualified, sensitive, loving teachers.

Childspace Wilton is designed to support the developmental stages of children using two different learning spaces. Ngā Putiputi room is for our younger children and Poutama room for our older children.

Children transition fluidly between these spaces. We practice a key kaiako approach, where each child and their whānau has a key kaiako with whom they have a trusting and nurturing relationship.

Licensed for

30 children

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A picture of Wilton Playcentre

Wilton - Wellington

Wilton Playcentre

Kia Ora,

Established 1959, we are a fantastic Playcentre nestled in the hills overlooking Otari Bush.

We are a small close knit community of about of 20 families, with our members coming mainly from the surrounding suburbs of Northland, Wilton and Wadestown.

Playcentre is unlike any other early childhood education organisation. At Playcentre, both children and their parents / caregivers attend.

At Playcentre children get the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment.

The curiosity and creativity of our tamariki is nurtured in a way that allows them to learn about themselves and their world.

Your child will be given a chance to explore, create, climb, read, sing, experiment, play music, wear costumes, have their face painted (or do it themselves!), garden, do carpentry with real tools, bake and cook, build sandcastles, swing, slide, dance, spend time in nature and get messy.

The activities change every day. Playcentre parents all bring different skills, interests, and cultural backgrounds to add to the rich learning environment.

We welcome families with children aged 0 – 6 years. Mixed age play allows your children to engage with others older and younger than themselves. Pre-schoolers learn how to communicate, share and negotiate with empathy for their younger peers.

At Playcentre, families come together and lifelong friendships are formed.

We welcome you to visit any time during the year. You are entitled to three free visits so come and check out what we do – we would love to meet you and your family!

Licensed for

30 children