Glamorgan Kindergarten

Kindergarten in Torbay, Auckland
"Where every child can believe in themselves and their dreams and aspirations"
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40 children
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A little about us

Haere Mai - Welcome 

We believe that children are citizens of our community and have the right to a welcoming, safe, stimulating, affirming and challenging environment that enables them to develop and learn at their own pace. 

We are guided by our early childhood curriculum, Te Whariki. At Glamorgan Kindergarten we believe it is important for children to experience a welcoming, safe, stimulating, affirming and challenging environment. We aim to empower and support children so that they are able to lead their own learning journey. We recognise the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi by acknowledging New Zealand's bicultural heritage throughout the programme. We value an environment that is inclusive and where diversity is embraced. We value partnerships with parents and whānau which will support positive learning outcomes for children. As part of Enviroschools, we aspire to empower and encourage our whānau and wider community to be conscious thinkers, kaitiaki (guardians), and to create a peaceful and sustainable future.

Our Purpose

To provide effective early childhood education services to ensure every child leaves kindergarten with the foundations of personal development and a love of life and learning

Your Child, Your Place

At our centres your child will learn:

  • How to relate to other children and their teachers
  • How to take responsibility, develop independence and self-confidence
  • How to share and explore their understanding of people, places and things
  • How to express ideas and acknowledge feelings
  • Negotiating, turn taking, cooperation and conflict resolution
  • Respect for other cultures, languages and traditions
  • How to better interact with family and the wider community
  • Hauora (the four dimensions of health), physical, mental, social and spiritual health
  • Sustainability and the natural environment

Our History

Kaitiaki Kindergartens were originally known as the East Coast Bays Free Kindergarten Association. Torbay was the association’s first kindergarten which opened in 1954 and it is still a very active kindergarten to this day. As we grew we became known as the Northern Auckland Free Kindergarten Association. Today, we go by the name of ‘Kaitiaki Kindergartens’. Kaitiaki means, “a guardian or trustee, typically of an environmental area or resource.” This change reflects our responsibility to each and every child, community member and kindergarten in the Kaitiaki wider family.

We’re about:

  • children, families and whanau
  • quality early childhood education
  • a qualified and registered workforce
  • community
  • not-for-profit
  • home grown
  • kiwi owned

Kindergarten is a partnership between:


Qualified, registered teachers provide and deliver educational programmes under the guidance and support of the Professional Practice Leaders.

Our communities

Support teachers and the Association to help raise funds to ensure it has the resources required by the teachers and staff and to build community relationships.

Board of management

Elected by the community by members (parents/whanau) to govern the Association. The board sets policies and the strategic direction of the Association and appoints the General Manager to manage the Association on their behalf.

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