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"Excellence in early learning"
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25 children
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A little about us

We welcome you to Kids Cove Albany

Right in the heart of the Albany’s Business district of Orchard Park, is this amazing child care, seen to be believed, spread over one acre of land and with two independent yet mutual wings of Pre-schoolers as well as the Infant & Toddler.

Since children learn the best and the most while playing with each other and through conducive environments, Kids Cove Pre-school is a state of the art facility, with rooms and designer outdoors specially created with all necessary facilities to help bring learning and development in children for age group of 3-6 years.

A Team Who Never Stop Learning

At Kids Cove we understand that our educators are the key element in delivering the Centre Philosophy and care/learning experiences for our children.

Led by Vijaya, our Site Manager, we have a very dynamic and passionate team, where love for the child and the zeal to provide the best is the hall mark of everything we do.

Vijaya’s personal philosophy is based on Bruner’s scaffolding – to provide children with strength, guidance and love. Enabling them, in time, to take their own independent steps.

Vijaya’s daily words and practice,

“I respect all cultures and strive to give my best to children under my care by maintaining responsive and reciprocal relationships.”

We operate at a very high child to teacher ratio with 80% + qualified staff, this helps to make sure that our philosophy and learning programmers are always effectively implemented.

Meals That Follow Healthy Heart Foundation Guidelines.

Prepared by professional cooks, our in house modern kitchen and dining areas will provide appetising and nutritious meals made from locally sourced natural ingredients that meet over 50% of your child’s recommended daily intake of all nutrients. We follow the healthy Heart foundation guidelines and have a 4 week cyclic menu and aim to include food from various cultures and welcome your suggestions. Parents are able to view our changing weekly menus displayed on the notice board.

If your child has a specific dietary requirement please inform the Centre prior to enrolment so we can provide suitable meals for your child.

If your child is on breast milk or formula, this needs to be provided to the Centre with instructions.

A Flexible Fee Structure

Now open and taking new enrollments.

Also, at Kids Cove Albany, to meet the needs of our parents, we run many programmes that include, besides full days, other options of short days and sessions.

Our fees structures also vary to reflect the flexibility of our various programmes and provide our parent’s, the fees options, based on the time a child is enrolled for. Please book a visit today to have a look for yourself.

An Easily Accessible Location

Easily accessible at 10 Corinthian Drive, Kids Cove Albany has plenty of free parking and easy accessibility for our parents and visitors.

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