Kindergarten in Havelock North, Havelock North
"We give value to today as the richest time; Treasure the present"
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40 children
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clock8:00am - 3:30pm
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A little about us

Amidst the sounds of bird life and insect life we hear the sounds of children and teachers engaging in ‘finding out about their world’.

You will see children engaged in feeding their leftovers to the wormery, to the hens and to the newly hatched baby chicks. You will see children collecting eggs for their baking, grinding grains for homemade bread or spreading homemade jam on their toast.

You will see children participating in active play with sports equipment, sand-house and flowing water feature; developing important physical and social skills.

Children are empowered to resolve differences with teachers alongside them.

You will see teachers and children gathering for their small whanau group meeting. Storytelling and conversation is an important part of this time.

You will see value given to the dual heritage of Aotearoa. You will see creativity in all aspects of the learning programme – visual arts, dance, music, clay modelling, papermaking and concrete making. You will see children and teachers involved together in researching ideas, and asking questions. It is within these experiences that teachers promote the literacy/language learning and the mathematical/scientific learning.

You will see parents and grandparents calling in to share the learning with their child. Family barbeques are a regular feature of the Lucknow community calendar. You will see teachers and children taking photographs and movies of the learning. Every child has their own Portfolio of Learning, and an Individual Plan on file. 

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