Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre

Education and Care in Lincoln, Christchurch
"calm, respectful learning environment"
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75 children
Maximum under 2's
20 children
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clock7:30am - 5:30pm
allDay iconAll day
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A little about us

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre Ltd is located in Barton Fields, Lincoln.

Giggles and Scribbles provides the care and education of children aged 12 weeks – 6 years. We place a strong emphasis on creating a warm and friendly environment for our children and families with a commitment to quality Early Childhood Education.

We believe that a quality learning environment can only be achieved through strong links with families and the wider community and therefore encourage families to be a part of our programme wherever possible.

Centre Philosophy

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre philosophy is underpinned by the Pikler, RIE and Montessori Philosophies. We believe in the benefits of freedom of movement for infants and primary care throughout the toddler and nursery classrooms.  We value the principals of Montessori and incorporate the use of Montessori equipment throughout our classrooms.

We believe in maintaining calm, respectful learning environments where children are encouraged to put their resources away after themselves and be respectful of others.

Staff see children as competent, capable and confident learners who communicate their ideas both verbally and non-verbally. As teachers we are responsible for treating each child with respect and dignity. Staff acknowledge each child as an individual and take time to recognise and respond to their cues. We aim to empower and foster each child’s independence and social competence.

Children are encouraged to develop strategies for initiating, maintaining and enjoying a relationship with other children and adults. Teachers will promote the skills required for participating in group play situations.

We believe in weaving our core values into our curriculum and programme planning, which are honesty/truthfulness, courage, respect, kindness/caring, forgiveness, empathy/compassion, resilience, responsibility, perseverance, inclusiveness, contribution, and independence.

We provide an environment that fosters warm and respectful relationships, where all children are able to develop a sense of belonging and trust knowing they are in a safe and secure environment. The programme allows children time to investigate, explore and discover. Children engage in purposeful activities in a collaborative way with the guidance of their teachers. We foster interests and encourage children to develop and test their theories. Children are encouraged to be creative thinkers and self-motivated learners.

Teachers use positive guidance, role modeling and appropriate strategies to help foster the children’s skills such as turn taking, and solving conflict situations. We believe in providing children with safe choices and teachers are respectful of their choices.

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