Education and Care in Prebbleton, Prebbleton
"growing, nuturing and inspiring young minds"
Licensed for
60 children
Maximum under 2's
12 children
Centre information
clock7:30am - 5:30pm
allDay iconAll day
shorterDays iconPart day
over2sBool iconOver 2's
under2sBool iconUnder 2's

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A couple of days

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A little about us

Welcome to Hatch Early Learning Centre.  Children are at the heart of everything that we do.

Hatch Early Learning Centre has been created with the passion to provide an exceptional early learning experience for children.

We have a vision to nurture, grow and inspire young minds. Our approach is driven by integrity, with a clear focus of being local and community based. 

Our aim is to provide a home-like, welcoming environment. One where families feel comfortable and part of a community. Bespoke in design, the surroundings have been created to evoke exploration and investigation, supporting children’s endeavours to discover the world.

Our holistic approach will encourage children to actively learn through play in an environment where they feel safe and have a sense of belonging, allowing them to be active contributors and have their voices heard and respected. We will strive to make a lasting impact on our tamariki/children by creating an exciting place to grow and learn, supporting each child in reaching their full potential.

Equally, our dedicated team will be just as important to us. Our team will work together, caring for the wellbeing of children’s bodies and minds and striving to ensure tamariki have optimum care, learning opportunities and experiences.

Hatch Early Learning Centre has been purposefully built to support our teaching methodology.

Hatch is contemporary, functional and comfortable and encourages activity, individuality and growth through experience. The Centre is a safe space that incorporates natural, sustainable elements in its design.

Our outdoor area encourages exploration and discovery in a challenging while safe environment, incorporating our values of learn, care and respect our earth’s resources.

Our Centre has been designed to include separate rooms for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, however their will be opportunities provided for interaction between age groups.