Education and Care in Avonhead, Christchurch
"where mindfulness is nurtured"
Licensed for
50 children
Maximum under 2's
11 children
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clock7:30am - 5:30pm
allDay iconAll day
shorterDays iconPart day
over2sBool iconOver 2's
under2sBool iconUnder 2's

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A few hours


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A little about us

We are the centre that stands out like no other – passionate and dedicated teachers who will support your child on their learning journey all while they develop social and emotional competence. we are the place you walk into and instantly feel happiness and comfort.

Children develop skills for independence and mindfulness through our intentional practices, which also support children holistically, as they make their way through the most important early years with us. 

Not only do we include ‘Te Whariki’ in our curriculum, but also ‘He Mapuna te Tamaiti’ which is based on four key concepts – promoting emotional competence; promoting social competence; promoting a supportive environment; and supporting learning and engagement.

We are Cuddles Early Learning - where mindfulness is nurtured.