Kakapo Creek Children's Garden

Education and Care in Mairangi Bay, Auckland
"Boutique, attachment-rich, nature filled early childhood care and education"
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16 children
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A little about us

Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden offers boutique, attachment-rich childcare and education in the heart of Mairangi Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. With our relationship first focus and consistent long term caregivers, our weekly nature school, our environmentally friendly playground and our bespoke architecture, Kakapo Creek Children's Garden offers you the ultimate experience in early childhood care and education. Parents are often looking for something better for their children. Kakapo Creek offers this to discerning families.

Learning Program

Children’s best learning and memories take place in relationship with adults who matter and in nature. That’s why, at Kakapo Creek we have taken special care to maintain a constant, long term caregiver so that the child-teacher relationship is optimised. We’ve also designed an environment that is rich in nature including our very own nature school where children go on a field trip to our farm and native bush every week.

Children spend time every day in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, closely connected to teachers who know them and their family. Our teachers encourage a sense of wonder and delight in our children ensuring that their natural curiosity, joy and energy is nurtured.

Children experience an enriched curriculum with a large selection of quality resources and equipment - no expense has been spared to provide the very best.  See our website for full details, information and to book a tour.

Reading and Numeracy

We use a phonics reading program and an integrated numeracy program in teaching literacy and maths skills. No child is forced to learn and teachers carefully watch for signs of interest in these concepts and encourage each individual child as they are ready.

Most learning takes place through incidental play and conversations, while our dedicated school readiness program works with children nearing school age.

Nature School

At Kakapo Creek we know children need nature to develop their sense of inquiry and curiosity. Nature also helps us find contentment and rest.

Once a week children visit our Nature School – a day spent at our very own 1.2ha farm-forest in Silverdale, just 20 minutes north of Kakapo Creek. Here children will explore our one acre native bush, care for and learn about our animals – chickens, sheep, cow, fish, and grow vegetables in our glass house and walled vegetable garden and pick organic fruit from our orchard. Children will be able to roam free, explore our native bush and roll down grassy hills.

Specialist Itinerant Teachers

Each week at Kakapo Creek is full of variety. We contract specialist itinerant teachers to run developmentally appropriate specialist adventures in sport, art, workwork, music and movement. They are lots of fun and ensure that children of different ages and interests are specifcally cared for within our multi-age, family styled classrooms.

Over Two Years - Open for enrolments now

Children are placed in family styled classrooms that are the best fit for their unique personality and maturity levels. There are three teachers in each classroom and these three teachers remain with the children for their journey at Kakapo Creek.

We use constant caregivers so there is no changing teacher and classrooms on a child’s birthday. Research shows that this is best for children’s emotional and social development. Children may be enrolled part time or full time.

Under Two's - open for enrolments from August / September, 2022

Because we understand the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s life, we support parents with children under two years of age through our consistent caregiving practice where children remain with the same three teachers for the child's entire journey with us. We provide ecologically friendly nappies and wipes for our children - included in the fee. Also included is a home cooked meal every day and all snacks / morning tea / afternoon tea.

Our under two's are loved and nurtured along side our older children in natural family styled classrooms. More information about the science and research around this practice is available on our website. Parents can rest assured that their young child is deeply and personally loved and nurtured throughout their journey at Kakapo Creek. Because children remain with the same caregiver strong bonds are built, not only between teacher and child but also between child and parent - we journey together.


Our professionaly trained chef prepares nutritious cooked meals for our children every day.  This is in additon to morning and afternoon tea and additional snacks for children who are with us for extended hours. Our cook also prepares treats for parents and will cook a special cake for your child's birthday (on request).

Parent Support

Kakapo Creek Parents have free access to our onsite family therapy services and our attachment and neuroscience informed parenting workshops. Full support is offered to parents who are struggling in their family relationships. Just ask at reception for an appointment with our family therapist.


Because we offer so many enhanced benefits to families, we don't compete on price. If you are looking for a cheaper early childhood experience there are many lovely centres in our neighbourhood. But if you're wanting better for your child, then come and visit Kakapo Creek to see if we would be a good fit for your child.