St Andrews Chilton Kindergarten

Education and Care in Howick, Auckland
"Quality Christian care and education in a nurturing and rewarding environment"
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A little about us

St Andrew’s Chilton Kindergarten is first and foremost an educational kindergarten, chartered and licensed for children aged two to five years old. It is a Christian based kindergarten where providing early childhood care and education for our children is our primary aim.

Our values are based on the Christian Faith to encourage, support and model in an atmosphere of peace and acceptance.

We provide a warm, fun, inclusive, nurturing, stimulating, challenging, safe and rewarding environment.

The principles, strands and goals of Te Whariki 2017 (the Early Childhood Curriculum) are reflected through the programme we provide for all the children.

We honour and acknowledge New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage.

All cultures and backgrounds will be acknowledged, celebrated, and respected.

As a team we will work in partnership with parents; showing mutual respect and communicating with openness and honesty.

We provide an open door policy for all families.

We provide a self-choice programme with a minimum of structure to enhance each session.

We believe play is a natural learning opportunity for children to learn and respect it as their work.

Our programme planning, assessment and evaluation will reflect the children’s strengths, interests, and experiences. Their views of the world will be celebrated and acknowledged, giving the children the opportunity to experience socio-cultural learning and to develop their potential. 

The children are our primary focus. We support each child’s uniqueness and their exclusive set of capabilities by providing an environment that is flexible and responsive, allowing children to make choices, learn through play, follow their interest, and participate in individual and group activities.

We respect and value the children’s voices and the contribution they make to their own learning.

We believe in enhancing each child’s self-esteem and confidence.

The teaching team make contributions to all aspects of the kindergarten, respond flexibly to spontaneous events and are passionate about teaching.

As professionals, we are committed to professional development and support within the team.

We see our role as not only preparing children for school but also preparing them for life.