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"Our Vision is to offer holistic education that nourishes our children, enriches our community and inspires innovative learning and creativity."
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A little about us

Fossil Bay Kindergarten was established on Waiheke in 1993.  Set in a rural environment many of the children on Waiheke have experienced the natural & beautiful environment of Fossil Bay Kindergarten. Our Early Childhood program supports young children and their families during the foundational years, a time when imagination and imitation are the paths for learning. Our purpose is to create and sustain a nurturing community of inspired children, teachers and parents. 


Fridays - 9:30am - 11:30am

We offer a parent-child programme. It is a small, friendly group that welcomes parents, grandparents and carers with babies and toddlers.

This is a chance for you to relax and chat in a peaceful, calm environment while your child explores playing with newfound friends, happy knowing you are close at hand.

As soon as you walk in you’ll notice the warm atmosphere and the lack of plastic toys! It’s a bit different from other groups and we try to keep it that way with toys crafted from wood and other natural materials. 

Each session follows a similar structure of free indoor and outdoor play, bread baking, story time, circle song time and shared fruit time.


Monday - Thursday - 8:30am - 2:30pm

Our warm, creative and home like environment nurtures each child in their first phase of school life. Children are given the confidence, independence, and security to smoothly transition from home to the larger social world around them with the support of their experienced teachers. We follow daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms. This helps the developing child to know ‘what comes next’ and within this, allows for the freedom of play and creativity, along with more centred inner times of painting, craft and meal times.

The kindergarten day includes indoor and outdoor playtime, domestic activities and routines, art, craft and seasonal activities, morning circle song and movement time, morning tea time and story time. All activities are taught in an inclusive way through the use of role modeling and imitation. On Fridays we offer an outdoor Bush school for both our Nursery and Kindergarten students to attend.


Monday - Friday - 8:30am - 2:30pm

The same rhythm of nursery continues with the older children of the kindergarten. Through all our activities our aim is for the children to develop imaginative qualities and respect for others that will guide and nourish them throughout their lives and provide a strong foundation for their personal, social and intellectual development. Through creative play and the diverse activities in Kindergarten the children learn skills that will later enable them to be practical, to take initiative, and seek responsibility. Rhythm is a strong element of the kindergarten giving children a sense of form and security as we breath in and out through the day, each term, and the year. 

Nature offers children the opportunity to climb trees, explore, and learn through their own willingness. Everything in a Steiner kindergarten is in some way connected to offering quality sensory experiences.

Much is learned by the children through their play and this is especially so when they are given natural objects to play with. A cloth can become a cape, a baby’s blanket or a river, a plank of wood can become a sea saw, a bridge or a shop front…the possibilities are endless and all help encourage and nourish the child’s imagination and creativity.

Seasonal festivals are an important part of our kindergarten life and the children take delight in helping to prepare for and participate in the festivals. Our mid-winter lantern festival is a particular favourite. Each year Fossil Bay Kindergarten hosts a Harvest Fayre, which is a beautiful celebration of our kindergartens and our wider community. It is the one big fundraiser that the kindergarten does each year and is enjoyed by many people in the wider community – both on Waiheke and visitors from afar. The Fayre has become a local icon and many people look forward to it each year.