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A picture of BestStart Te Whariki

Lincoln - Canterbury

BestStart Te Whariki

BestStart Te Whāriki is a brand new early learning centre, now open in Lincoln. We provide quality education and care for children aged between 3 months to 5 years old.

Our fantastic and supportive team who are bubbly and fun loving are waiting for you to come and visit our beautiful centre. Our centre has an intimate and homely feel environment due to our 4 age specific classrooms that cater for small number of children.

Our team of passionate and experienced teachers create a welcoming, respectful, safe but fun-loving atmosphere that is also calm and playful. Children experience loving relationships with teachers and develop a strong sense of belonging and empowerment. Our teachers focus on the individual learning needs and skill levels of each child and will provide a tailored individual programme that captures and celebrates our diversity in a beautifully resourced environment. Your child's learning journey and milestones are captured and shared through one-on-one communications and our online learning portfolios on Storypark.

Our four, age specific classrooms:
Our nursery room with a spacious sleep room and an open nursery nest has been designed to create a spacious, relaxed and inviting learning environment for children aged between 3 months to 2 years. By the layout of the playroom, infants and toddlers will feel empowered to self-select from the toys and many natural resources. Our teaching team is dedicated to creating a calm and unhurried atmosphere where children will be given full attention during important routine times. By working in close relationships and open communication with our families will allow us to work at each child's individual pace to ensure that their ever-changing needs are nurtured and easily catered for within the flexible daily routine.

We have three rooms in our over two-year-old area.
Our toddlers room caters for 2- to 3-year-olds.

Licensed for

82 children

A picture of Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre

3.83 (1)

Lincoln - Christchurch

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre Ltd is located in Barton Fields, Lincoln.

Giggles and Scribbles provides the care and education of children aged 12 weeks – 6 years. We place a strong emphasis on creating a warm and friendly environment for our children and families with a commitment to quality Early Childhood Education.

We believe that a quality learning environment can only be achieved through strong links with families and the wider community and therefore encourage families to be a part of our programme wherever possible.

Centre Philosophy

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre philosophy is underpinned by the Pikler, RIE and Montessori Philosophies. We believe in the benefits of freedom of movement for infants and primary care throughout the toddler and nursery classrooms.  We value the principals of Montessori and incorporate the use of Montessori equipment throughout our classrooms.

We believe in maintaining calm, respectful learning environments where children are encouraged to put their resources away after themselves and be respectful of others.

Staff see children as competent, capable and confident learners who communicate their ideas both verbally and non-verbally. As teachers we are responsible for treating each child with respect and dignity. Staff acknowledge each child as an individual and take time to recognise and respond to their cues. We aim to empower and foster each child’s independence and social competence.

Children are encouraged to develop strategies for initiating, maintaining and enjoying a relationship with other children and adults. Teachers will promote the skills required for participating in group play situations.

We believe in weaving our core values into our curriculum and programme planning, which are honesty/truthfulness, courage, respect, kindness/caring, forgiveness, empathy/compassion, resilience, responsibility, perseverance, inclusiveness, contribution, and independence.

We provide an environment that fosters warm and respectful relationships, where all children are able to develop a sense of belonging and trust knowing they are in a safe and secure environment. The programme allows children time to investigate, explore and discover. Children engage in purposeful activities in a collaborative way with the guidance of their teachers. We foster interests and encourage children to develop and test their theories. Children are encouraged to be creative thinkers and self-motivated learners.

Teachers use positive guidance, role modeling and appropriate strategies to help foster the children’s skills such as turn taking, and solving conflict situations. We believe in providing children with safe choices and teachers are respectful of their choices.

Licensed for

75 children

A picture of Lincoln Playcentre

Lincoln - Lincoln

Lincoln Playcentre

Nau mai, haere mai and welcome to Lincoln Playcentre.

Playcentre is unlike any other early childhood education organisation. At Playcentre, both children and their parents / caregivers attend.

At Playcentre children get the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment.

The curiosity and creativity of our tamariki is nurtured in a way that allows them to learn about themselves and their world.

Your child will be given a chance to explore, create, climb, read, sing, experiment, play music, wear costumes, have their face painted (or do it themselves!), garden, do carpentry with real tools, bake and cook, build sandcastles, swing, slide, dance, spend time in nature and get messy.

The activities change every day. Playcentre parents all bring different skills, interests, and cultural backgrounds to add to the rich learning environment.

We welcome families with children aged 0 – 6 years. Mixed age play allows your children to engage with others older and younger than themselves. Pre-schoolers learn how to communicate, share and negotiate with empathy for their younger peers.

At Playcentre, families come together and lifelong friendships are formed.

We welcome you to visit any time during the year. You are entitled to three free visits so come and check out what we do – we would love to meet you and your family!

Licensed for

25 children

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A picture of Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre

Lincoln - Lincoln

Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre

Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre (LUECC) was initially established in 1994 to meet the needs of the students and staff of Lincoln University and is now open to everyone in the Lincoln community and surrounding areas.

The Centre is licensed for 33 children across two areas; the nursery area (under two years, with a maximum of nine children) and the preschool (two years and over, with a maximum of 24 children).

The Centre is governed by Lincoln Hospitality Ltd. The daily operation and management of the Centre is the responsibility of the Coordinator and everyone in the teaching team, who ensure that the Centre is meeting the needs of the children attending and respecting the aspirations that parents and their families / whānau hold for their children.

Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre promotes a learning environment where children use inquiry-based learning to enable them to become competent researchers of knowledge.

Children experience a well-resourced natural environment that focuses on promoting sustainability and environmental education.

We offer a programme based on Te Whariki, the national curriculum for early childhood education, which celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths in their learning and development journey.

We endeavour to provide an environment and experiences where children are encouraged to make choices and are given opportunities to explore their world through play, which promotes the optimum development of each individual child.

Children are observed while at play in order for the teacher to build an understanding, appreciate and be responsive to the development of each child. This information is collected in the form of learning notes across the curriculum.

Teachers are responsive to this information and provide intentional strategies to enhance each child’s learning journey. This is collated in a portfolio for your child during their time at LUECC.

We offer 100% qualified teachers who are passionate about providing a welcoming and engaging environment with small group sizes and high quality ratios.

Licensed for

33 children

A picture of Learning Curves Montessori Lincoln

Lincoln - Canterbury

Learning Curves Montessori Lincoln

Learning Curves Montessori Lincoln is a family owned and operated Early Childhood centre, promising their commitment to you in providing a quality care learning environment for infants, toddlers and young children. We are a community of passionate lifelong learners where all children have the freedom to achieve in a Montessori and RIE (resources for infant educarers) inspired environment.

Our ongoing motivation is to evolve, strive for growth and to be passionate leaders in providing high quality preschool education for children.

The children’s environment will be well prepared, well resourced, and full of rich learning experiences all which encourage an intrinsic natural desire to learn at their own pace. This will allow and inspire children to become confident lifelong learners, emotionally resilient, have high self esteem, open-mindedness, curiosity, kindness, discipline and the freedom to achieve what they desire.

We believe in creating positive learning environments that will empower children to develop to their full potential. Each child and their holistic development will be at the heart of our programme which will be supported by strong reciprocal relationships and respect.

We believe in forming strong partnerships with whanau/families which will encourage open communication, collaboration and will foster a feeling of trust. This will enable ‘multiple voices’ to promote positive learning outcomes for children.

Licensed for

20 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln

Lincoln - Lincoln

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln

Located at 15 Boundary Road, between Lincoln Primary and Lincoln High School, the kindergarten offers a welcoming environment for children aged 2-5. Behind the hedge and marked by flags, the large outdoor space allows children the freedom to explore, connect with others, and learn through play. Inside, a wide range of resources and equipment awaits, providing options for quiet, creative, and imaginative play. The beautiful backyard features grassy areas, trees, gardens, and specially designed equipment to support children's physical growth and development, allowing them to make choices and learn about managing risk. Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln values children's voices, ensuring they play an active role in shaping the program. As an Enviroschool, the kindergarten goes beyond Green/Gold status, educating children, parents, and whānau about the environment, sustainability, and cultural diversity. Whānau involvement is encouraged, and visitors are welcomed to extend children's learning. The kindergarten maintains strong relationships with local schools and organizes regular walks to explore the surrounding environment. It is recommended to initially enroll for at least two full days, gradually increasing to five days to support consistency and familiarity. Visitors are always welcome, and the friendly staff are available to provide tours and make everyone feel at home.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Melodies Preschool

Lincoln - Lincoln

Melodies Preschool

Melodies preschool provides a high quality standard of care and education to children aged 2 -5 years  

We are a small boutique preschool that provides a unique programme which includes specialist music, dance, drama and art sessions. We also deliver Gill Connells Smart Steps programme to ensure children have the best opportunity to learn and develop through movement. Our small roll and high teacher to child ratio allows teachers to develop strong nurturing relationships with children and whanau and allows the child to follow their interests and grow and learn at their own pace. Melodies preschool is a wonderful place where your child can truly learn, explore and have a wonderful time to their full potential.


Every new experience is an opportunity to learn and grow; childhood is the most critical time to build physical, mental and emotional foundations for their future learning and development.

At Melodies Preschool we have dedicated, qualified, experienced staff to ensure a safe, kind and friendly environment, where your child has the opportunity to grow and develop a love for life long learning.  We believe that children learn and develop through practical experiences and provide a wide range of high quality resources and facilities where children can explore and discover at their own pace.

Within our programme we adopt Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum, Carl Orff’s Approach for teaching music,dance and drama and also your child’s individual interests to create fun, meaningful and holistic learning experiences.

Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study.  They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child’s play.

Carl Orff

Melodies Offers:

  • A stimulating educational based programme for Children Aged 2 – 5 years
  • Specialised music, dance and drama programme for children aged 2 – 5 years.
  • An opportunity for children to develop imagination and creativity through daily experiences.
  • Gym programme, where children will develop gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination.
  • Extension group for four year olds focuses on readiness for school.
  • Children are able to participate in small focused experiences to develop self management and independence.
  • Children will also enjoy experiences that will promote learning in numeracy and literacy.
  • An environment where children are able to follow their interests and develop an enquiring mind.
  • Develop language and communication by interacting, participating, and co-operating with other children and adults.

Licensed for

34 children

A picture of Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre

Lincoln - Christchurch

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre Limited was established in 2011 and is an upmarket, privately owned Preschool providing top facilities in a purpose built building.

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and uniquely enriching environment in which to foster your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development.

Goals, Purposes & Aims

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre is a privately owned and operated business that aims to provide excellent care for our children by helping them fulfill their potential while facilitating progress beyond family to the wider world and, in particular, to school.

Our aim is to enhance children’s learning and development through:

  • Relationships and interactions which are responsive, reciprocal, positive and encouraging
  • Extending children’s thinking and actions through sensitive and informed guidance, interventions and support
  • Respecting children’s preferences and involving children in decisions about their participation in activities
  • Planning and evaluating the physical environment and providing resources to support the needs of each child and to facilitate quality curriculum and interactions
  • Modelling non-discriminatory behaviour and promoting this with children; implementing strategies to include all children
  • Their health is promoted and emotional well-being nurtured; and they are kept safe from harm
  • Connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended; children know they have a place and feel comfortable with routines, customs and regular events; and children know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Licensed for

80 children

A picture of Lincoln Village Preschool & Nursery

Lincoln - Christchurch

Lincoln Village Preschool & Nursery

Lincoln Village Preschool and Nursery is a family owned and operated centre, originally opened in October 2011 as Jigsaw Preschool. The current owners took over in May 2013 and changed the name in 2015. 

Lincoln Village and Preschool and Nursery offers four exceptional learning environments. 

Our Nursery catering for 0-2 year olds includes two large play areas with kitchen, sleep room and bathroom. The Nursery has a large outside area to enjoy. 

The 2-3 year olds enjoy their own room where they develop their growing independence through play and age appropriate activities. 

The 3-5 year olds have a large learning area offering free play, teacher directed learning experiences and activities that build on their interests and skills. 

The Leaping Frogs Room is a separate learning room where older children go in small groups for an extension of learning experiences in preparation for Primary school. 

The Over 2 year old children share a large outside area that offers a range of challenges and experiences to develop gross motor skills. It also includes a vegetable garden where children experience the wonder of growing and then eating food they have grown and cared for. Numeracy and literature experiences are incorporated into all aspects of the daily programme and curriculum throughout the centre.

 As an Enviroschool and part of Lincoln’s Responsible Business Venture, encouraging understanding of building a sustainable future is an essential part of our daily programme. We are a friendly and child-focused team that welcome any new visitors to our centre.

Licensed for

75 children