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Rangiora - Christchurch

Kindercare Rangiora

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Rangiora?

Look no further than Kindercare Rangiora, where treasuring your child through heart-centred care is how every day begins and ends. Our experienced team, led by our devoted Centre Director, Megan Jones, will welcome you into our home-like environment, recognising the trust you place in them. So, while ensuring your little one feels safe and loved every day, they’ll nurture their growth and development through fun-filled activities: guiding them to reach their full potential.

We appreciate that the needs of every family in our community are unique, which is why we offer full time, and part time enrolment options. 

Why choose our centre?

Offering safe, loving care and learning since 2011, Kindercare Rangiora was established to cherish your child from infancy until they are ready for primary school. Our friendly team are genuinely committed to building a warm, nurturing and loving relationship with your child, your family and whānau.

At our daycare centre, your child will be cared for with other tamariki at a similar age and stage of development, in a room that seamlessly flows into an outdoor play area. Each space is intentionally planned to provide the affectionate care and innovative learning best suited for your child’s individual needs.

Our team want to hear about your aspirations for your child, your childcare needs and important details about your family. The more we know and understand about you and your child, the better we’re able to respond to them in our care.

Licensed for

100 children

A picture of My Preschool Rangiora

5.00 (1)

Rangiora - Canterbury

My Preschool Rangiora

My Preschool, a boutique centre where every day is a new opportunity to develop and nurture each child’s sense of belonging, wellbeing and empowerment, Mana whenua, Mana atua and Whakamana.  Relationships are at the heart of the success of My Preschool, with leaders and Kaiako who will care for and nurture your child and support them on their journey to a highly successful transition to primary school.  The environment is the third teacher at My Preschool with dedicated spaces to support developmental stages, an expansive and natural outdoor area with grass, trees, gardens, chickens, bikes and more to support your child’s developing and inquiry mind, body and spirit.  Come and see us and join other families who are proud to say that their child grows, learns and plays at My Preschool!

Licensed for

42 children

A picture of Westpark Early Learning

Rangiora - Christchurch

Westpark Early Learning

Westpark Early Learning is a place of warmth, love and nurturing, where tamariki develop strong relationships nestled with people and nature.

Westpark Preschool is a welcoming home away from home for our Tamariki, Kaiako and Whānau, representing love, respect and growth. Strong in celebrating all Tamariki as unique and curious while also striving to nurture individual whānau aspirations within our Westpark community.

Westpark Preschool celebrates our tamariki as exceptional and through the art of child led learning and observation we engage and enable all tamariki to extend their knowledge and to embrace their passions while truly gaining essential life skills in a relevant and fun way.

Our approach and curriculum support tamariki to drive and set the pace for their own learning, to develop, explore and investigate according to their individual interests while also providing collaboration opportunities for growth within group interests.

Along with the use of Te Whāriki, we incorporate Primary caregiving and other aspects of the RIE Philosophy into our programme. We value ourselves on providing a home away from home for our tamariki and their whanāu. Warmth, love and nurturing are woven through our philosophy ensuring that tamariki have the opportunity to develop strong relationships nestled with people and nature.

Licensed for

50 children

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A picture of Annabel's Educare - Rangiora

Rangiora - Rangiora

Annabel's Educare - Rangiora

We believe in providing quality preschool education to our children and their whanau. Our teaching philosophies and commitment from the Annabel's team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s different from the rest.
Our Preschool Space:
Our Rangiora preschool is lucky to have a new, purpose-built centre. Our early learning centre has large, natural outdoor play areas that encourage our children to spend their time outdoors and our forts inspire their creativity and imagination. Annabel’s Rangiora has separate dining and sleeping areas which means our preschoolers can separate their kai and sleep time, empowering them by giving the opportunity to complete what they are working on before they come to eat or sleep.
Why Our Rangiora Preschool:
Our teaching techniques at Annabel’s Rangiora set all preschoolers up for the best childcare experience possible. We encourage an inquiry approach to learning and experiences which are tailored to reflect our children’s interests and learning needs. Our Rangiora preschool offers a fully comprehensive transition to school programme and our low ratio of fully qualified teachers means that our children are ready for primary school when they turn 5-years-old. We’ve recently incorporated sign language into the preschool's curriculum, which our children love!
Our Close Community:
Within our little Rangiora community, our preschool is close to Ashgrove school and the children are lucky to see what primary school life will be like for them. Our early childhood centre is in a quiet and safe subdivision. It is also close to the local shopping centre which makes for very fun excursions when we head out and about from the preschool!

Licensed for

65 children

A picture of BestStart Rangiora

Rangiora - Rangiora

BestStart Rangiora

At BestStart Rangiora, we are passionate about providing an exceptional education programme that nurtures and engages children from infancy right through to school age.

Where Relationships Thrive

At Beststart Rangiora we believe relationships are key to learning.

We have a centre wide key teacher approach which allows strong relationships to be formed for each and every child. We are committed to building strong relationships with our families and our local community of Rangiora in order to enhance your child’s learning experiences. We welcome parents and whanau to join us regularly and introduce the children to the wider world and community around them through regular excursions and in-house centre visits from educational programmes run by our local community.

Our centre is split into three age appropriate classrooms that encourage tamariki to drive their own learning through meaningful and purposeful experiences, while providing a home like environment where children feel confident and empowered.

Who is BestStart?

BestStart is for families who want more from early-childhood education. Safe, nurturing and educationally focused, we’re committed to growing caring people with curious minds.

Together we teach, learn and nurture.

Our vision is to work in partnership with families, whanau and communities to enable children to achieve their learning potential.

Ko tō mātou tirohanga hei mahi ngātahi i te taha o ngā whānau me ngā hāpori, kia āwhinatia ngā tamariki, kia tū pito mata ai rāatou, hei rangatira mō āpōpō.

We are committed to being a progressive and responsive leader in early-childhood education. We do this by enhancing our services, investing in our people, developing our support structure and continuously improving the educational outcomes and experiences of our children, families and the communities we serve.

Some facts:

  • We’re licensed to educate and care for 15,000 full-time children daily.
  • 18,000 families use BestStart services annually.
  • We have over 270 centres nationwide located from Whangarei to Invercargill.
  • Each centre is managed by a Centre Manager who is supported by a local Area Manager. This gives our centre teams ongoing quality training and support.
  • Te Whāriki, the world-wide acclaimed national early childhood education curriculum, is used in all centres.
  • We have over 4500 permanent teachers nationally. Over 90% of our permanent teaching staff are either fully qualified with a diploma or bachelor of teaching (ECE) or higher, or are in training. These figures are very high by national standards within the ECE sector.
  • We provide a two-year Advice and Guidance Programme for all recently certified teachers, providing further mentoring and training. This gives strong support for teachers from provisional registration to full teacher registration with the NZ Teachers Council.
  • We regularly spend around $4 million on teacher training per annum.

We’re for children

At our heart is our commitment and passion for children. Central to this belief is our focus on the holistic development of children. We support children to explore the world around them, learning through relationships, creating a love of learning in an ever-changing world. Exploration, friendship and fun are part of the journey.

We’re for good

BestStart is a registered charity owned by the Wright Family Foundation. We support initiatives and programmes within BestStart and the wider early-childhood education sector (ECE) that support good outcomes for all children. We do this because we want to make a positive difference to the lives of all children.

Innovation leads us

At BestStart, innovation guides our thinking. We advocate positive change for learners through our research and practice. We’re proud to be thought leaders within ECE, openly challenging ourselves to think differently to provide the best for our children, families and staff.

We’re responsive

Our centres reflect their children, staff and communities. We celebrate individuality, uniqueness and diversity, encouraging a spirit of empathy, understanding and collaboration. Through our responsive relationships and our curriculum, we support learners to choose their own path.

Our people matter

At BestStart people come first. When we grow and develop our people, everyone benefits. We strive for whakamana/empowerment, nurturing a culture of excellence with engaged, talented professionals. Their commitment, skill and passion light our way.

Licensed for

65 children

A picture of Southbrook Early Learning Centre

Rangiora - Rangiora

Southbrook Early Learning Centre

At Southbrook Early Learning Centre, we believe that as a childcare centre we have an important part to play in the Rangiora community and a very special opportunity to positively impact young children’s lives in their early stages of development.  

With a safe and nurturing childcare environment for your child, we provide a place for children to learn, develop and grow through social interaction in an engaging environment, carefully set up by kaiako, with lots of opportunities to explore and learn.  

Nestled in the heart of Rangiora, we are easy to find making us a natural choice for busy parents and local families in the community. We are conveniently located within a short distance from Sefton, Loburn, Fernside and West Eyerton.  

Your child will love the well laid out learning corners at our day care centre, consisting of a family play area, creative art corner as well as a quiet space for reading and reflection.  There’s also plenty of natural resources with space to explore. 

Our childcare teaching team is made up of passionate, experienced teachers who are warm, welcoming and naturally wonderful people. Our qualified Early Childhood Educators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Rangiora childcare team and their special connection with our children is cherished and supported in our centre.  

Teachers guide our Tamariki in learning, engaging them with fun, sensory and also challenging experiences to nurture their development.  All children at our childcare centre are valued at their unique stage of life, respected for who they are and have equal opportunities to ensure the best possible start in life.  This special environment with a community of talented individuals, encourages the joy and wonder of learning to come alive.

Licensed for

70 children

A picture of Blossoms Educare Rangiora

4.50 (1)

Rangiora - Rangiora

Blossoms Educare Rangiora

Our vision

"Mana of the child and everyone involved in their Care and Education is our core focus, where they have unreserved and unconditional access to Early Childhood Education and Care, in partnership with parents, whanau and community”.

Information for Parents, Family/Whanau

The subsequent information will help you understand our methodology and what you can expect. You are free to discuss any queries you may have with any of our teachers or administrative staff. We encourage you to visit, explore, and ask questions regarding any aspect of our service you need clarity on. You can also arrange for an appointment with our manager, if needed, to discuss things over.

Be rest assured that your child’s development and well-being is our main priority. Find out further how you can get acquainted with the administrative process at Blossoms Educare.

Complete involvement of family
We believe in an open door policy and involve parents and family members in everything we do. Ensuring participation of parents makes the child feel comfortable and has a strong positive impact on the child. Keeping this in mind, we warmly welcome parents to the centre anytime.
The teachers and staff at Blossoms sincerely take care of the child’s happiness and comfort. We regard a three-way relationship between parents, caregivers and the child as an indispensable part of the child’s well-being.

Keeping track of everything
We make sure that parents are well-informed at each step of the way. They are provided with everything they need including newsletters, invoices, receipts and copies of learning stories.

Events and Outings
We believe that interaction and communication is vital. Keeping this in focus, we organize cultural events to help Blossom Educare members interact with other families and children and also with the teachers and staff. We are always on the lookout for such events and they form an integral part of our calendar.

Training for new teachers and volunteers
Volunteers and new teachers are thoroughly screened before getting onboard with us. They are required to meet our standards and adhere to our philosophy. Volunteers interact with the children and keep them engaged. Students of early childhood teacher training courses are properly supervised at the centre.

Facilities for availing subsidy
Our ‘Work and Income’ department operates a subsidy for parents. The subsidy is subject to an income qualification. Further information and forms shall be provided by ‘Work and Income’. Also, Blossoms provides 20 hours subsidy for all children above the age of 3. Please refer to our fees schedule for further information.

Educare Programme
‘Educare’ is a compound word meaning education and care. Our centres deliver educare programmes centered around the child. These programmes involve observing the children on a regular basis, evaluating their needs and concerns and planning activities around them. These programmes help the child develop in their own individual pace.
These programmes are founded on the guiding principles of Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum policy of the Ministry of Education. We keep revising our developmental programmes to stay updated.

Licensed for

74 children

A picture of Little Peppertree Preschool

4.83 (1)

Rangiora - Rangiora

Little Peppertree Preschool

Little Peppertree is a small, homely and welcoming Preschool licensed for 25 children from two to five years. It is unique with strong relationships between staff, whanau and children. Our natural outdoor environment includes real grass, a path for scooters and bikes, sandpit, lots of equipment to climb and explore, vege gardens and a covered verandah so that we can still get outside on rainy days.

Licensed for

25 children

A picture of Te Kōhanga Reo o Rangiora

Rangiora - Rangiora

Te Kōhanga Reo o Rangiora

Te Kōhanga Reo

The kōhanga reo movement is a unique initiative based on total immersion in Māori language and values with the aim of passing on Māori culture to future generations.

Kōhanga reo emphasise the revitalisation of the culture through te reo Māori and are dependent on the active participation of the whole whānau. The kaupapa of kōhanga reo aims to strengthen whānau capabilities in cultural, social, economic, spiritual and political matters. Education, health and wellbeing are inherent within all aspects of the kaupapa. The prime focus is the whānau – its collective development, growth, accountability and wellbeing set within a Māori cultural context.

Kōhanga reo do not regard tamariki in isolation, but as important members of the whānau. The kōhanga reo philosophy is that tamariki will benefit when whānau successfully operate according to the kaupapa. Tamariki are an integral part of whānau development.

The following key goals are the foundation of te kōhanga reo kaupapa established in 1982:

  • total immersion in te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in daily operations
  • whānau decision-making, management and responsibility
  • accountability
  • health and wellbeing of mokopuna and whānau.

The key goals of te kōhanga reo assure that there will be:

  • security in te reo Māori
  • a supportive, caring environment for mokopuna
  • whānau (collective) sharing of responsibilities, knowledge and expertise
  • greater respect and appreciation of each other.

Licensed for

34 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bush Street

Rangiora - Rangiora

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bush Street

Located next to the Bush St Reserve, Kidsfirst Kindergarten Rangiora provides an opportunity for children to interact with friendly locals and observe the passing Rangiora buses. The kindergarten boasts a spacious and captivating backyard, featuring green grass, barked areas, gardens, and physical challenge zones like climbing trees and specially designed equipment that supports children's physical development. Tamariki gain valuable skills by using real resources such as saws, hammers, and gardening equipment, fostering risk management and safe decision-making. The outdoor space stimulates curiosity through natural wonders, seasonal changes, and the diverse array of insects and birds that inhabit the area. Inside, the kindergarten offers a warm and well-lit environment, with dedicated areas for children to explore, engage in play experiences, and select from a wide range of resources. Learning unfolds organically in every corner of the kindergarten, tailored to each child's pace and preferences.

Licensed for

30 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens King Street

Rangiora - Rangiora

Kidsfirst Kindergartens King Street

Nestled in the scenic town of Rangiora, King Street Kindergarten welcomes families not only from Rangiora but also from surrounding rural areas. With its convenient location between two primary schools and close proximity to local amenities, the newly-renovated kindergarten takes pride in its community and the cherished environment it provides. The kindergarten's commitment to caring for Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) reinforces its value and the significance it holds for the children and the community. Inside, the kindergarten offers open, warm, and well-lit spaces for various types of play, fostering creativity and imagination. The outdoor playground features a range of amenities, including established trees, gardens, a mud kitchen, and equipment designed to support children's exploration, physical development, and growth.

Licensed for

40 children

A picture of Peppertree Preschool Ltd

Rangiora - Canterbury

Peppertree Preschool Ltd

Peppertree Preschool is a family run and operated Preschool owned by Richard and Jeanette Allison and managed by our wonderful staff.  Peppertree is located on half an acre in a beautiful character villa with three separate inside and outside environments. Our Nursery caters for children from birth to two years, the Preschool for two to three year olds and the Prepschool for the older children.

Peppertree Preschool is located in a beautiful homely villa.  We are proud of our large natural playgrounds and use of sustainable resources.  Our playgrounds include fruit trees, vegetable gardens, a worm farm and a hen area where children can collect eggs.

We pride ourselves in offering a quality programme for your children, with lower than required ratios in our three rooms- a nursery for our babies and toddlers up to two years, our Preschool for our two to three year olds and our Prepschool for our older children.

Licensed for

60 children

A picture of The Oaks Montessori

Rangiora - Rangiora

The Oaks Montessori

The Oaks Montessori Preschool is a beautiful purpose-built preschool situated in Rangoria, Established in 2021.  

The Oaks Montessori is a privately owned & operated centre. We operate under the provisions of the Ministry of Education Regulations 2008 and we aim to provide high quality Montessori teaching, while building relationships with our children and families in a safe and nurturing environment.  

At The Oaks Montessori we offer care and education for children aged birth to six years. We have specially designed rooms that meet each child's specific age and stage of development.  

Ross Moffatt and Danielle Fisher set up The Oaks Montessori with the aim in mind of bringing a quality Montessori Preschool to the Rangoria community.  

OUR PURPOSE: To facilitate a Montessori programme that inspires a love for learning within a safe, nurturing and family focused environment.

Licensed for

100 children

A picture of Leaps & Bounds Preschool

Rangiora - Rangiora

Leaps & Bounds Preschool

Leaps and Bounds Preschool is a childcare centre in Rangiora. We are licensed for 56 children.

Licensed for

56 children

A picture of Rangiora First Learners

Rangiora - Rangiora

Rangiora First Learners

Our philosophy

First Learners are homely centres which off tamariki, their families/whanau and our teachers/staff a place that empowers them to make choices that suit their individual needs and requirements. 

A place that enables each individual to develop at their own pace, to be unique, and have their individuality recognised and celebrated. A place that is rich in wonder, curiosity, excitement and fun. A place where there is no distinction between learning and play.

Licensed for

54 children

A picture of Swannanoa Preschool

Rangiora - Rangiora

Swannanoa Preschool

We offer high quality education in a safe and caring country environment. We want your child's first steps into the learning world to be fun, imaginative and educational.

We have been operating for over 35 years and for the past 16 years have been located at 1303 Tram Road, on the Swannanoa School grounds. Our centre is a beautiful modern environment with extensive outdoor areas that reflect our natural surroundings. Our environments continue to evolve as the needs of our tamariki and whanau change.

Swannanoa Preschool is community based and it is this sense of community that gives us our unique character. Parents and whanau are a very important part of this and have much to contribute. You are welcome at the centre at any time to share ideas, discuss your child's development or just spend time with your child here at preschool.


As a community of learners, Swannanoa Preschool provides quality education in the country, we believe in respecting ourselves, each other, and the environment.

We have created a safe, warm and welcoming centre, into which we invite, honour and respect each individual child and their whānau.

Meaningful relationships are key to us here at Swannanoa Preschool and we work hard to create and nurture strong relationships between tamariki/children, whānau/family, rōpū mahi/staff and iwi whānui/community. Communication is vital in these relationships.

We believe in 'interdependence', tuakana teina, between children and teachers, between younger and older children, between whānau/families and the preschool and relationships with the wider world around us.

We value ngā tamariki/children’s play as learning and respect and honour each child’s individuality. We offer a balance between free play and a variety of planned experiences to ensure all children "grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society" ¹

Learning takes place when a child has a strong sense of well being and belonging, this learning must be at the pace at which the child feels comfortable and safe. Through providing a wide range of learning opportunities we are creating lifelong learners with a positive and curious attitude toward learning. Our learning partnerships between kaiako/teachers, parents, and whānau/families play a key role in our children's learning.

We believe in empowering each child to develop their own sense of identity which will give them the confidence, courage and resilience to explore new situations and develop meaningful relationships.

Swannanoa Preschool reflects the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua. We embrace cultural diversity through our environment's, languages, resources and relationships.

We are committed to providing and promoting a sustainable environment for a better Aotearoa, and ensuring our children have a lifelong respect for their natural environment and the world around them.

We employ and support qualified ngā kaiako/teachers and ngā kaiako/teachers in training to ensure the best learning outcomes and care for our tamariki. We are committed to ongoing professional learning and support for all of our ngā kaiako/teachers and rōpū mahi/staff.

Most of all we believe in the power and wonder of the child, our children. 

Te nuinga o nga mea katoa e whakapono ana tatou i roto i te mana me te miharo o te tamaiti , ta tatou mau tamariki.

Licensed for

110 children

A picture of Rangiora Playcentre

Rangiora - Rangiora

Rangiora Playcentre

Nau mai, haere mai and welcome to Rangiora Playcentre

Playcentre is unlike any other early childhood education organisation. At Playcentre, both children and their parents / caregivers attend.

At Playcentre children get the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment.

The curiosity and creativity of our tamariki is nurtured in a way that allows them to learn about themselves and their world.

Your child will be given a chance to explore, create, climb, read, sing, experiment, play music, wear costumes, have their face painted (or do it themselves!), garden, do carpentry with real tools, bake and cook, build sandcastles, swing, slide, dance, spend time in nature and get messy.

The activities change every day. Playcentre parents all bring different skills, interests, and cultural backgrounds to add to the rich learning environment.

We welcome families with children aged 0 – 6 years. Mixed age play allows your children to engage with others older and younger than themselves. Pre-schoolers learn how to communicate, share and negotiate with empathy for their younger peers.

At Playcentre, families come together and lifelong friendships are formed.

We welcome you to visit any time during the year. You are entitled to three free visits so come and check out what we do – we would love to meet you and your family!

Licensed for

25 children

A picture of Rangiora High School Nursery School

Rangiora - Rangiora

Rangiora High School Nursery School


The Rangiora Nursery School is a preschool that has been teaching children in North Canterbury since 1938. We are community based and non-profit; meaning all funds raised are reinvested into the Nursery School.   

Our play areas are well resourced, and we have a large outdoor area and a spacious indoor play area.    

Rangiora Nursery School is run by a Volunteer Board of Trustees, made up of past and present parents. We value family involvement and participation, and have an open-door policy. We also have a unique relationship with Rangiora High School, with reciprocal learning opportunities between the two schools.     

Since 1938 children have thrived in our family-friendly, fun, flexible, creative and relaxed educational environment. 

We are proud of Nursery School’s history and heritage, and value the importance and respect, and the collaborative partnership that we and the community have together to ensure Nursery School continues to effectively provide quality early childhood education.

Licensed for

45 children