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A picture of Avonhead Montessori Preschool

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

Avonhead Montessori Preschool

Avonhead Montessori Preschool in Christchurch provides high quality Montessori Education to children aged 0 – 6 years old. Our well established childcare centre in Avonhead makes us a natural choice for families who are seeking a childcare centre that provides routine and consistency, a strong team of personable and loving teachers and a warm, homely environment that encourages children’s learning and development to flourish.

At Avonhead Montessori Preschool in Christchurch, we provide a ‘home away from home’, nurturing and cosy daycare environment for your little ones.  Our engaging and supportive learning environment ensures your child receives meaningful care, as well as personalised learning and development.

Our Avonhead childcare centre has an educational programme for children up to the age of six years based on the Montessori philosophy and the National Early Childhood curriculum Te Whāriki.

The Montessori Programme gives children freedom within a structure. Carefully designed teaching materials are used by specially trained teachers to develop the potential of a young child in keeping with the Montessori Philosophy, with the environment and programme within the classroom planned to optimise children’s learning opportunities.

Our experienced teachers are warm, welcoming and fun. They guide our tamariki to engage in challenging experiences and treat all children with respect, providing equal opportunities to ensure your child gets the best start in life.

Parents love the rich sense of community that we instill within our daycare centre, and our curriculum at Avonhead, Christchurch reflects our philosophy for strong relationships. We value input from parents, teachers, whānau, children and our wonderful community.

At Avonhead Montessori, we believe in and follow the broad principles of Maria Montessori and Te Whāriki, New Zealand’s Early childhood curriculum.

Our holistic childcare programme is designed with the aim to help every child reach their full potential and empower them as confident and competent life-long learners.

Our curriculum:

  • Is child-focused and encourages self-reliance, develops children’s sense of self-worth and identity
  • Aims to create independent learners for the future; by building children’s confidence and self-esteem, equipping them with the necessary skills for all social and educational experiences in life.
  • Acknowledges children’s strengths and interests, and enables children to maintain focus and develop their concentration through working with activities of their choice, as well as instilling intrinsic motivation for a love of learning.
  • Provides opportunities for children’s skills and knowledge to be extended, according to their individual needs and abilities.
  • Recognises the importance of the intimate relationships required between the home and the pre-school environments.
  • A harmonious integration of active and exploratory play into the overall curriculum where kinaesthetic learning is truly valued.
  • Seeks to further children’s knowledge of their own and other cultures in New Zealand, recognising beauty in diversity.

Licensed for

65 children

A picture of Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centre Middleton

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centre Middleton

Cornerstone Christian Early Centres provide quality education in an environment where Biblical truths are taught and lived.

We provide a warm, caring environment with structured morning and afternoon sessions.

Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centre (CCELC) is owned by the Christian Schools’ Trust. The Centres are led by a Board of Management, which consists of representatives from the Christian Schools’ Trust, Middleton Grange School and the Head Teachers from each Centre.

Centre Philosophy

The Christian Schools’ Trust (CST) owns and operates a network of Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centres. The CST mission is that the Centres assist families in the education of their children by providing an environment in which the Biblical Truths of Jesus Christ are taught and lived. A Statement of Belief for the Centres is appended.


We believe children are created in God’s image each uniquely designed with skills, gifts and talents with which to love and serve God. Children will gain an understanding of God’s world and their place in it and be given opportunities to develop their skills, gifts and talents, becoming competent and confident learners for God’s glory. Children will develop Christ-like character.


The Centres acknowledge parents as primary educators of their children and will foster a strong relationship between home and Centre.

It is acknowledged that Māori are the tangata whenua in New Zealand so the Centres are committed to bi-cultural partnership.  In addition, the multi-cultural nature of New Zealand requires a genuine partnership with parents, whānau and community to reflect the knowledge, beliefs, cultural heritage, values, and life experiences that are particular to the many cultures represented and consistent with Biblical truth.  (e.g. whanaungatanga, aroha and manaakitanga)

Licensed for

50 children

A picture of Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lady May

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lady May

Located in Upper Riccarton, Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lady May is situated in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood avenue, with Hansons Park and the local playground just across the road. The kindergarten offers a large, peaceful, and natural environment, along with a multicultural program that embraces community, Te Ao Māori, and bicultural practice. Lady May values playfulness, adventure, creativity, and exploration, making learning a joyful experience. The outdoor area boasts a spacious and leafy backyard with fruit trees and vegetable gardens, providing ample opportunities for curious learners and imaginative play. The playground features a variety of challenging climbing and physical play equipment, along with grass, barked areas, and specialized equipment to support children's physical development. It offers both active spaces for running, jumping, and exploring, as well as serene areas to connect with nature and foster an understanding of the natural world. Children at Lady May have the opportunity to choose and learn how to safely use real resources like saws, hammers, gardening equipment, and more, encouraging them to manage risks and make informed choices.

Licensed for

40 children

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A picture of Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool

We are a new purpose-built preschool in Upper Riccarton, Christchurch. We provide authentic Montessori education with Christian values catering for 2.5-5 year old children.  

Special features:

  • Well-resourced authentic Montessori equipment
  • Purpose-built centre incorporating natural light and wooden linings
  • Calm, nurturing environment with a lovely garden outdoor setting
  • Child-sized atrium
  • Incorporating Catholic faith and traditions
  • Close to library and parks for centre excursions
  • Passionate, experienced and qualified teachers
  • Building community and sharing our values

Licensed for

38 children

A picture of St Peter's Anglican Preschool

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

St Peter's Anglican Preschool

The newest Pre-School in Church-corner.

You can rest assured that your children are in safe hands at our preschool. Our staff are highly qualified and desire to make your children and families feel welcome, included and create happy memories.

Because they are important to us, we maintain a higher staff to child ratio than we are required to.  We teach foundational learning skills which will set your child up for success while they stay at St Peter's Anglican Preschool and into the  future.

Our Programme is mindful of your child's unique journey

Our learning programme is based on Biblical teachings and the principles of Te Whāriki ( New Zealand ECE Curriculum). Our aspirations guide us in the development of children's cognitive, physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs.

2-year-old KORU Programme

This is a settling in stage for your toddler who will learn through their curiosity and active exploration and play, thereby making learning meaningful. Your child will learn alongside other children.

3-year-old KOWHAI Programme

It is the preparing stage or our children who learn through sustainable interests and their language.

Their social needs are supported and extended accordingly as they learn alongside others.

4-year-old KAHIKETEA Programme

This is the transition stage as your child is now growing up to be a competent and confident learner in communicating.

Discovering, exploring, negotiating, becoming more capable of reading and writing.

Up to 6-years old KAURI Programme

A special teaching programme with more literacy, numeracy, and reading skills developed (at a new entrants level) to get children off to a good start for school.

Licensed for

44 children

A picture of Riccarton Park Montessori Preschool

Upper Riccarton - Christchurch

Riccarton Park Montessori Preschool

Riccarton Park Montessori was opened 20 years ago and is a privately run centre. We are presently licensed for 27 children between the ages of 2 and 6. We are located near the Riccarton Racecourse and the building underwent some major renovations over the last four years, to provide larger open plan space.  

Our programme comprises a blend of both the Montessori Method of Education and the Early Childhood curriculum Te Whariki. The Montessori Teaching method is adopted and is modified to the needs of the young kiwi child.   

We have a low child-to-teacher ratio and our teachers are all registered. Our teachers are experienced and are 100% qualified in early childhood education.  The centre manager is fully qualified in Montessori education and two of our teachers are in training.  

We aim to promote an environment that is whanau focused and parents are encouraged to contribute to the programme.  We have an open door policy and parents are welcome to drop in any time.  There is ongoing consultation with parents about what is best for their child and we support children’s independence. We celebrate diversity and all cultures are valued and respected.  We are here to help parents in nurturing, caring and educating their children.

Licensed for

27 children