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4.83 (2)

Wellington Central - Wellington

Tiny Voices Wellington

Tiny. Tiny is small, sure. But the world is made of tiny things. Tiny things that make life great.

We believe in empowering our children with the joy of learning. To find a sense of courage, to nurture the love of play and creativity, to find their voice but to hear and understand others too.

Tiny Voices is an early learning centre but it’s also a community hub. A place where people can come together. To be heard and to listen. To play and to relax. A place to learn and a place to teach.

A place where small things make a big difference. Tiny Voices. Our learning journey starts here.


  • To value and respect each child as an individual;
  • To extend and develop each child’s skills, knowledge and interests through successful experiences which encourage the development of a healthy self-concept and positive self-esteem; 
  • To encourage social development so each child learns to interact successfully in a variety of situations
  • To be sensitive and respectful of varied cultural and religious practices;
  • To provide an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual needs;
  • To provide a warm, nurturing and safe environment that encourages the development of the whole child;
  • To be a support to all families in all aspects of each child’s development;
  • To ensure that communication will be a two way process, which recognizes parents as the primary care givers;
  • To provide qualified, experienced and caring staff to meet the needs of the individual child; and
  • To ready the child for his or her transition to school.

Licensed for

95 children

A picture of Tai Tamariki Kindergarten

4.50 (1)

Wellington Central - Wellington

Tai Tamariki Kindergarten

** Please note : This Centre is not currently taking enrolments **

We are a mixed aged kindergarten on the ground floor of Te Papa Tongarewa that opened in 2010.  We provide a caring and nurturing place where everyone feels a sense of well-being.

The concept of whanaungatanga - forming strong relationships through shared experiences and working together - is fundamental to our whanau-based model. We recognise that we are part of a wider whanau group that nurtures and fosters a sense of belonging at Tai Tamariki.

Our tamariki contribute to our programme and are empowered to set and achieve goals.  They view themselves as learners, using the language of learning and making plans for future learning.

Our learning environment fosters creativity, fun and positive social interactions.  We are committed to bicultural practice, recognising, and supporting Te Tiriti o Waitangi and weaving aspects of tikanga and te reo Maori into our programme.

Tamariki of all ages learn and play in an open plan environment. We create deliberate spaces within this environment that respond to changing needs and emerging interests, to provide a range of challenges, developmentally-appropriate activities and quiet retreats.

Our community is part of our curriculum. We make trips to Te Papa Tongarewa and wharenui, local galleries, parks, the library, and the Sustainability Trust.

We value reciprocal learning opportunities and treasure tuakana-teina and ako principles of learning.  We plan for and respond to tamariki learning collectively.

Tamariki creativity and learning is visible in our kindergarten, their work is valued, and they see themselves as learners and contributors.

Tino rangatiratanga - we support tamariki to take a leadership role in their learning and we encourage them to set and achieve goals.

We value whanau contribution. This is reflected in our open-door policy and in the many ways our whanau participate.

Licensed for

32 children

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