Busy Bees Hobsonville

Education and Care in Hobsonville, Auckland
"Custom-built centre in Hobsonville"
Licensed for
120 children
Maximum under 2's
39 children
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clock7:00am - 6:00pm
allDay iconAll day
shorterDays iconPart day
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under2sBool iconUnder 2's

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A little about us

Welcome to Busy Bees Hobsonville, where we embrace Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy to cultivate curious minds! We take great pride in providing a safe and empowering environment for tamariki to learn and grow. Our centre features six classrooms specifically designed for different age groups, fostering Tuakana/teina relationships and engaged tamariki. Our focus is empowering tamariki to direct their learning while ensuring they feel supported and safe. We offer diverse open-ended and natural resources to encourage teachable moments and create happy, learning-focused experiences.


Our infant’s rooms are based on building loving and trusting bonds, our kaiako work closely with families to understand infant cues and develop a routine that supports children’s natural rhythms. When tamariki are ready to progress, they will head into the Nikau room, and utilise sensory play, outdoor exploration, music, and movement to create a fun, interactive atmosphere whilst maintaining a focus on the love and care that infants need to thrive.


The toddler rooms are designed to help our tamariki balance the desire to be independent with the need to be nurtured and cared for. Our kaiako support the unfolding autonomy of the older tamariki to encourage the child’s emergent personality to blossom.


Our preschool room supports the tamariki with social and emotional competence at a time when they are ready to engage in meaningful play with others. When tamariki start to become more aware of their upcoming transition to school, our resources are reflective of the medium’s children will be using at school. Kaiako observe and converse with children to develop projects based on their interests.

School readiness programme – Our preschool offers a reading and writing programme for our over 3-year-old children. Along with the support of our families, we encourage children to enjoy learning about literacy alongside their peers. We also work closely with the primary schools in the area to ensure a smooth transition for tamariki.

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